Love cigar and whiskey? You gotta visit Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

My work-related adventures have brought me to one of the coolest places in Kuala Lumpur. Located at Jalan Kasah Damansara Heights, Whisky Tango Foxtrot is definitely a must-visit for those who enjoy cigars and/or whiskey. 

Upon entering the venue, you will be welcomed by a huge humidor showcasing a big collection of cigars and accessories. It is the biggest collection showcase in Asia, I was told. I’ve never seen a cigar collection in my life and I find this amazing. Honestly, I only see people smoking cigars in movies, those typical high-profile men who enjoy the most luxurious lifestyle. I am inclined to believe that only people who have reached a certain level of success or wealth can truly appreciate cigars. But as I’ve learned, there are a lot of people who enjoy having cigars once in a while, not just the extremely wealthy. I guess it’s a similar general perception as with wines. People tend to think that wines are also for the rich. 

There are shelves and shelves of cigars. Some are sold in box sets but there are also individual ones. There are also very nice sets that are great gifts.

Cigar collection at Whisky Tango Foxtrot

Cigar collection at Whisky Tango Foxtrot

Highlighted in display were Macanudo cigars. 

I didn’t know cigars are also aged. This set is aged for 8 years…

You’ll also find great accessories for cigar lovers such as lighters, cigar scissors, cutters, cigar cases and more.

Cigar accessories

Lovely lighters…

High-quality cutters and scissors…

They also have an online store where you can easily purchase your favorite cigars.

The humidor/ entrance has this poster to welcome guests. I did a bit of research and as I found out, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939, a few months before the beginning of the Second World War. It aimed to raise the morale of the British public in the event of wartime disaster. You’ll actually see a lot of different phrases or statements using this concept around, whether in mall boutiques, mugs, tumblers, shirts and other things. In fact, this is almost everywhere nowadays. But there’s a much more meaningful origin to this quote.  

After the humidor, you will reach the cozy, private lounge. It is adorned with black-and-white  posters, black leather chairs and dim lighting. The atmosphere is very masculine and  exclusive. Definitely a great place to hangout, enjoy cigars and whiskey while having serious or not-so-serious discussions. I can imagine my husband having whiskey here with his friends. 

On one side of the lounge, a wall of private humidors are lined up for members who want to store their cigar collections. For a certain fee, a member will enjoy a private humidor with his/her initials, 10% discount on all purchases and other exclusive privileges. 

At one end is the bar where you can enjoy your favorite whiskey, wines and some cocktails. I’m not a whiskey drinker but since they also serve my cocktails then it’s great for me…

There are also 2 private rooms for guests or members who would prefer to have a more private area. 

I have great respect for places that pay good attention in making their washroom better than just its function. And I’d say WTF (that’s Whisky Tango Foxtrot, no pun intended) impressed me. I’ve never seen any bar or restaurant using a great product such as Aesop Aromatique for a hand wash. (Well, the ex-skincare brand manager in me can’t help but notice…)

And aside from that, there is also a set of Ralph Lauren perfumes for guests to use. How impressive.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot is definitely THE place for cigar and whiskey aficionados. The service is damn good, the cigar showcase is the biggest in the country (and in Asia), and the ambience is something you won’t get anywhere else. It’s great for anyone who wants to enjoy and have a good time while having some puffs and drinks. Though I’m not a cigar or whiskey fan, I agree that this is a great place to hangout or spend an evening with friends. 

WTF is located at 2nd floor, 128B Jalan Kasah, Damansara Heights, KL, Malaysia. 

Visit or call +60320112056 for more information.

SHAPE Magazine and Skechers convinced me to RUN!

One Saturday morning, I found myself up and awake early at 7:00am, walking upon the lovely grounds of Desa Park City, wearing some sneakers and preparing myself for something that will change the way I understand ‘running’. 

