Fashion Nail Sticker for Beautiful Nails

I’ve been using nail polish and a lot of different types, styles and brands but I have to admit that I haven’t tried using nail stickers before. I got the idea to finally try it because of a dear friend who wittingly asked me, “Why don’t you just use nail stickers?” when I was telling her about the long wait for nail polish to dry, especially on hand nails. I found out later on, though, that she herself hasn’t tried nail stickers!

So I decided to finally try the thing. I found a lovely, posh set from Sasa. They have several brands and styles available but I was looking for a pinkish or purplish color. I picked First Kiss Nail Dress in Marabou which has a mix of colors and faux colored stones.

The box says FASHION THAT STICKS, LASTS UP TO 10 DAYS, which caught my interest. Keeping manicure in place and chip-free has always been a challenge for me. Being a working mother makes it even more challenging as I need to keep washing stuff and my son. Pedicure is not so challenging; it just stays nice and chip-free for more than a week. In fact, I only re-do my pedicure every 2 weeks. Whereas my manicure needs changing every week. BUTTER LONDON does a very good job for my manicure but if I wanted something more posh with artistic designs, I’d be lazy to do it with manual application by myself, unless it’s something like this nail sticker. 

First Kiss Nail Dress in Marabou

Unfortunately, the back of the box isn’t much help on giving more info and exact procedure on how to properly apply it on your nails. The pictures are quite self-explanatory but I was looking for more tips and if there are any other things to remember when applying it, like: is there a drying time, do you need to apply something first before putting the sticker on, etc. 

Back of First Kiss Nail Dress box

The box contains 28 pieces of the nail sticker in different shapes and sizes to fit the toes and nails, and a nail file. 

Since the instructions were not quite clear, I applied my own techniques for application. 

STEP 1:  I wiped my nails clean with nail polish remover.

STEP 2: Carefully choose the right size and shape for each nail.

STEP 3: Using a pair of scissors, I cut each sticker for the shape of the base of my nails. Don’t worry about the edge of your nails yet, adjust the shape of the base first

STEP 4:  Stick the nail sticker, starting slowly on the base first, where your cuticles are. Then press slowly from the middle going to the sides. This is to prevent crumpling. Don’t press the entire sticker at once. 

STEP 5: Using a nail cutter, cut the excess sticker from the tip. I find it best to cut the sticker and my nails a bit to ensure that I’ve perfected the size. 

It wasn’t very easy to do, especially for a first-timer. It took me a while to finish my hands and toes, at least an hour. The cutting and shaping takes some time, unless your nails are perfectly shaped based on the sticker shape. But it was worth the effort. Look at the result! I seriously loved it!

My nails with First Kiss Nail Dress

The ultimate question: does it really last up to 10 days?

For toes, yes, it does last. I am now wearing it for the 7th day and the stickers on my toes still look like they were freshly-applied. I am sure it will stay for several days more or even another week. It will also be very easy to retouch since you don’t need drying time. You just simply take out the sticker, clean your nails with nail polish remover, let it dry then apply a new sticker. 

For hands, it did last and stay chip-free this entire week. But I do take extra care such as wearing plastic gloves when washing dishes, washing clothes even while bathing. After 4 days, though, you’ll notice some fading on the tips as with normal nail polish but there was no chipping at all since these are stickers. And I loved it for that. 

Will I wear nail stickers again? YES! This is absolutely perfect especially if you’re attending a special occasion soon like maybe a wedding, big party, etc. In my case, I need lovely nails when I am about to host events for my job. So, yeah, I love this First Kiss Nail Dress. Not necessarily every  10 days but maybe once a month for those very important events. 

Where to buy: Sasa outlets

Price: RM26 for 28 pieces

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