L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Moisture Cream

Recently, I’ve been very much concerned with the uneven skin tone on my face. I used to be so focused on treating my pore problems that I seemed to overlook that aging is catching up with my skin, too. 

I decided to try L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Moisture Cream, quite by chance. I was buying a gift set for a friend’s birthday and I was convinced by the skin consultant to give this a try. 

It’s another pretty product to add to my vanity cabinet. I like to try cosmetics that also pay enough attention to good and beautiful packaging. After all, these products are supposed to be for beauty, right? Of course, the brand and product features and benefits are the key points but great packaging simply makes it more appealing and trustworthy. 

L’Occitane’s Immortelle Brightening Moisture Cream claims to smoothe, even and lighten the skin. 

What the packaging says:

Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even when picked. Its organic essential oil is rich in active molecules with unique anti-aging results. Bellis perennis, the daisy flower, offers a brightening extract that contributes to regulate melanin production. The Brightening Moisture Cream offers triple action benefits to correct wrinkles, make the complexion more even-toned and brighter. 

The cream jar is sealed when you remove the cap to ensure that it doesn’t oxidize fast before opening. And since this is a nature-based product, it has  short life upon opening at 6 months. Nothing bad about it as skincare products are completely consumed within 3-4 months at average. 

I also liked that L’Occitane has a product insert provided inside the box. It’s good to know more about the product that I’m using on my face in more detail aside from the packaging print. 

The texture of this cream is very good. Not oily, not too creamy, easy to spread and quickly absorbed by the skin. One of my concerns with a lot of anti-aging creams is that it can sometimes be too creamy or thick for my skin. But this L’Occitane cream is just right. The scent is beautiful with floral extracts which is just nice to sleep in when used in the evening. I used to have skin reactions from creams with floral scent, especially rose, but this one didn’t do my skin harm (thank goodness!). 

I’ve been using this cream every night for a week now and I can say that I wake up to smooth and glowing skin every morning. This cream is supposed to be for day and night use but I’m currently alternating it with another product that I have yet to finish.

I love the fresh and light formula of L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Moisture Cream, and I love the appearance of my skin every morning. I’ve only been using it once a day and I believe I’ll see even better results once I use it twice a day! 

Where to buy: L’Occitane boutiques 

Price: RM240 for 50ml


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