Arthur Metz Pinot Gris – A Must-Have Stock at Home!

These past 3 months, I’ve probably tried 16 different wines. That’s more than all the wines I’ve tried in the past 32 years…until now. How time flies and how life can be so good and classy when you have a wonderful job, a career that involves wine.
I’ve gone through a few media events, a blogger event and a tasting session within the office. For my personal development, I have been buying different white wines which I consume during dinner. Too bad I’m the only one drinking wine at home. Occassionally, my in-laws and sister in-law drink with me.


I am happy to introduce my favorite wine so far. The Arthur Metz Pinot Gris, from Alsace, France, is simply wonderful. During all the events, everybody, take note, loved this wine. It’s an easy crowd-pleaser, as my boss would say, and not expensive at all. For only around RM74 a bottle, the Arthur Metz Pinot Gris can quickly liven up your dinner or whatever celebration. And as I have witnessed, both beginners and long-time drinkers have been pleased with this wine.
I also found it easy to match with food. I normally eat rice for dinner with different viands and this Arthur Metz wine never failed to please my quiet dinner. It’s fruity with a very balanced acidity that I preferred over Chardonnay. I personally decide that this is a must-have stock at home so yeah, I need to always have a bottle or two, carefully kept inside a dark and cool place in my room until it’s time to uncork!
More Information about Arthur Metz Pinot Gris:
Vintage – 2010
Region and Country – Alsace, France
Alcohol Content – 12.5%

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