Nuk Baby Bottles – Long-Lasting Print

Ever wished that those “mL” labels on feeding bottles stay clear and readable for months? On a plastic bottle and not the glass type which is a bit heavy for our kids to hold while drinking milk and lying down? I am delighted to share my personal choice of feeding bottle for my son — NUK!

Like a lot of Malaysian mommies, I actually started using the expensive bottle brand in the market. The quality is good, I am convinced with the BPA-FREE certification, anti-colic and all other stuff but over a course of 24 months, I got fed up with constantly changing the bottles every 2 or 3 months because the mL print just won’t last. I use sterilizing tablets to keep my son’s bottles clean and I guess the print easily wears off since the bottles are submerged in water a long time daily. But I expected better performance from a brand that’s supposed to be one of the best (and most expensive) bottles internationally. 

I started using different brands and, yes, I also tried a glass bottle which has a very good print but it is just too heavy and my son wasn’t comfortable with it. He always drinks milk lying down while watching TV and the glass bottle was heavy for him to lift. So okay, again, that fails. 

I needed a plastic bottle with the same requirements as BPA-FREE, anti-colic and all but with better quality print. I came across NUK bottles while doing my usual baby stuff shopping. Aside from the usual, it also has an Orthodontic feature for proper oral development AND I was attracted by the cartoon design. I’m sure it would be easier to convince my son to use this new bottle with those cartoons. There’s Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and other colorful designs. The price is a bit lower than the leading one. But if you catch the sale period, member’s specials then you can get it at a lower price. 

I’ve been using NUK for a year now and have bought 3 bottles to-date. I still replace his bottles regularly even with the amazingly long-lasting print. Here’s to show you the latest one I got during SOGO sale so I got it at a lower price:

Regular price is at RM52 but I got it for only RM41.60.

See the cute Mickey design? 

The thing is the nipples/bottles are only up to 12 months. My son is already 3 years old and he’s still a milk baby. So what I do is cut the nipple hole bigger. I also have to constantly change the nipples because my son keeps biting and spoils the nipples fast. The new nipples cost around RM22 per 2pc set.

To show you how long-lasting the print is, check out his older bottle which I have used for more than 5 months already:

The bottle has turned color already (this also happens to the leading brand so no fuss) but the print is still so clear and vivid.

Here are the 2 of them side-by-side:

Only the color has a difference but the prints are both clear and vivid. 

My son will be so happy to use his new bottle. But hopefully, he would start eating real meals soon.