Off with those heads! Must-try: Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have blackhead (or whitehead) problems. As for myself, I have major pore problem (maybe I am just exaggerated and too disturbed but I really have huge pores!).  So I have this itch to constantly clean up my pores. I use pore strips every week, particularly every Saturday. I’ve tried several brands, I’ll be sharing more about these during my next blogs but in the meantime, I am delighted to share my latest discovery: Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel. Doesn’t the name itself sound intriguing enough?

Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel

I haven’t tried any Laneige product before. Not that I don’t trust the brand or anything but I guess the brand has been promoting mostly its hydrating products which I am not particularly interested in. My concern for the longest time is my oily skin and huge pores. Anyway, I was walking around the beauty section of Aeon at Mid Valley, planning to buy a sunscreen/ sun block because I want to replace the BB Cream I got from another brand (sadly, I am so disappointed and I’ve been using this brand for my other skincare items). It promises to adapt and flex to skin tone but I found out that it is not flexible at all. Really made my face darker than my neck and the product texture is too watery sometimes, soo weird. 

So I stumbled upon the Laneige counter and nosed through their products. The beauty advisor was friendly and assisted me, demonstrated their sun block items. She offered me 2 choices: 1 is normal sunblock and 1 has skin correction/ make-up base properties. The difference was only RM5 so I went for the one with make-up base properties. 

Looking around the counter, I noticed this pore care range and I was surprised. I didn’t realize they had this range, I always thought of Laneige as a hydration brand. Anyway, this particular product caught my attention: BLACKHEAD MELTING GEL. Never noticed any brand with this type of product before. Capturing my addiction to clearing my pores, this product gleamed and beamed at me (bwahaha!). And it also has a very interesting packaging, see the brush head on top and button at the side?


So the beauty advisor explained how to use the product cum blackhead melting device. Just press the button on the side until you see the gel come out, apply on affected area then use the brush in circular motion over the applied gel. Wait for around 20 seconds then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Use 3-4x a week. It can also be used together with pore strips, although pore strips will only be used 2x a week.

I bought the sun block (RM90) and blackhead melting gel (RM90). Oh, I just love saying melting gel! I immediately used the melting gel last night. I loved it! Once you apply the gel on your face, you can feel the warmth like it’s really trying to melt those evil blackheads/ whiteheads. And the brush is just wonderful. It is soft and gentle to the face and felt like micro massage. After washing, the area feels smooth and clean. Just love the feeling. Of course, I can’t really see or tell yet if those heads disappeared but I’ll find out more within the next coming weeks. I used my pore strip this afternoon and there were less heads on the strip than my normal weekly result. So I guess the gel worked some miracle after all!

I’m happy with my first trial of Laneige products, at least with the blackhead melting gel. I’ll be using the sunscreen very soon and we’ll see if I will be happy with both. For now, I can say that this melting gel is a good product to try. Off with those heads!