SHAPE Magazine and Skechers convinced me to RUN!

One Saturday morning, I found myself up and awake early at 7:00am, walking upon the lovely grounds of Desa Park City, wearing some sneakers and preparing myself for something that will change the way I understand ‘running’. 

One of my good friends invited me to join her in attending SHAPE Magazine’s Run to Win Workshop on 24th August. For a fee of RM50 per pair of participants, my friend and I registered to be part of this activity. I’ve never attended something like this and I am also not a regular runner. I believe the last time I really ran for exercise was 5 years ago, in 2008 when I was still in Philippines. My husband and I would drive every Saturday morning to a nice park and I’d run while he walks. Then we’d go for a McDonald’s breakfast in a nearby mall. Well, that was 5 years ago. I’ve always thought of running again so I can go back to my pre-mummyhood weight or at least be close to it. But I guess my busy working life for the past few years dampened motivation, or I was just plain lazy. 

Thanks to Shape magazine, Skechers and my dear friend, I managed to get my lazy ass off from bed early that morning to learn more about running. When we arrived at the registration, the organizers gave us a goodie bag that contained…(drumroll) a brand new pair of Skechers running shoes, a red Skechers shirt and the workshop notes. How cool is that! So my friend and I changed into the shirt and shoes then braced ourselves for the next surprise. 

The workshop started with welcome remarks from the Shape team, followed by an introduction to running by Raj Subramaniam, a master trainer. I enjoyed listening to this guy as he really gave a lot of information about running. How was I to know that there’s actually a proper posture for the head, neck, shoulders and arms while I run? Raj guided us on each part of the body that we should take note of to run efficiently. 

Raj explaining important posture points for running

Raj also introduced us to the pair of Skechers running shoes that we wore. When I put the shoes on, I immediately noticed the comfort and lightness of the shoes. It was very soft and cushioned with every step. For me, having good running shoes is very important as I’ve experienced pain and discomfort before from running due to inappropriate shoes. I kinda had a phobia already from wearing rubber shoes as I easily get uncomfortable. It’s either the shoes make my feet feel very warm and sweaty, or I get blisters on certain spots even while wearing thick socks. 

Anyway, this pair of Skechers is just great. It’s light, soft and comfortable. You know that you’re wearing shoes but you don’t feel the weight. Raj also pointed out that this pair, the GoRunRide, gives a cushioned running experience with innovative mid foot strike technology. The shoe is shaped to make our feet land naturally on the mid foot, not on the heel and not on the toes. It’s very lightweight which makes running very comfortable. The tongue is also stitched to eliminate the need to constantly move that middle part of the shoe back in place (the tongue is that part under the shoe lace that often gets out-of-place as you run then you keep pulling it back in place). Skechers calls this feature ‘VARI-LOCK’ for stay-put tongue. Very clever. I hated having that problem with sneakers. 

Raj also mentioned some of the injuries that runners might experience and how to avoid it such as side stitches, knee pain, shin splints, ankle sprains, muscle pull and more. 

All of us went through several exercises for strength, warmup and actual running practices to train us for a more efficient running technique. It was very tiring since I haven’t done any of these in a long time. But it really woke me up and got my blood running. 

Photo by Shape

After a while, though, I was feeling pain on my right side (it’s called side stitches, now I know there’s a term for that). I normally experience this when walking too fast or running. Apparently, it can be caused by meals before running. There must be an interval of around 2 hours between a light meal and running to prevent this pain. I didn’t join the short run around the park. So I managed to snap a few more shots…

My new pair of Skechers GoRunRide shoes…

We had some stretching exercises after the short run then Raj gave us a few more pointers and a Q&A session. Did you know that milk is a great drink for after-running? It can even be a better option than isotonic drinks because milk has a lot of nutrients and will give you an insulin spike which will help your body in recovering energy. 

The back of our red Skechers shirt is cool. I love the statement…

We were treated to some light snacks of sandwiches, water and a 4-piece pack of Anlene chocolate milk. I was feeling pretty good at this time. The run and exercises really gave my body a good boost!

Thanks to Shape and Skechers for this activity and the goodies. I was really convinced now to start planning my regular running routine. Maybe I’ll start with every Saturday first then eventually do twice a week. 

Here’s the ultra comfortable pair of Skechers…

Which, by the way, also came with extra pair of turquoise laces…

I just love the interesting tags with snippets of the technology behind the shoes…

NOTHING to slow you down. Gets you motivated, doesn’t it?

I’ve now set my mind to doing weekend runs. First, I need to get new sets of running shorts or knee-length pants. My old pairs of exercise pants don’t fit anymore! This simply means I REALLY need to do more exercise, be fit and lose weight…

My Skechers running shoes are waiting so I’m looking forward to an early morning run starting this Saturday. Hope you are also planning to do some fitness exercise soon! Let’s do it, ladies!

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