The Body Shop Sale Malaysia: 18 Oct – 07 Nov 2013

The holiday season is approaching fast! And now is the perfect time to take advantage of the sale promotions around!

The Body Shop sale with up to 70% off on a lot of items is ongoing until 7th November 2013. That’s seven days left from today! I think the offers and selections are just wonderful. Most items have a discount and you’ll definitely find something to buy.

The Body Shop sale
Body Butter, travel shower gel, sets and lotion

The Satsuma Body Butter

The Body Shop sale wide range of items

The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited EDP at 50% off (normal price: RM95)

4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette

My favorite bath lily is also on sale

Vitamin E Face Mist at 20% off (normal price: RM39)

Love your Body members enjoy 10% off on normal-priced items 

Most skincare items have discount as well

Just glad to share these with you, guys, and hope you don’t miss it if you’re a Body Shop fan. 


Photos taken at Mid Valley

You can also visit if you prefer to skip the queue.

5 Great Disney Junior Shows for your Kids!

Like all parents who have or had toddlers, I also endure watching the same shows that my child likes over and over again. There was the Thomas and Friends phase, the Barney phase, Hi-5, etc. Yes, Barney and friends the entire day. Then there was Lightning McQueen and we had to keep repeating the movie disc. I probably know the characters’ lines word per word. And more movies and shows arrived…Cars 2, Despicable Me, Ultraman, Power Rangers. 

But there are regular TV shows on Disney Junior channel that I think are great for kids to watch, even over and over again. These shows assist in my son’s learning and development. So here are my top 5 choices of great programs from Disney Junior channel: 

1) Little Einsteins

This show is about 4 kids named Annie, June, Quincy and Leo who encounter challenges then try to solve them using music and actions. Together with the help of their rocket ship named Rocket, the 4 kids travel around different places and they feature different arts and music in every episode. It’s very interesting to see a show for small kids that features classical artists such as Beethoven and Mozart, even paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. Aden may be too young for these but it’s such a good effort to start educating young kids about great artists. 

2) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This is the modern day Mickey Mouse and friends. Similar to Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse with his friends also deals with challenges and get assistance from Tootles who holds 4 different ‘mouseketools’ or items to help them overcome an obstacle. They do a lot of activities to solve problems such as counting, identifying differences, listening to sounds and combining colors. It’s really engaging and my son’s mornings won’t be complete without Mickey Mouse. This show has become my ‘pacifier’ to stop Aden’s tantrums every morning while getting ready for school. 

3) Doc McStuffins

This show stars a little girl who plays doctor to her toys. She encounters broken or ‘sick’ toys and finds out how she can fix or ‘heal’ them. It teaches a lot of good manners, proper actions and right attitude for different situations. Although I find it quite unusual for Aden to like shows with a girl as the main character, Doc McStuffins is a great program that gets Aden engaged and curious about how things should be done properly. 

4) Word World

This is probably the most creative kids’ show I’ve seen. Everything in this show is formed out of letters that spell the right word of each animal or thing. The program is filled with adventures wherein obstacles will be solved by building words. When letters are arranged correctly, it morphs into the object it spells. Word World is in fact an Emmy award-winning show and I think that it is a great program for kids to learn letters and spelling better because it makes them pay attention to how things are built through the letters. Clever, creative and fun. 

5) Timmy Time

This show is almost purely visual, as the characters don’t speak words but just animal sounds. Timmy is a little lamb who faces adventures in school, makes mistakes and learns how to rectify them. Timmy Time displays problems that a child might face in school and shows how it should be dealt with such as sharing, being patient, telling the truth and more. I think it’s a good program for kids as they can relate to those situations and they will learn how to act correctly.   

These shows are regular parts of our daily TV programme. I normally watch with Aden and some episodes are already stuck to my memory so I know what’s going to happen or how the story will end. It’s a good way to bond with a child. I talk to Aden about the show while watching, I ask him questions and I get him as engaged as possible so I can assess and make sure that he is paying attention to what he’s watching.  

Disney Junior has more educational shows and I’m sure that every child will find several favorites from the lineup. After all these years, Disney still keeps making magic that influences children across the world. And I’m just thankful that my son loves Disney and has the chance to enjoy its magical world!     

French dining with The Expat Group & Wine Talk

The Expat Group, together with Wine Talk, hosted a French dining experience at Le Cordon Bleu in Bandar Sunway on 25th October 2013. 

Guests indulged into a delightful selection of French cuisine carefully prepared by Le Cordon Bleu’s top chefs and culinary team. Le Cordon Bleu is globally recognized for offering the most intensive and comprehensive training in classic French culinary techniques and Pattiserie. The famed culinary organization is now on Malaysian shores and has begun to apply the Blue Ribbon’s distinctive teaching methodology since 2012, where students gain culinary skills through demonstration classes and hands-on learning.

The Expat Group’s guests that included both locals and expatriates were welcomed by French canapés and white wine. Tables were beautifully prepared for guests and created an exciting anticipation for what awaited their taste buds and palate. 


The Expat Group CEO Andy Davison and TEG Digital General Manager Nick Davison


Wine Talk Malaysia, online wine delivery service, provided the superb French wines for the night. 


Wine Talk Malaysia General Manager/ Sommelier David Stephan gave a quick talk about the French wines: Arthur Metz Pinot Gris (Alsace, France), Gerard Bertrand ‘Art De Vivre’ Viognier (Languedoc, France), and Chateau Siffle-Merle, Blaye (Coates de Bordeaux).


Le Cordon Bleu’s chefs, Franck Bruwier, Thierry Lerallu and David Morris, personally welcomed the guests to the French dining experience.   

