Great Exercise Books for Toddlers

Just this January, I entered into another exciting phase of ‘mummy-hood’…sending my child to his first school. I actually had some nervousness about this phase as I have heard of challenges on leaving a child for the first time in a new place where he doesn’t know anyone. And to leave him there even for a few hours was still heart-breaking for me.  

The first day was probably the toughest. I even took leave from work just to be ready and on-call at any time of the day, if in case something didn’t go well. Waking up early at around 7:30am was still new to Aden so, as expected, he had some tantrums. Everything after then was alright. We drove to school, I walked him into school up to his classroom. Until it was time for me to leave, the chaos started. 

He cried and cried. It was breaking my heart but I had to run away quickly and hide from him. The teacher and her assistant were doing their best to calm him down. He kept running out of the room. They closed the door and from outside, I can hear someone kicking the door. I am sure that was him, showing his temper while crying away. I waited for a few minutes, I knew he was still crying but I had to tear myself away and be strong. 

This continued for a few more days. Having some improvements each time until he got used to it after 2 weeks. It has been 4 months now. He still has some tantrums occasionally which we have learned how to pacify. 

The sad thing was he has been sick on and off since January. I sometimes don’t understand anymore why he catches cough and colds so frequently. When he does, it always comes with regular vomiting and sometimes fever. This is why he was often absent from classes since he started. And he was getting left behind with the lessons. So the teacher advised to teach him at home as well. 

Everyday since April, I have been teaching him at home. At first, I just started with writing on blank paper, teaching him about numbers and counting. But then it became boring for him so I bought several books. So far, his favorite book was this one:

RM9.90 at MPH

For parents with kids who just started school, it might be great to have this type of book at home. The pages are colorful but there are also exercises where your child can do coloring. Aden loved the sticker exercises. I think the book was created intelligently to make a child more interested and not easily bored. 

It also helps to have a few different books at home. I have a book for numbers, for letters, for both, for phonics and a plain drawing book. Kids have very short attention span so when he’s getting bored with one, I switch to another book, maybe from numbers to letters. I observed that having choices make him more interested and eager to explore. 

I’ve made it a habit to spend at least 15 minutes with him everyday to study. When his mood is good, we can even go for 30 minutes. No matter how tired I am, I must always spend this time with him. Except, of course, when he’s the one who’s too tired and sleepy. 

RM8.00 at a bookshop in Bangsar Shopping Centre

This K1 Maths workbook is good to focus learning on numbers. All the pages can be colored and it has several exercises to review each set of numbers. Aden enjoys coloring and I normally color with him. He finds it more fun when we color together.

RM6.50 at MPH

I also have a book to focus on learning the alphabet. This book has 1 sheet for each later, upper case and lower case. There are outlined letters for your kid to practice, a picture for each letter that begins with the letter.

RM6.90 at MPH

This last book is still a bit advanced for him, though. Aden has to learn the alphabets and numbers more before he can start with this. 

I’m enjoying this phase of Aden’s childhood. I know that in the next few years, he’ll be independent soon and won’t be needing me to study with him. So for parents who have a child, I encourage you to spend study time daily with him or her. It gives you a very productive bonding time and would encourage your kids to study more.  

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