Looking for Despicable Me Minions stuff?

Wow, the minions from Despicable Me have become so popular this year. When I first saw the movie last year, I immediately fell in love with those cute, little yellow beings who talk in an incomprehensible language.  They’re just so adorable with those big, weird eyes, unlimited expressions and amazing loyalty to Gru. I actually haven’t seen Despicable Me 2 while writing this post. 

Anyway, the purpose for this quick write-up is just to provide some info on where else to get Despicable Me novelty items for those who are seriously looking for it. 

These arethe first set of minions I found several months ago before the outbreak of Minion Fever. Found them at Speedy Video:

Minions from Speedy Video at RM59.90 per piece

I also came across these novelty items at Isetan which should be available in Parkson as well, I assume:

Despicable Me 2 novelty items at Isetan

Build-a-Minion Action Figure from Isetan at RM134.90 per piece
Price of build-a-minion

Mini Figurine – Minion at RM22.90 from Isetan

Another variant of mini figurine

Price of minion mini figurine

Minion – Stuart with Fart Dart Launcher at RM134.90

Price of Stuart with Fart Dart Launcher

Minion Goggles from Isetan

I hope these info bits can help those people who are looking for minion items.