Colmar Tropicale + Creative Painting Kits for Kids and Kids-at-Heart!

Spending time with my son and doing creative stuff is one of the highlights of my everyday life. Whether we are building cars with his lego-like toy, writing numbers, coloring or simply doodling cars on paper, it’s a joy and blessing to be able to spend quality time with him despite being a busy working mom. 

A few weeks ago, my husband brought us to Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi. It’s a French-themed village and resort. Once you see the facade of the village, you’ll immediately feel like you’re in a different country, free from the hustle and bustle of KL life. 

Colmar Tropicale: French-themed village and resort, Bukit Tinggi

White swans at Colmar Tropicale

Within this beautiful place, my son and I stumbled upon a small shop where you can choose clay figures and paint it. There are several guests inside, and both young and old were captivated by what they saw. 

Creative Painting Shop inside Colmar Tropicale
Do you know who’s this? 🙂
Different samples of painted clay figures

The shop was very easy to spot and remember. In front of it were these beautifully-painted horses and carriage.

My son painted a small car inside the shop. It’s reasonably priced at RM11.90 and my son painted it then and there. Paints and gloss are free, brushes and water also provided. The staff were very friendly and helpful. 

My son wanted another one so I asked him to choose a painting kit that we can bring back to the hotel at Genting. He chose another car, of course. It’s bigger than the first car and came together with the paint set at RM18. 

Creative Painting Kit at RM18

Kit contains the clay figure, 7 colors + 1 gloss, paint brush, and paint palette

So we painted the clay car in the hotel. Aden really enjoyed the experience, seriously did his best to paint it nicely. He started with the wheels then the body. I painted a bit and tried to make it look less messy. 

Aden painting his clay car in blue
I used the hotel’s hair dryer and dried the car’s paint then applied the gloss. It was also a fun experience for me (so this means I’m a kid-at-heart?!). I never realized that I missed painting. And most of all, I was so happy to find that this creative activity is interesting and fun for my son. 

Voila! The finished clay car in blue!

For more information about Colmar Tropicale, visit

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