The Best Margarita I’ve Had in Years – La Risata Classic Margarita

I’ve been missing my classic margarita days. Back in the Philippines, this is one of the few alcoholic drinks that I really enjoy during those nights with friends. When I arrived in Malaysia, I barely had a chance to grab this cocktail since I got pregnant, became a mother and well, yeah, drinks are quite expensive here. Which is a good thing to control alcohol intake (or so I thought, haha). 

Last month, I had a good chance to meet my classic margarita again after a few years. Our cool, great boss treated us to dinner and drinks at La Risata in Damansara. At RM22 a glass, this margarita is the best I’ve had in town. The mix of tequila, lime juice and sugar syrup is just perfect with the taste of salt on the rim of the glass. I’ve actually tried some margaritas around town but somehow those just didn’t taste right. But this one by La Risata is just great. So naturally, I ordered for a second glass!

La Risata Classic Margarita (Photo taken with an iPhone5)

I finished my first glass and was already on my second glass when we started choosing our food…yummm…

La Risata’s menu needs some time to go thru…all are appetizing, can’t choose one…

Here are some of the delicious food served that night. I got distracted by the food, my margarita’s melting!

My chosen dinner: Fettucine All Albese (I think, hope I remembered it right, haha) at RM30. The creamy parmesan cheese sauce is captivating…ok, now this is making me crave for it again!

And this Bruschetta is damn good! 

I didn’t stay until so late, I still have home duties to accomplish. But my first dinner at La Risata certainly won’t be the last…and, yes, I do drink other stuff aside from wine, guys!

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