Tried & Tested: Lancome Genifique Yeux for Fine Lines, Dark Under Eye

I’ve recently been in a panic state due to formation of fine lines around my eyes. I guess stress over the past few years at work and, of course, age have caught up with my skin. So I looked for an eye cream that will hopefully solve my fine lines.

I decided to try Lancome’s Genifique Yeux Yout Activating Eye Concentrate. 

This eye concentrate is non-greasy, non-sticky and feels very light on the eye area. Like some of you, I am also worried about eye creams causing milia or oil seeds. I’ve developed 2 before, around the eye area, so I’ve gotten very cautious about using eye creams. 

Fortunately, Lancome’s Genifique Yeux is not too thick or rich for my skin. I have combination oily/ dry skin and my eye area tends to be oily during the day. But Lancome Genifique Yeux actually leaves a matte finish and makes the eye area feel velvety. Good match for my skin. Another plus for this product is that it’s suitable for contact lens wearers. 

The scent is very light which I also like. Some eye creams tend to have a stronger scent which I am not very comfortable with. Knowing that the skin around the eye is too fragile, I also wouldn’t want a product with strong scent to be applied there. 

Lancome Genifique Yeux comes in a glass jar with a nice silver cover, topped with Lancome’s signature floral icon. The box is also elegant with embossed silver text and the embossed floral icon in silver print as well. Yah, I kinda have a weakness for nice packaging. 

And so I tried and tested this eye concentrate. I’m supposed to apply it twice a day but mornings are too tight for me as I have to quickly apply my sunscreen and do my makeup then get my son ready for school. For 2 weeks, I’ve only been applying it at night. And yet, I’ve seen good results! Look closely at the fine lines under my eye (I hope my photos show clearly). 

                             BEFORE                                                                    AFTER
On the left, you can see there are several lines, the texture looks uneven and my under eye is a bit dark. On the right, there are less lines, the texture has improved and my under eye is brighter. Eew, my cheek pores are so visible here. 

Here are the identified areas for easier reference…

Before & After 2 weeks using Lancome Genifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Concentrate
Amazing. And this is just based on once a day application. I have now started to apply it twice a day (when I can) to make the results even better and prevent more lines from forming. 

What the box says:
Youth Activating Eye Concentrate
Major scientific discovery: Skin’s youth is characterized by the presence of certain proteins on the skin’s surface which are the result of gene expression. For the 1st time from Lancome: Genfiqiue helps promote an environment more characteristic of youthful skin to leave skin looking younger. This gel texture helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and under-eye bags. The eye contours appear brighter and radiant, as if infused with life. 
Tested under dermatological and opthalmological control
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Where to buy:
Sephora, Departmental stores – Isetan, Parkson, Metrojaya, Aeon

RM208 for 15ml

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