Delicious Dining at La Bodega

I seldom go to Bangsar Village and much less do I visit Jalan Telawi. But when good food and great wines call, there’s no doubt that this area within KL is a place to be. 

My hunger brought me to La Bodega Deli one Wednesday afternoon, 7th of August to be exact, the last day before Raya holidays. I was getting ready for another wine tasting event hosted at the same venue. Anyway, I needed to grab a quick bite before my wine session. For me, wine is more enjoyable when taken with just some light food so I better not be too hungry while “wine-ing”. 

I’ve always enjoyed La Bodega’s breakfast menu: the Big breakfast, the Omelette, English breakfast, French toast, Crepe…man, they’re all good. And the great thing about La Bodega Deli is that they still serve the breakfast menu in the late afternoon or early evening. Some of you may find it weird but I love it. So I ordered another favorite: Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon on Toast. This is, so far, the best scrambled egg I’ve had in my life. Not to mention the healthiest as well… Smoked salmon makes it even more delicious, good for health and good for the skin!

Of course, I’m not just in love with their breakfast menu. The pastas and tapas are mouth-watering as well. My other faves include Linguine Alfredo, Deep Fried Goat Cheese (OMG, this is really a must-try!), Calamares Fritos and Gambas al Ajillo (Tiger prawns in some delicious sauce). Well, let me save those for another post. There’s so much to try. And being a cheese addict, I’d love to indulge in their cheese platter one of these days!

The La Bodega Lounge where the wine tasting event was hosted is just above the La Bodega Deli. To reach the lounge, a flight of wooden stairs is strategically placed right beside the facade of the deli. I love how the stairs, together with the paintings hung neatly on the wall, gives a warm feeling and homeliness. The Spanish theme is just a delight and very comforting. 

The lounge has a wide selection of wines and other liquors. The staff were all very friendly, quick and easy to talk to. 

The La Bodega Lounge is just perfect for spending time with friends. Great selection of food that matches well with great wines are accessible from the deli and great wines are ready to be served by the lounge. 

And so the night went on with the wine tasting. I had a wonderful time, met a lot of new and exciting group of people, and everyone went home happy (and red-cheeked!). Thanks once again to the La Bodega team for their great service. 

Here are a few of La Bodega’s friendly staff…
Cheers to all of you!

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