One of my good friends invited me to join her in attending SHAPE Magazine’s Run to Win Workshop on 24th August. For a fee of RM50 per pair of participants, my friend and I registered to be part of this activity. I’ve never attended something like this and I am also not a regular runner. I believe the last time I really ran for exercise was 5 years ago, in 2008 when I was still in Philippines. My husband and I would drive every Saturday morning to a nice park and I’d run while he walks. Then we’d go for a McDonald’s breakfast in a nearby mall. Well, that was 5 years ago. I’ve always thought of running again so I can go back to my pre-mummyhood weight or at least be close to it. But I guess my busy working life for the past few years dampened motivation, or I was just plain lazy. 

Thanks to Shape magazine, Skechers and my dear friend, I managed to get my lazy ass off from bed early that morning to learn more about running. When we arrived at the registration, the organizers gave us a goodie bag that contained…(drumroll) a brand new pair of Skechers running shoes, a red Skechers shirt and the workshop notes. How cool is that! So my friend and I changed into the shirt and shoes then braced ourselves for the next surprise. 

The workshop started with welcome remarks from the Shape team, followed by an introduction to running by Raj Subramaniam, a master trainer. I enjoyed listening to this guy as he really gave a lot of information about running. How was I to know that there’s actually a proper posture for the head, neck, shoulders and arms while I run? Raj guided us on each part of the body that we should take note of to run efficiently. 

Raj explaining important posture points for running

Raj also introduced us to the pair of Skechers running shoes that we wore. When I put the shoes on, I immediately noticed the comfort and lightness of the shoes. It was very soft and cushioned with every step. For me, having good running shoes is very important as I’ve experienced pain and discomfort before from running due to inappropriate shoes. I kinda had a phobia already from wearing rubber shoes as I easily get uncomfortable. It’s either the shoes make my feet feel very warm and sweaty, or I get blisters on certain spots even while wearing thick socks. 

Anyway, this pair of Skechers is just great. It’s light, soft and comfortable. You know that you’re wearing shoes but you don’t feel the weight. Raj also pointed out that this pair, the GoRunRide, gives a cushioned running experience with innovative mid foot strike technology. The shoe is shaped to make our feet land naturally on the mid foot, not on the heel and not on the toes. It’s very lightweight which makes running very comfortable. The tongue is also stitched to eliminate the need to constantly move that middle part of the shoe back in place (the tongue is that part under the shoe lace that often gets out-of-place as you run then you keep pulling it back in place). Skechers calls this feature ‘VARI-LOCK’ for stay-put tongue. Very clever. I hated having that problem with sneakers. 

Raj also mentioned some of the injuries that runners might experience and how to avoid it such as side stitches, knee pain, shin splints, ankle sprains, muscle pull and more. 

All of us went through several exercises for strength, warmup and actual running practices to train us for a more efficient running technique. It was very tiring since I haven’t done any of these in a long time. But it really woke me up and got my blood running. 

Photo by Shape

After a while, though, I was feeling pain on my right side (it’s called side stitches, now I know there’s a term for that). I normally experience this when walking too fast or running. Apparently, it can be caused by meals before running. There must be an interval of around 2 hours between a light meal and running to prevent this pain. I didn’t join the short run around the park. So I managed to snap a few more shots…

My new pair of Skechers GoRunRide shoes…

We had some stretching exercises after the short run then Raj gave us a few more pointers and a Q&A session. Did you know that milk is a great drink for after-running? It can even be a better option than isotonic drinks because milk has a lot of nutrients and will give you an insulin spike which will help your body in recovering energy. 

The back of our red Skechers shirt is cool. I love the statement…

We were treated to some light snacks of sandwiches, water and a 4-piece pack of Anlene chocolate milk. I was feeling pretty good at this time. The run and exercises really gave my body a good boost!

Thanks to Shape and Skechers for this activity and the goodies. I was really convinced now to start planning my regular running routine. Maybe I’ll start with every Saturday first then eventually do twice a week. 

