Finally…a non-sticky serum for my hair! Oh my, Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum!

I’ve always been so irritated with my dry, frizzy, unruly hair. Even with hair rebounding treatment, my hair easily goes back to its terrible condition. I actually have to iron my hair every day before going to work. Quite troublesome and also bad for the hair. That’s why it’s even drier than before and very dull.

I have tried a few products to make my hair shiny but I’ve always had trouble with the stickiness. I am always hurrying in the morning to go to work and avoid the bad traffic jam so I have to be quick with my hair. Of course, I’d rather spend those precious minutes with fixing and doing my face and eye make-up.

Anyway, in my never-ending quest and curiosity to explore new beauty products (hair products for my dull hair included), I went to Sephora in Suria KLCC to browse around. And to my delight, I came across this brand that I haven’t heard of before, OUIDAD, and it has a wide range of interesting hair treatment products. I was caught by the Shine Glaze Serum which is supposed to make hair smoother and more luminous. It can be used for curly hair and straight hair.

Excited and eager to see if it will work or not, I immediately used it the following day after my usual hair straightening schedule via iron. As instructed, just rub 2-3 drops in between your palm then apply to damp or dried hair. Comb through. Since my hair needs more-than-normal glazing, I applied another 2 drops of Shine Glaze then combed through and…voila! Finally, a non-sticky serum that actually made my hair looked healthy and shiny! The glaze lasted the whole day without making my hair sticky at all. Now that’s what a serum should be…

More product information:
Name: Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum
Price: RM58 for 75ml

Product Description:
Shine Glaze Serum is a unique finishing product that smoothes and polishes the hair to a glass-like shine. It reflects light to add luminosity and smoothes to control and eliminate frizz.

How to use:
Rub 2 to 3 drops in palms and apply to damp or dried hair. Comb through. It’s a great finishing product as a quick fix for fly-aways—just a drop at the end of your styling routine!

The end result:
Hair has a glass-like, healthy shine. Frizz and static disappear into thin air.

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