Viña Casablanca Cefiro Chardonnay

My 1stWine Review: Viña Casablanca Cefiro Chardonnay
This is so exciting! My very first wine review. Again, reminder to readers, the opinions written here are purely from the point of view of a consumer who does not have professional or expert background with wines. Not yet.
A brief background about the wine in subject:
Viña Casablanca Cefiro Chardonnay
Vintage: 2010
Country: Chile
Bottle size: 750ml
Alcohol content: 14%
Price: RM65
White wine; fruity and smooth

What the bottle says:
Cefiro, God of the spring breeze manifests all his power in the fruit of this Chardonnay from Casablanca Valley. It is yellow in appearance with amber tinges and pineapple and passion fruit aromas. The palate is striking with its fruit character and balanced acidity. Ideal to accompany all fish and dishes with creamy sauces.
And so I opened the bottle, er, technically, my husband did it as I don’t know how to uncork a bottle yet. It has a very pleasant aroma, delicious and enticing, indeed. I served it for dinner with some Chinese food cooked by my mother-in-law. We had some fish, a few other dishes, nothing so spicy.
The wine was wonderful. It’s light and easy, very pleasant and blended well with several dishes. I find the acidity quite lingering, though. It’s not offensive but it stays for a second or two so you would find it notable. For a beginner like me who doesn’t have the palate for complex aromas or tannins yet, this bottle is one of the ideal ones to start with.
We weren’t able to finish the bottle in 1 shot. The men of the house prefer to drink whiskey and beer so it was up to me to finish (oh, thank God for that!). But I also couldn’t take much in a day. I kept the half bottle back in the fridge.
I had a glass for three more dinners and I was surprised that it actually went well with a lot of food. The most notable was with white sauce pasta and lots of cheese (by the way, I’m also a cheese maniac). So the note on the bottle was actually accurate. The packaging was also one of the things that I liked with this Chardonnay. Since it’s a New World wine, this Chilean bottle gave information including the recommended dish to match with it. I find this very useful so I don’t really wonder what aromas or tastes am I getting. And it’s also quite nice to know more about the wine than just simply gulping 14% alcohol…
The verdict: For a sensible, even cheap, price of RM65, I would say that this is a good bottle of Chardonnay to pick from the shelves or order online.

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