Here’s the ultra comfortable pair of Skechers…

Which, by the way, also came with extra pair of turquoise laces…

I just love the interesting tags with snippets of the technology behind the shoes…

NOTHING to slow you down. Gets you motivated, doesn’t it?

I’ve now set my mind to doing weekend runs. First, I need to get new sets of running shorts or knee-length pants. My old pairs of exercise pants don’t fit anymore! This simply means I REALLY need to do more exercise, be fit and lose weight…

My Skechers running shoes are waiting so I’m looking forward to an early morning run starting this Saturday. Hope you are also planning to do some fitness exercise soon! Let’s do it, ladies!

Fashion Nail Sticker for Beautiful Nails

I’ve been using nail polish and a lot of different types, styles and brands but I have to admit that I haven’t tried using nail stickers before. I got the idea to finally try it because of a dear friend who wittingly asked me, “Why don’t you just use nail stickers?” when I was telling her about the long wait for nail polish to dry, especially on hand nails. I found out later on, though, that she herself hasn’t tried nail stickers!

So I decided to finally try the thing. I found a lovely, posh set from Sasa. They have several brands and styles available but I was looking for a pinkish or purplish color. I picked First Kiss Nail Dress in Marabou which has a mix of colors and faux colored stones.

The box says FASHION THAT STICKS, LASTS UP TO 10 DAYS, which caught my interest. Keeping manicure in place and chip-free has always been a challenge for me. Being a working mother makes it even more challenging as I need to keep washing stuff and my son. Pedicure is not so challenging; it just stays nice and chip-free for more than a week. In fact, I only re-do my pedicure every 2 weeks. Whereas my manicure needs changing every week. BUTTER LONDON does a very good job for my manicure but if I wanted something more posh with artistic designs, I’d be lazy to do it with manual application by myself, unless it’s something like this nail sticker. 

First Kiss Nail Dress in Marabou

Unfortunately, the back of the box isn’t much help on giving more info and exact procedure on how to properly apply it on your nails. The pictures are quite self-explanatory but I was looking for more tips and if there are any other things to remember when applying it, like: is there a drying time, do you need to apply something first before putting the sticker on, etc. 

Back of First Kiss Nail Dress box

The box contains 28 pieces of the nail sticker in different shapes and sizes to fit the toes and nails, and a nail file. 

Since the instructions were not quite clear, I applied my own techniques for application. 

STEP 1:  I wiped my nails clean with nail polish remover.

STEP 2: Carefully choose the right size and shape for each nail.

STEP 3: Using a pair of scissors, I cut each sticker for the shape of the base of my nails. Don’t worry about the edge of your nails yet, adjust the shape of the base first

STEP 4:  Stick the nail sticker, starting slowly on the base first, where your cuticles are. Then press slowly from the middle going to the sides. This is to prevent crumpling. Don’t press the entire sticker at once. 

STEP 5: Using a nail cutter, cut the excess sticker from the tip. I find it best to cut the sticker and my nails a bit to ensure that I’ve perfected the size. 

It wasn’t very easy to do, especially for a first-timer. It took me a while to finish my hands and toes, at least an hour. The cutting and shaping takes some time, unless your nails are perfectly shaped based on the sticker shape. But it was worth the effort. Look at the result! I seriously loved it!

My nails with First Kiss Nail Dress

The ultimate question: does it really last up to 10 days?

For toes, yes, it does last. I am now wearing it for the 7th day and the stickers on my toes still look like they were freshly-applied. I am sure it will stay for several days more or even another week. It will also be very easy to retouch since you don’t need drying time. You just simply take out the sticker, clean your nails with nail polish remover, let it dry then apply a new sticker. 

For hands, it did last and stay chip-free this entire week. But I do take extra care such as wearing plastic gloves when washing dishes, washing clothes even while bathing. After 4 days, though, you’ll notice some fading on the tips as with normal nail polish but there was no chipping at all since these are stickers. And I loved it for that. 

