Enuca’s Light Me Up…lightened me up!

Pigmentation and dark skin have always been a challenge for us women. As for me, my main skin concerns are huge pores, oily skin and fine lines around the eyes. But when presented with the opportunity to test drive a new whitening skincare range, I said to myself, “why not?”. 

I was asked to try this range from Enuca called Light Me Up (well, isn’t that just cool and straight forward?). This is my first time introduction to the brand and it is no surprise as Enuca just started in 2011. It is based on a multi-level marketing business model which gives proprietorship opportunities to anyone who has the passion in beauty products and would like to build their financial freedom through this industry.

And so I tried the Enuca Light Me Up products: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Spot Concentrate, and Day & Night Moisturizer. This range is supposed to brighten, lighten the skin and reduce pigmentation including freckles. Its key ingredients are 7 powerful Alpine plant-derived skin lightening extracts. 

The Cleanser is a non-foaming type but the great thing is it cleanses my skin just nice. One of my disappointments with some non-foaming cleansers is that it doesn’t really clean the skin. The Light Me Up Cleanser claims to brighten, lighten and purify the complexion gently without stripping the skin’s natural moisture. The product itself is white in color, milky and has a gentle fragrance. 

This is suitable for dry to normal skin. As with a normal cleanser or facial wash, use a small amount in between palms and gently massage over wet face and neck in circular motion. 

After using the cleanser, I apply the Light Me Up Toner. This toner is not your usual water-like base type. It is actually milky, more like a facial lotion, white in color. Just apply it on a cotton pad then wipe over the face and neck. There is no stinging feel at all. And right after applying this, I can feel that my face is already supple and smooth. Very refreshing. 

The Serum is quite interesting as it has a rather unconventional pump cover which has a button on top to dispense the serum. The serum is very clear, gel-like in texture to be spread all over the face using your fingertips. Safe to use day and night.

The spot concentrate is a concentrated formula targeted for specific areas that require special attention. So you look closely at the mirror, look at your cheeks and the area near your eyes and you just might notice some small dots there…yes, might be sun exposure or you are just very cute and inherited some freckles. Nevertheless, the spot concentrate will be a good weapon against those pigmented spots. This product, like the serum, is gel-like liquid, to be applied on targeted areas only. Not on the entire face, unlike some other brands which have the spot concentrate and yet you have to apply it on the entire face. Isn’t that just weird? 

And the last product on this skincare range is the Day & Night Moisturizer. This one has a very nice jar, not your usual plastic and it has that elegant, gold brand logo on the cover. All the other products have black logo and only this one is in gold. It comes with a spatula so you can just use this to scoop the right amount that you need and makes it more hygienic as you don’t need to dip your finger inside. Pretty cool. It has a rich texture, easy to spread over the face and neck. This one feels good on the skin and you immediately feel moisturized. The only disappointment for me is that there’s no SPF content so I still need to add another layer of either my BB cream or sunscreen which could feel a bit heavy during the day. 
Cleanser – Toner – Serum – Spot Concentrate – Day & Night Moisturizer

After 2 weeks of daily use, there was an obvious and visible improvement on my skin tone and pigmentation. On the photo below, you can see on the encircled area that the pigmentation was reduced after 2 weeks. On the square area, you can see that my stubborn spot (it’s really just 1 big dot there) was visibly lighter. The size is not yet reduced but the color improved. And look at my overall complexion! Really lighter and brighter!

Cleanser – RM108
Toner – RM128
Serum – RM198
Spot Concentrate – RM88
Day & Night Moisturizer – RM138

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