Non-Alcoholic Wine: Inah Shiraz 2011 from South Africa

Non-alcoholic wine? What’s that?
Just like you, I was shocked to hear this for the first time. After all, is wine technically a ‘wine’ if it doesn’t have alcohol? But some people may have different preferences and lifestyle so there’s no reason to deprive them of enjoying the sweet juice of those amazing grapes. Not just ordinary grapes like the ones you buy from the supermarket or grocery shop but authentic grapes grown for making wines.
Well, I needed to answer my own question. Is wine technically a ‘wine’ even without alcohol content? Not even 1% of it? Wine is defined as an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits so I guess if I were to be technical about it then it shouldn’t be called wine. But this doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try it, does it? (wink wink)
And so I tried 2 types of non-alcoholic wines:  Inah Shiraz & 1688 Grand Rosé. Both contain 0 alcohol, both are even Halal-certified.
I started with Inah Shiraz, vintage 2011, a non-alcoholic red wine from South Africa. Since this wine was not fermented to form alcohol, the wine is expectedly very sweet. The taste of grapes, however, comes across as very pure and refreshing because no alcohol interferes with the sweetness. Having tried different juices in my lifetime, I can immediately tell that the pure Shiraz flavor is of entirely high level from normal fruit juices.

I shared the bottle of Inah Shiraz with my in-laws who also enjoyed this non-alcoholic beverage. It was easy to gulp down for them since it didn’t contain alcohol. And being just high-quality pure Shiraz grapes juice, this wine was easy to match with any food. I doubt if there’s food that will not taste good with it, maybe some very spicy food will not be recommended but I am not really a fan of super spicy food so I’m fine. Overall, I loved this red wine and this is probably the first red wine I fell in love with.  At only RM46.50 a bottle (bought it from Wine Talk), this wine is definitely a great addition to celebrations, especially for friends who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.

If you’re interested to buy this Inah Shiraz non-alcoholic wine, you can check out this online wine delivery website 
Will share more about the other non-alcoholic wine next time, guys!

Did you know that eating grapes has various health benefits? I cam across this nice article about the health benefits of grapes, read on to know more >>> 

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