Will I wear nail stickers again? YES! This is absolutely perfect especially if you’re attending a special occasion soon like maybe a wedding, big party, etc. In my case, I need lovely nails when I am about to host events for my job. So, yeah, I love this First Kiss Nail Dress. Not necessarily every  10 days but maybe once a month for those very important events. 

Where to buy: Sasa outlets

Price: RM26 for 28 pieces

Reduce Pores Instantly with Benefit POREfessional!

Pores, pores, pores all over my nose, chin and cheeks have always haunted me. I used to have a lot of pimples when I was younger. Pimples on my nose, cheeks, chin and other spots on the face. Did you ever have those irritating pimples on the edge of your nose that really make you look funny? Or just under your nostrils and it’s so painful every time you wipe your nose? And the worst thing is you’re having running nose then you have one pimple right on your nostril? Agh, I hated those days. I don’t squeeze or pop them myself but I still developed big pores over time. 

Although I am using skincare products that address pore concerns, I still require an instant solution that will hide or, at least, reduce the appearance of my pores. Foundation does great magic but it’s just not enough especially for the size of the pores on my nose (gasp!). Thank goodness for skincare science and we now have access to quick-fix stuff. 

I’ve always been intrigued by Benefit’s line of products but so far, I haven’t really bought or tried any item. The product names are very clever and witty while the packaging design is just catchy. Have you seen Hello Flawless, Confessions of a Concealaholic, Benetint, Posietint, Some Kind-a Gorgeous, Stay Don’t Stray, Ooh La Lift or That Gal? The names don’t immediately tell you what it is but makes you curious enough to read on, don’t they? 

I haven’t tried Benefit products before but, well, there’s always a first time. The POREfessional has always caught my attention and when I finally finished my other pore quick-fix, I decided to give this a try. 

Benefit POREfessional

The caption on the box tab caught me: QUICKLY minimize the appearance of PORES

The POREfessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores

I liked that the tube has a seal which makes the product less prone to oxidation before you actually use it. 

It’s also a thoughtful idea from Benefit to place a product insert with this item. It shows techniques on how to use it, even outlines the areas for retouching over makeup. PORES…now you see ’em, now you don’t!

I only need a little amount on each pore-prone area on my face. I apply it on my nose, cheeks, chin and forehead before my foundation. It does wonders to make my skin look even, less oily and, of course, almost pore-free. 

The texture is very smooth and silky, very lightweight and works well as a makeup primer. It makes my foundation glide even more smoothly and stay longer throughout the day. I tend to have some oily spots around my face but with the POREfessional, my foundation doesn’t clump at all. 

I’ve been using it for 5 days now and I’m lovin’ it! I made the right decision to switch from the other brand which happens to be a bit more expensive. 

Price: RM115 for 22ml

Where to buy: Sephora, Metrojaya Mid Valley, Robinsons The Gardens, selected Parkson stores, Benefit boutique and counters

What the box says:Apply this silky, lightweight formula to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin. To use under makeup:Apply to moisturized skin to help makeup stay put. Focus on problem areas and blend with fingertips.To use over makeup:Pat on lightly over makeup and blend.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Long-Lasting Nail Polish

We all love having pretty nails but it’s always a challenge to keep them pretty as long as possible, a week at least for me. Keeping nail polish on my toes is not a problem, it can even stay as long as 2 weeks with minimal retouching required. My toes are always nail polished, I love keeping it that way since I always use open-toed shoes. 

Manicure, on the other hand, is just tough to maintain, especially if you have a child and need to do a lot of chores and washing. So here are some simple step-by-step guide and tips for those who encounter a manicure challenge like me.

STEP 1: Remove or push back excess cuticle from your nails. 

I often get lazy to do this before. But removing excess cuticle (the strip of hardened skin that you see on the base and sides of your nails) makes the nail polish look more even and clean. There’s no need to use a nipper or cut the cuticles. I just use Butter London Melt Away, then push the excess cuticle back. Wipe off the excess product from your nails with a wet wipe or cloth. 

Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator

STEP 2: Wipe your nails with nail polish remover (yes, even if there’s no nail polish there). 

This is to ensure that your nails are free of dirt, oils and other impurities before you apply the base coat. The base coat needs a clean surface so that it stays longer. 

STEP 3: Apply a clear base coat first, not your color polish. 

This is very important for keeping your nails pinkish and free from nail polish stain as well as making the color polish stay longer. The base coat is similar to a makeup primer, it provides a better ‘canvas’ for the color to be applied. It also makes it easier for you to remove your color nail polish later on because it’s not applied directly on your plain nails. Ever had a hard time removing your color nail polish before when you didn’t apply a base coat? Or ever noticed a yellowish stain on your nails?

I use Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat for my base coat. 

STEP 4: Now you can apply your beloved color nail polish. Make sure that you allow your base coat to dry for at least 3 minutes. 

Reminder even if most of you know this already — always start with your non-dexterous hand. What do I mean? If you are right-handed, start with the left hand first so you avoid spoiling your polished nails on the right hand. 

STEP 5: Apply your clear top coat after allowing the color nail polish to dry at least 3 minutes. 

It would be good if you can extend your top coat to the edges of your nails, that part that you use to scratch your skin or something. This spot is where water seeps in and chips your nail polish. With the top coat, it will be a few days before water can break in. It takes some skill to apply it there, keep trying. 

I use Butter London Hardwear Quick Topcoat. 

STEP 6: After 1 or 2 minutes, apply an express or quick drying oil. 

Remember, this doesn’t mean that you can immediately go around and doing things loosely with your hands or nails. The drying oil just makes the polish non-sticky. Ideally, you should allow your nail polish to set for several hours, 2 hours at least, before you do some washing. And if you do need to wash, wear plastic gloves. 

I use Sephora Express Drying Oil. 

And here are all the 6 items I used…

Just some additional tips:

1) Try not to do anything with your hands within at least 2 hours after applying your last coat. 
2) When you need to wash the dishes or anything, wear some plastic gloves. I bought this box of disposable plastic gloves from Daiso at only RM5 for 100 pieces and it’s worth having this around. Protect your nails from too much water as much as you can. 

3) If you have time, retouch your clear top coat after or every 3 days to protect your polish.
4) Don’t use your nails to remove staple wires, remove adhesive tape, open a bag of chips, lift the soda can tab and the like. 
5) Moisturize. Apply cuticle oil on your nails daily. Moisturize your hands and feet with lotion or cream regularly. 

Have pretty toe nails and hand nails, ladies! 

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

While working for a previous company, my office was located next to Mid Valley Megamall but I only ate at Brotzeit just once with a colleague. The food was great but it wasn’t a regular option for me and friends to go to for lunch. Aside from the price concern of most employees for daily meal spending, I guess Western food is not really a top choice for a lot of locals. I, on the other hand, am a fan of good Western food.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Mid Valley Megamall

Last weekend, the early celebration of my sister-in-law’s birthday brought me back to Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant. I never noticed their entire menu before. There’s an appetizing selection of different dishes and pastas. Most of all, they had cocktails and a decent wine selection. 

On the first page of their menu, there’s a brief introduction about Brotzeit. I find this good and interesting. I’m not sure if there are other people like me who’d really read it but it’s great to see that they put some effort to explain what ‘Brotzeit’ means and what do they promise their customers. 

Brotzeit also had a selection of red, white and sparkling wines, available in glass serving or by the bottle. But that day, I was thirsty for something else…

I’m sure, by the look of Brotzeit’s bar, that they have what I’m looking for…
The bar inside Brotzeit

My brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and husband opted for Paulaner bier, of course…

But my mouth was watering for my usual classic frozen margarita. They didn’t have the frozen type that I like (awww) so I settled for their classic crushed ice margarita…
Anyway, I still had a margarita and that made my night.

Margarita at Brotzeit

We had this big pork platter for dinner. Mix of pork knuckle, pork sausages, pork belly, roasted pork and meat loaf.

