Malaysian Women’s Weekly Style Workshop at M&S Suria KLCC (part 1)

Yes, I admit it, I’m not really fashion-savvy and with the additional weight I’ve gained post-pregnancy, I’ve become very reserved when it comes to choosing clothes or experimenting with different looks. Sigh, if only I can shed extra 15 kilos off by working so hard…


So when I heard about Malaysian Women’s Weekly Style Workshop, I knew I have to check it out. Would I miss this chance to meet and greet MWW Editor, Elaine Kwong, and Fashion Editor, Sabrina Salehuddin? And, of course, I also wanted to see the new Marks & Spencer outlet at Suria KLCC. 

The BabyFootAddict with Malaysian Women’s Weekly’s Sabrina Salehuddin (left) and Elaine Kwong (right)

Fresh and feeling great on a Saturday morning, I was in front of M&S by 10am. The facade of the store is warm and welcoming. 

Marks & Spencer at Suria KLCC, Concourse Level

The lovely morning started with greetings and introduction from Elaine. They will share 6 different looks with gorgeous models wearing Marks & Spencer items. 

MWW Editor, Elaine Kwong

The pretty Ms Sabrina sporting a sweet smile before the model parade of styles…


First up was model Olga, wearing ox-blood-color skirt, white blouse, fitted blazer and black ankle boots. 

I like this look because it’s something that I can see myself wearing on a normal working day. It’s sleek, stylish yet corporate. It’s even something I can wear to a business presentation with potential partners or board of directors. I’m just not sure if I can get away with this cutting of skirt as I have mummy-tummy and mummy-hips to hide.


Second look was with model Chloe, wearing printed dress with multi-color patterns in elbow-length sleeves and a pair of peep-toe black ankle boots.

I find this dress nice to wear for a normal office day, and as suggested by MWW team, can be thrown over with a jacket to make it more suitable for the office. Not recommendable for someone with my body shape, though, as my mummy tummy will surely pop out. But Elaine gave a tip of looking for a dress like this with folds at the right places to hide tummy fats.  


Olga walked up in a lovely style of white-collared blouse, black cropped pants red jacket, black high-heeled shoes while carrying a small blue purse. 

I’d say this is my favorite look. I loved the flair of this red color jacket over black-and-white attire. If I were to flaunt this style, I’d be wearing a pair of peep-toe, sling-back shoes as I really get uncomfortable with closed shoes especially pointed, high heels. But overall, this is such a lovely style and I’d be shopping one of these days to get this look! 


Chloe came back wearing a cute, long-sleeved big shirt with Panda face, over full-length black leggings, animal print boots and a big bag. 

This one’s for that casual, chic look and will look good for those with slim, long legs. Sabrina also showed other possible combinations such as this grayish, jeweled blouse. 

I think this is lovely and I just wish I still have my old legs when I was only 49kg! If I were to wear this look, I’d be using a longer blouse to hide my oversized-hips and butt then glam it up with gold or silver open-toe wedges. 

STYLED LOOK #5: Olga wore an animal print, one-piece fitted dress, gold necklace and black, closed, high-heel shoes while carrying a small, long-strapped purse. 

This can be good for office wear but, personally, I’m not a big fan of animal print on dresses. I’d be alright with small splashes or accents of animal print but not on a whole piece. But this will still be great for ladies who love animal print even those who are not as slim as a model like Olga or Chloe. Of course, for those with bigger frame, I think that a small purse like this will not work well as it can accentuate your body size against the purse. I’d go for a mid-size or bigger-sized bag.


Last look from Chloe was a 2-piece ensemble of a printed white blouse and a printed black skirt. Shoes were peep-toe ankle boots.

I’m not used to seeing printed blouse and skirt with different patterns but this one is quite chic. I don’t think I can get away with the length of this skirt, though, so if I were to try a print-on-print look, it will probably be a pair of cropped pants.

Here are more looks from Malaysian Women’s Weekly Style Workshop on mannequins: 

This workshop made me think about experimenting more with my fashion style despite the mummy tummy. Great tips and styles from Elaine Kwong and Sabrina Salehuddin! Thanks to MWW and M&S!

Okay, I’ve blabbed too much! I have to split this story into 2 and share more about what I did at Marks & Spencer after the Style Workshop: snooping and taking photos around the vast clothing collections, discovery of an instant solution to my bulging tummy and what I bought that day!     






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