Bye Bye to Dry Lips with Nature’s Baby Organic Soothing Stick, The Body Shop Lip Butter, Holika Holika Real Butter Lip Balm

Having dry, chapped lips is probably every lady’s regular enemy. Special care needs to be given to our lips as it is what people look at when we are talking, aside from the eyes. And working in air-conditioned rooms can be even more challenging in keeping our lips moisturized throughout the day.

So like most ladies, I also arm myself with lip balms. I love trying different products and comparing results, and yah, I’m quite a shopaholic when it comes to beauty products, I confess. Anyway, I have 3 different lip balms at the moment: Nature’s Baby Organic Soothing Stick, The Body Shop Lip Butter, and Holika Holika Real Butter Lip Balm.

I actually bought Nature’s Baby Organic Soothing Stick for my son. He’s also having chapped lips so I bought this balm. I found it at Skin Labs in Mid Valley Megamall, costed RM47.50 for 19ml. It is paraben-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic so it’s assured to be safe for babies. Finding good skincare products for babies is not very easy especially a lip balm so I decided to give this a try. Quite pricey for a baby’s lip balm but it was worth a try. Too bad my son didn’t like putting it or anything on his lips; I ended up having to use consume it myself. It smells of coconut oil and has a very soothing texture on the lips. I normally apply it at night before going to bed and I wake up with softer lips. I’m not very fond of the smell but it does the trick of curing dry, chapped lips so I still find it good.

My other lip balm is The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter at RM26 for 10ml. It is definitely recommended for a chocolate lover like me. The scent is so delicious as expected, oozing of freshly melted chocolate aroma that makes you want to gobble up the thing. The texture is quite good but thinner compared to Nature’s Baby. I use it during the day, depending on my mood and craving, alternating it with my other delicious lip balm.

The third item on my lip balm collection is the Real Butter Lip Balm from Holika Holika, costed RM30.80 for 6g. Among the 3, this is my favorite addiction. It really smells of real butter, has a good, thick texture similar to butter and tastes like sweet butter on the lips. I’ve grown a habit of putting it several times a day in the office as it keeps my lips well moisturized and it just feels good on the lips. It also comes in a convenient packaging that just slides to open instead of the screw cap.
Some ladies prefer using lip gloss for that quick, ultra moisture they need but I’m not a fan of super glossy lips as it’s just overwhelming when combined with an oily face (my T-zone tends to get oily during the day). I also don’t like the sticky feel of lip gloss on the mouth so it’s either lip balm and/or lip stick for me.
I highly recommend having a lip balm as this is very convenient to use any time of the day, can be blended with your lipstick and works wonders when used overnight regularly. It doesn’t really matter what brand (as long as it’s a trustworthy one) or price; your preference on texture, taste, smell and result on your lips shall be the deciding factors. So say goodbye to those dry, chapped lips and butter up those smackers! 

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