Despicable Me’s Minions Invade Pavilion KL

Hooray for school holidays! Kids all over Malaysia are celebrating, I’m sure. And for us, employees, this is also something to look forward to as there will be less traffic jam in the morning.
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur has once again delighted children (and children-at-heart like me) with their HOORAY HOORAY IT’S MINIONS COOL HOLIDAY. Despicable Me’s popular minions have invaded Pavilion’s concourse area with eye-popping display and colors.
The set-up is located at Pavilion’s famous concourse, host to numerous exciting and stylish events and launches. Despicable Me 2 minion adult-size and kid-size posters span across the place.
Fans can catch a sneak preview of the upcoming movie in this 2-TV display where Despicable Me 2 snippets are continuously played.
Guests of all ages can also enjoy different activities with all the booths across the concourse area. There are games where you can win toys and other goodies. Grab a lick or two of Italian ice cream from Gelatomio, take a joy ride on a kiddie ride or pick free Despicable Me balloons…
Take home plush toys as prizes from these booth games
Gelatomio serves delicious ice cream (yum!)
Kiddie joy ride
Grab FREE balloons from this booth
And you can buy Despicable Me 2 merchandise! Stuart, Dave, Gru, Gru’s fart blaster… 
The wonderful display was launched last 22nd May and will continue delighting Pavilion’s guests until 4th June.

16 thoughts on “Despicable Me’s Minions Invade Pavilion KL

  1. Hi, Joni! Parkson should be launching the toys in July. During the event, they were taking advanced orders 🙂 You can also find some simple plastic figures at Speedy Video, around RM59/pc. I got mine from there, quite cute and nice collectibles.


  2. Hey @baby foot addict! I am looking for some too! Unfortunately m leaving KL on 3rd July, so I might not be able to get the ones that are coming up in July… Can you tell me where is this Speedy Video? Would really appreciate that!Thank for the information! 🙂


  3. Hi, Bhavana. Speedy video is located in most malls. They have in Mid Valley – LG, Bukit Bintang- ground floor, Ikano and more. Let me know if u prefer a certain mall then I can update u if there's a Speedy video there and where 🙂 cheers!


  4. Hi thanks so much for your prompt reply! I live in Sunway….so Mid Valley or Bukit Bintang, either would be fine for me…are you sure about their availability in either one of these places? If you are more sure about one place, then let me know. I will go to that place first. thanks a tooonnn!! 🙂


  5. OMG, so sorry for my late reply, been down with chicken pox (agh). I got mine from Mid Valley but with the Minion Fever now getting hotter, the stocks might easily fly off the shelves. But Mid Valley has a few video shops so aside from Speedy Video, if in case they ran out, you can also check other video shops across the entire mall, and there's The Gardens too.


  6. Hi, Dennis. I'm not sure if there'll be another event soon but if you're just looking for Despicable Me novelty items (aside from the ones from McDonald's), you can check out Parkson, Isetan and Speedy Video. I got my stuff specifically from Speedy Video Mid Valley. 😊


  7. The plush type on the left was being sold before at Parkson for RM199, I think, around 10inches. Isetan didn't have the minion plush except for the unicorn. Maybe u want to check out MilkADeal or MyDeal if they are still selling. I remember seeing an offer a few days ago 🙂 Just not sure how big. 🙂


  8. Oo, I see… I wonder whether Speedy Video or Pavilion toy store got sell any of this plush type one? Haha… Went to check out mydeal but they only have despicable me pillows, tumbler and iphone case so far. Lol…


  9. Ohhh…too bad, actually MyDeal had the plush toy but it was sold out fast. Parkson Pavilion should be selling the plush toy but I'm not sure if they have stocks now…wait, MyDeal has iPhone case??! Ok, I better check that out, lol, thanks!


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