Here’s another view. Notice the cute brand flag on top of the bone? 

The side dishes…

My dinner plate, pretending not to each so much but I actually had a few more helpings after this. Good bye to my diet plan for that day…

Lunch or dinner with my husband around won’t be complete without him ordering an extra something for me. This macaroni and cheese was damn good, quite addicting, in fact. 
Good dinner, good margarita at a cozy spot inside Brotzeit was a great ender for that week. This restaurant is worth going back to, and also a nice place to hang around with friends. Cheers!
Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant in Mid Valley is located at the Ground Floor, along the same row of Maybank, Chili’s and Delicious. 

Check out their Facebook page for more info and updates

Colmar Tropicale + Creative Painting Kits for Kids and Kids-at-Heart!

Spending time with my son and doing creative stuff is one of the highlights of my everyday life. Whether we are building cars with his lego-like toy, writing numbers, coloring or simply doodling cars on paper, it’s a joy and blessing to be able to spend quality time with him despite being a busy working mom. 

A few weeks ago, my husband brought us to Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi. It’s a French-themed village and resort. Once you see the facade of the village, you’ll immediately feel like you’re in a different country, free from the hustle and bustle of KL life. 

Colmar Tropicale: French-themed village and resort, Bukit Tinggi

White swans at Colmar Tropicale

Within this beautiful place, my son and I stumbled upon a small shop where you can choose clay figures and paint it. There are several guests inside, and both young and old were captivated by what they saw. 

Creative Painting Shop inside Colmar Tropicale
Do you know who’s this? 🙂
Different samples of painted clay figures

The shop was very easy to spot and remember. In front of it were these beautifully-painted horses and carriage.

My son painted a small car inside the shop. It’s reasonably priced at RM11.90 and my son painted it then and there. Paints and gloss are free, brushes and water also provided. The staff were very friendly and helpful. 

My son wanted another one so I asked him to choose a painting kit that we can bring back to the hotel at Genting. He chose another car, of course. It’s bigger than the first car and came together with the paint set at RM18. 

Creative Painting Kit at RM18

Kit contains the clay figure, 7 colors + 1 gloss, paint brush, and paint palette

So we painted the clay car in the hotel. Aden really enjoyed the experience, seriously did his best to paint it nicely. He started with the wheels then the body. I painted a bit and tried to make it look less messy. 

Aden painting his clay car in blue
I used the hotel’s hair dryer and dried the car’s paint then applied the gloss. It was also a fun experience for me (so this means I’m a kid-at-heart?!). I never realized that I missed painting. And most of all, I was so happy to find that this creative activity is interesting and fun for my son. 

Voila! The finished clay car in blue!

For more information about Colmar Tropicale, visit

My Wine Class Experience with Sommelier Roderick Wong

I was so delighted to have been given the opportunity to attend Mr Roderick Wong’s class at Starhill Culinary Studio yesterday, 10th August 2013. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, just a day after the 2nd Raya holiday. I parked at Pavilion KL which was busy with streams of families celebrating a great weekend then walked happily across to Starhill Gallery where Starhill Culinary Studio’s wine studio was about to engulf my senses with the aromas and taste of wines. 

Themed Bubbles of the World, the class was about understanding and exploring different sparkling wines from around the world, how a sparkling wine is made, and other interesting information about this specific type of wine. 

Bubbles of the World wine class by Roderick Wong
Roderick gave us this handout which I really appreciated because it contains a lot of useful information to understand the class and the sparkling wines more.

5 different sparkling wines  Prosecco, Sekt, Cava, Champagne, Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet

Roderick Wong started the class with a detailed explanation about the Champagne method of producing sparkling wines. It involves a long process with a lot of steps: harvesting, destalking, separation of juice, fermentation, blending (assemblage/ coupage), second fermentation, ageing, riddling, disgorgement, dosage, recording and wiring. Roderick said this is already a simplified version of the process so we can easily understand. OMG, so the actual process is even more complicated than this? Seriously, kudos to those winemakers!

