Starhill Culinary Studio Launches its Creative Culinary Classes that Truly Inspire

I admit that I’m one of those working women who have been so focused (or should I say engrossed) with work to the point that they never had the time or interest to learn how to cook. At this age of over 30 years, I can only survive with a few simple dishes like scrambled egg, fried egg, instant noodles and rice using the rice cooker (!). I wasn’t so concerned before but now that I have a 3-year-old child, I know that I should soon learn how to cook beyond the basic fried or boiled meals. Even if I am quite lucky to have a mother-in-law who cooks like a chef…

Last 22nd May, Starhill Culinary Studio was launched in Starhill Gallery at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The program was held at the Basement Level – Feast where distinguished media representatives arrived. 

Jeremiah Tan, Director of Starhill Culinary Studio and Autodome Sdn. Bhd., gave a brief welcome speech. He explained that attending Starhill Culinary Studio’s classes will give epicureans an inspiring gourmet experience. Experts, both in-house and external, will lend  their expertise on how to enrich their daily lives. Creative juices will be flowing through fun and engaging classes conducted by Starhill Culinary Studio’s team of passionate individuals. 

After Jeremiah’s witty and enlightening speech, Starhill Culinary Studio’s team was called upon the stage. With a dramatic yet lively entrance starting from the escalator where everyone can see each of them arriving, the team came up to the stage in their black attires and posh hats/ scarfs. 

When I first saw the stage backdrop with the photo of a man wearing a head scarf, I was actually wondering who was he. I thought he was some celebrity brand ambassador as I am not really up-to-date with local celebrities. And to my surprise when he was introduced, the photogenic man on the backdrop is Chef Wai, Executive Chef of Starhill Culinary Studio. In the photo above, he’s in the middle with Jeremiah Tan, wearing his signature head scarf. Together with his entire team, Chef Wai “creates magic in each class where an insight into a whole world of different cuisines is delivered in one place.” 
Guests were then invited to take a look inside the goodie bags and wear the chef’s hat and apron. Each hat has a label to direct where in the studio will each guest be taken for a culinary experience. Maybe, technically, not all culinary as Starhill Culinary Studio also has this wonderful and fun place…the Wine Studio. Well, more of that later.
Here you’ll see the guests wearing the hats and chef’s apron.
And off we go to Starhill Culinary Studio at Muse Level!
Upon entering the Muse Level (doesn’t that make you feel pretty?), you’ll be welcomed by a warm and friendly lounge. I love how this reception area was designed to make you feel welcome and relaxed, like you’re actually entering a home. 
And on top of the lifts, you’ll see this classy and ‘inspiring’ line:
Starhill Culinary Studio conducts classes for different cuisines or simply for different culinary interests. On the right side is the Pastry and Baking Studio while on the left side are Wai’s Dining Room, Wai’s Kitchen and the Wine Studio. 
Guests for Chef Wai’s kitchen were the first to arrive. The kitchen is very enticing (yes, I know, even if I am ignorant in the kitchen). This really looks like a fun environment to learn about cooking. “Wai’s Kitchen is created to showcase different cooking methods with live demonstrations and interactive classes, teaching how to create amazing dishes from recipes that are usually kept close to a master chef’s chest.”  
Outside the actual cooking kitchen is the classroom with LCD TVs placed strategically so everyone can see and follow preparations done on the table. The place is admittedly very nice and comfortable for those who are interested to learn more about cooking. 
And so the guests got a first-hand experience on how Chef Wai conducts his classes. Here he’s demonstrating a dish preparation. Chef Wai is very easy to spot with his head scarf…
Chef Wai heads YTL’s restaurants at Starhill Gallery in KL and is the pioneer of Pangkor Laut Resort’s signature restaurant, Fisherman’s Cove. His culinary skills have delighted some of the world’s most recognized names including Elle Macpherson, Keira Knightley, Ralph Schumacher, George Benson and many more.  
Starhill Culinary Studio also have a special place for those who just want to enjoy sumptuous dishes created by the Executive Chef, none other than Chef Wai. At Wai’s Dining Room, guests can experience bespoke themed private dinners and dine in sophistication and grandeur. 
For those who want to make creations to satisfy savory cravings, the Pastry Studio and Baking Studio provide the perfect place. Entering the area immediately gives a whiff of something good and mouth-watering…
Beside the Pastry Studio’s cake display is a glass wall with a colorful display of round things. Guess what these are…I was amazed upon looking closely…
Delicious-looking dummy macaroons mounted on the glass wall! Very clever…
And here are more delicious stuff…(drool drool)
Of course, I saved the best for last. Off to the Wine Studio!
The wine session was conducted by one of Starhill Culinary Studio’s guest sommelier, David Stephan. Born and raised in France, David has more than 20 years of wine experience and remains passionate with the wine industry. He enjoys sharing his knowledge through tasting sessions where he personally demonstrates skills, techniques and tips about wine. David Stephan is the Chief Sommelier of Wine Talk which offers an easy access to great wines through online ordering with direct delivery service to your home.
Starhill Culinary Studio’s Wine Studio is very conducive and well-equipped for wine classes. It’s classy, elegant and displayed with wine inspirations. 
Mini sinks that serve as spittoon (a receptacle for spitting used by wine tasters to spit samples of wine in order to avoid alcohol intoxication during tasting) are installed in between 2 guests or students. 
Wine bottles are neatly displayed on glass shelves at the back wall. 
David Stephan conducted the wine tasting session where guests sampled different wines: Arthur Metz Pinot Gris from France, Monte da Peceguina red wine and Monte da Peceguina rosé wine, both from Portugal. For the Wine Studio’s upcoming sessions, David Stephan will be conducting classes as guest sommelier on 21st June, 25th July and 23rd August. 
Here’s David Stephan with some gorgeous ladies and gentleman of Starhill team. 
And here with more gorgeous ladies of Starhill…
Paula Conway (above photo – right), Operations and Marketing Manager of Starhill Culinary Studio, explained YTL’s vision behind Starhill Culinary studio: “Bintang Walk started out as a YTL vision and through the company’s continuous involvement, it has developed and grown over the years to become a synonymous street name around the world. A name that will now not only be recognized for its wealth of shopping outlets and fine restaurants but also for delivering rich experiences with Starhill Culinary Studio.”
Starhill Culinary Studio’s media event was truly a memorable experience. I never expected that cooking, baking and wine classes could have such creative and inviting environment, not to mention stylish and classy. For those who want to experience ‘Creative Culinary Classes that Inspire’, Starhill Culinary Studio is the perfect place to explore and learn your gourmet aspirations and dreams. 
Thanks to Starhill Culinary Studio’s creative and inspiring team for this wonderful event. May you all continue to create magic for more epicureans!
If you’re interested to know more about Starhill Culinary Studio’s classes, visit
For more wine info, visit
Here’s my naughty son enjoying the chef’s hat which I brough back home together with other goodies:

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