TALIKA Photo-Beauty Therapy: Youth through Light Innovation

The first TALIKA product that I fell in love with 2 years back was the Gentle Eye Cleanser. That was also when I started using contact lenses and this Talika product was probably one among few eye care products in the market that specifically address sensitivity of contact lens wearers. It contains rosewater so it also has that lovely scent. This ingredient is actually meant to tighten the skin around the eyes while serving as a mild astringent. Although it doesn’t remove waterproof makeup, it is a great 2nd step for eye cleansing. I would normally use cleansing oil then use Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser afterwards. 

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A few months ago, Talika launched a skincare collection: Photo-Beauty Therapy. I was introduced to these 3 amazing products: Light Essence Cellular Activator Photo-Beauty Therapy, Anti-Aging Cream Photo-Beauty Therapy and Brightening Serum Photo-Beauty Therapy. 

These 3 look good and elegant together, don’t they?

The Light Essence caught my attention immediately…

Talika indicates that THE LIGHT ESSENCE…
acts like a correction curve, an “equalizer”, which takes just a few seconds to reset all “cell counters” to zero! Meanwhile, it boosts the youthfulness process in your epidermis.
The cell recovers its “original” potential, as a result skin is able to receive and transmit the benefits of daily skincare LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Transforms light into cellular energy for a global anti-ageing action. (Photo-Beauty Enzyme®)
Helps to brighten the complexion and diminish the intensity of dark spots.
Helps regenerate and protect the skin’s DNA. (Photo-Beauty Enzyme®)
Hydrates, relieves discomfort. (hyaluronic acid, gentle fruit acids, rose water and vegetal glycerin)

The new Talika skincare also has an Anti-Aging Cream, a delightfully-surprising addition to the brand as I’ve known Talika for light-inspired products. Having a Talika anti-aging item is truly a surprise and revolution in its technology. 

Talika indicates that the ANTI-AGING Cream…
gives skin a new youthfulness thanks to the synergy of the PBE and anti-wrinkle, firming, energising and repairing active ingredients with recognised efficacy.

After 14 days, +19,9% collagen*.
After 4 weeks, the signs of ageing are visibly reduced.

Transforms light into cellular energy (Photo-Beauty Enzyme®)
Helps regenerate and protect the skin’s DNA (Photo-Beauty Enzyme®)
Anti-wrinkle and firming action (adenosine, walnut seed, soya beans)
Intensively nourishes, moisturises and repairs the epidermis (shea butter and vegetal glycerin)

I’m sure you’ve seen so many brightening serums in the market, well, so have I. But what makes this Talika brightening serum interesting is the PBE or Photo-Beauty Enzyme, a unique component in this line of Talika products which has the ability to transform light into derma-repairing energy. 

The Talika Brightening Serum is…
Prodigious, rich in PBE and brightening active ingredients, it targets melanocytes specifically to reduce the intensity of dark spots and brightens the complexion within four weeks.
After 14 days, +79,6% non-pigmented cells*.

Transforms light into cellular energy (Photo-Beauty Enzyme®)
Helps regenerate and protect the skin’s DNA (Photo-Beauty Enzyme®)
Lightens the complexion, anti-dark spot action (niacinamide, zinc)
Moisturizes (vegetal glycerin)

Reduce my dark spots in 14 days?! That’s worth a try. I wasn’t so concerned with dark spots before. But with a few years of driving around in this hot weather without my usual super-black tint, I guess sunscreen is not enough and I’ve developed spots on my cheeks!

I think this is a great addition to Talika’s line-up of products. I’ve known Talika as an expert for eye care, lash care and revolutionary skincare devices such as the LIGHT DUO and the CREAM BOOSTER. And now that Talika has launched a skincare line, the devices will have the right Talika products to complement and provide a complete regimen for our skincare requirements, whether it’s for anti-aging or brightening or both. 

And look, my Lancome Genifique Eye Cream fits right in with the Talika collection…

Excited to try and test this Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy collection soon!

For more details, visit Talika counters in Parkson Pavilion, KLCC, 1U, Gurney Plaza, Isetan KLCC, 1U, and Metrojaya Mid Valley. Also available in Sephora boutiques and selected Sasa outlets. 

Retail price guide:
The Light Essence, RM349/ 140ml
Anti-Aging Cream, RM299/ 50ml
Brightening Serum, RM229/ 30ml

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