Roderick also shared that a lot of people often mistake Champagne for other sparkling wines and are unaware that sparkling wines are not the same as sparkling juice. Champagnes are only produced in the Champagne region of France and are governed by very strict rules to be allowed to put ‘Champagne’ on their label. No other region or country is allowed to use the put ‘Champagne’. But due to the extreme popularity of Champagne as probably the best sparkling wine, some people assumed that any sparkling wine is called Champagne. 

Some people also thought that when somebody says sparkling wine, it is the same as the ordinary sparkling juice available at the supermarket. The truth is there are a lot of other great sparkling wines from other countries and regions aside from Champagne in France, such as: Cremant from other regions in France aside Champagne, Spumante from Italy, Cava from Spain, Sekt from Germany, Cap Classique from South Africa and more. 

Roderick also gave us a helpful list of information to what ‘Brut’ and other words mean for wine. 

Opening a champagne or sparkling wine bottle can be tricky so we must be very careful when uncorking one. Here Roderick demonstrates how to uncork a bottle without letting the cork fly or pop loudly. It takes an expert skill, I believe, and I wouldn’t dare to open one! Apparently, most of the accidents in restaurants/ bar come from flying corks!

Roderick Wong uncorking a Champagne bottle
We started with a Laurent-Perrier Champagne (yum). It’s wonderful to see it bubbling on the glass. 

Pouring Champagne

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. I had to catch a photo before all the bubbles disappear!

Champagne and its bubbles on my wine glass

Here I was, tasting the precious bubbly from Champagne…

And here’s my good friend, Jen, sniffing a Cava (sparkling wine from Spain), the 2nd wine for the class.

Pouring the 3rd sparkling wine – Sekt from Germany…

And probably the most interesting one I saw and tried was a sparkling red wine – Shiraz Cabernet from Australia…

All the 5 sparkling wines from around the world: Champagne, Cava, Spumante, Sekt, and Sparkling Red. I personally liked the 3rd wine – Spumante from Italy.

The class wouldn’t be complete without some canapés…

Roderick Wong is a very articulate, knowledgeable and approachable sommelier (wine expert). He answered our questions happily and with some interesting personal stories as well. 

Me with Roderick Wong

Jen and Roderick Wong

Jen and I also met a few hot chicks during the class…

This wine class at Starhill Culinary Studio was truly wonderful and memorable. Not only were we able to sample great sparkling wines but we really learned a lot of useful information about this beverage which is viewed by many as a luxury drink. 

Kudos to Starhill Culinary Studio and to Mr Roderick Wong for hosting such an amazing class. We’ll see you again soon!

For more information about Starhill’s wine classes, visit 

For more info about upcoming events with Mr Roderick Wong, check out their FB page – The Wine Academy Malaysia


Tried & Tested: Lancome Genifique Yeux for Fine Lines, Dark Under Eye

I’ve recently been in a panic state due to formation of fine lines around my eyes. I guess stress over the past few years at work and, of course, age have caught up with my skin. So I looked for an eye cream that will hopefully solve my fine lines.

I decided to try Lancome’s Genifique Yeux Yout Activating Eye Concentrate. 

This eye concentrate is non-greasy, non-sticky and feels very light on the eye area. Like some of you, I am also worried about eye creams causing milia or oil seeds. I’ve developed 2 before, around the eye area, so I’ve gotten very cautious about using eye creams. 

Fortunately, Lancome’s Genifique Yeux is not too thick or rich for my skin. I have combination oily/ dry skin and my eye area tends to be oily during the day. But Lancome Genifique Yeux actually leaves a matte finish and makes the eye area feel velvety. Good match for my skin. Another plus for this product is that it’s suitable for contact lens wearers. 

The scent is very light which I also like. Some eye creams tend to have a stronger scent which I am not very comfortable with. Knowing that the skin around the eye is too fragile, I also wouldn’t want a product with strong scent to be applied there. 

Lancome Genifique Yeux comes in a glass jar with a nice silver cover, topped with Lancome’s signature floral icon. The box is also elegant with embossed silver text and the embossed floral icon in silver print as well. Yah, I kinda have a weakness for nice packaging. 

And so I tried and tested this eye concentrate. I’m supposed to apply it twice a day but mornings are too tight for me as I have to quickly apply my sunscreen and do my makeup then get my son ready for school. For 2 weeks, I’ve only been applying it at night. And yet, I’ve seen good results! Look closely at the fine lines under my eye (I hope my photos show clearly). 

                             BEFORE                                                                    AFTER
On the left, you can see there are several lines, the texture looks uneven and my under eye is a bit dark. On the right, there are less lines, the texture has improved and my under eye is brighter. Eew, my cheek pores are so visible here. 

Here are the identified areas for easier reference…

Before & After 2 weeks using Lancome Genifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Concentrate
Amazing. And this is just based on once a day application. I have now started to apply it twice a day (when I can) to make the results even better and prevent more lines from forming. 

What the box says:
Youth Activating Eye Concentrate
Major scientific discovery: Skin’s youth is characterized by the presence of certain proteins on the skin’s surface which are the result of gene expression. For the 1st time from Lancome: Genfiqiue helps promote an environment more characteristic of youthful skin to leave skin looking younger. This gel texture helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and under-eye bags. The eye contours appear brighter and radiant, as if infused with life. 
Tested under dermatological and opthalmological control
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Where to buy:
Sephora, Departmental stores – Isetan, Parkson, Metrojaya, Aeon

RM208 for 15ml

Delicious Dining at La Bodega

I seldom go to Bangsar Village and much less do I visit Jalan Telawi. But when good food and great wines call, there’s no doubt that this area within KL is a place to be. 

My hunger brought me to La Bodega Deli one Wednesday afternoon, 7th of August to be exact, the last day before Raya holidays. I was getting ready for another wine tasting event hosted at the same venue. Anyway, I needed to grab a quick bite before my wine session. For me, wine is more enjoyable when taken with just some light food so I better not be too hungry while “wine-ing”. 

I’ve always enjoyed La Bodega’s breakfast menu: the Big breakfast, the Omelette, English breakfast, French toast, Crepe…man, they’re all good. And the great thing about La Bodega Deli is that they still serve the breakfast menu in the late afternoon or early evening. Some of you may find it weird but I love it. So I ordered another favorite: Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon on Toast. This is, so far, the best scrambled egg I’ve had in my life. Not to mention the healthiest as well… Smoked salmon makes it even more delicious, good for health and good for the skin!

Of course, I’m not just in love with their breakfast menu. The pastas and tapas are mouth-watering as well. My other faves include Linguine Alfredo, Deep Fried Goat Cheese (OMG, this is really a must-try!), Calamares Fritos and Gambas al Ajillo (Tiger prawns in some delicious sauce). Well, let me save those for another post. There’s so much to try. And being a cheese addict, I’d love to indulge in their cheese platter one of these days!

The La Bodega Lounge where the wine tasting event was hosted is just above the La Bodega Deli. To reach the lounge, a flight of wooden stairs is strategically placed right beside the facade of the deli. I love how the stairs, together with the paintings hung neatly on the wall, gives a warm feeling and homeliness. The Spanish theme is just a delight and very comforting. 

The lounge has a wide selection of wines and other liquors. The staff were all very friendly, quick and easy to talk to. 

The La Bodega Lounge is just perfect for spending time with friends. Great selection of food that matches well with great wines are accessible from the deli and great wines are ready to be served by the lounge. 

And so the night went on with the wine tasting. I had a wonderful time, met a lot of new and exciting group of people, and everyone went home happy (and red-cheeked!). Thanks once again to the La Bodega team for their great service. 

Here are a few of La Bodega’s friendly staff…
Cheers to all of you!