The French dining started with this appetizer:
Hot Foie Gras Quenelle
White Mushroom and Asparagus Fricasse
Duck Consomme Solferino
Wine: Arthur Metz Pinot Gris   

Main course:
Braised Beed Cheeks in Cabernet
Fava Beans Toast
Glazed Carrots and Daikon
Wine: Chateau Siffle-Merle, Blaye  

Plated Strawberry Vacherin
Petits Fours     

For inquiries on French culinary arts programmes, call:
Sunway Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts
No. 5 Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway,
46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel. No. +603 5632 1188

To be part of The Expat Group’s monthly dining experience, visit:
For wine requirements and sommelier advice, call:
Wine Talk Malaysia 1300 88 9788  

Dare to Wax with Bubble Gum Wax & Butterfly Project

Always facing unwanted hair on certain parts of your body? Shaving regularly? Tired of it? Then you should consider waxing!

I say YES to waxing!

Dealing with those stubborn, excess hair is probably any girl’s daily or 3 x weekly affair. Hair on your underarms, legs, upper lips, brow area and even ‘down there’. I had the chance to be invited by Bubble Gum Wax and Butterfly Project to be part of a waxing session to experience Brazilian waxing by the experts from Bubble Gum Wax. 

I have to admit that I’m not a ‘virgin’ to Brazilian wax. I’ve gone through several times way back when I was still in Philippines. But the last one I had was more than 5 years ago and I never had the chance to have one again since I lived in Malaysia. I got pregnant a few months when I first arrived here and I guess I didn’t bother to be smooth down there when I became a mummy.  

And so I was delighted when I received a message from Tammy Lim to attend the waxing session. I miss Brazilian waxing! That Sunday afternoon, I happily joined other bloggers inside Bubble Gum Wax’s boutique for the first time.  

The guest lounge beamed with pink decorations and other pink stuff. Pink food, pink balloons and other sweet-colored things. We were also encouraged to be in pink and black before coming to the event. The theme was fun, sweet and pretty. Bubble Gum Wax and Butterfly Project really pulled a great one!

Pink stuff everywhere at Bubble Gum Wax

Yummy pink stuff

And this has gotta be the sexiest cookie I’ve seen in my life…    

Shop manager, Jess, Tammy and Illy welcomed everyone to the session. Jess gave a short introduction about Bubble Gum and some tips on waxing. I wasn’t aware that there are creams that should be applied to areas after waxing especially on sensitive skin.   

Tammy introduced another exciting part of the session. Guests are challenged to create a decorative arrangement using the Bubble Gum Wax products and a shoebox. Something like this…    

While the others started with their creations, me and 2 other pretty guests braved to be the first batch of Brazilian waxing customers. The waxing room is very welcoming with its candy and sexy legs posters. My first thought was, “Alright, let’s start getting smooth and sexy!”   

And in no time, I was pretty hairless down there. The biggest question in everybody’s mind, especially those who haven’t done it before, was ‘is it painful?’ To that, I’ll admit yes, there’s pain to deal with but the benefits outweigh the short-term pain. If it can help others to better understand and consider doing this, I’m sharing why I enjoy Brazilian waxing:  

  • Lasts longer than shaving. I have smoother area for a longer time unlike with shaving where I need to do it regularly. This is because waxing pulls hair from the roots so the growth of hair takes slower.  
  • No cuts. Since waxing does not deal with blades, I don’t get cuts which can cause discomfort and sometimes skin discoloration.  
  • With waxing, I have the option not to do it myself and leave it to experts. There are no shaving centers around, right? Not that I’m being lazy but sometimes, we hardworking ladies also need to feel the comfort of not doing everything ourselves.  
  • It’s just sexy and nobody can deny it. Being smooth and hairless down there is, without a doubt, as sexy as anyone could be. It feels very clean, you can see everything, makes you feel light and more confident.  

I enjoyed my waxing more because the waxing expert was also friendly and warm. Her name was Joyce and she was great. We talked about a lot of things while she’s doing her waxing expertise and without really noticing it, I was done in a jiffy.  

I then faced the challenge of creating the Bubble Gum goodie arrangement together with the other guests.  

A pretty guest wrapping her shoe box

Voila! This is my simple arrangement, which included Bubble Gum items such as a mug, Gelato cream, Aloe Vera cooling mask, hygienic wipe, spray, bubble gum sweets and more.   

I had time to mingle around, see how the other guests were doing, and I found this lovely girl, Lulu, with her pretty arrangement. Lulu actually won the grand prize for her very creative arrangement later.

Lulu and her lovely creation

This is my first time to attend an event with the Butterfly Project group and I was quite happy to meet new friends and, of course, see a familiar face again. Although we’re keeping in touch, Tammy and I last saw each other more than a year ago at a blogger session that I held for a beauty brand that I manage before. Cheers to Tammy for organizing events and becoming such a role model and leader in a short time after I first met her!   

Pinkish me with pinkish Tammy

The rest of the guests finally experienced Brazilian waxing and I believe everybody had a fun, enlightening time. Not only did they do something new but also enjoyed a creative exercise and 3 guests bagged prizes for their creations. Congratulations to the 3 winners!  

I’ve been a big fan of Brazilian waxing but I haven’t done on other parts. Bubble Gum Wax also provides waxing services on other body parts such as legs, arms, back, stomach and more. If you’re not yet sure of going for Brazilian wax, maybe you can try bikini wax first and take it further from there.  

Great news for men, Bubble Gum Wax has BOYzilian! Isn’t that clever?   

BOYzilian available at Bubble Gum Wax

The prices are reasonable and I think these are just right for the type of service you’ll experience — like a goddess.    

Enough said, there’s no better way to understand waxing but to experience it! So go ahead and give it a try. No more hairy secrets, no more shaving several times a week, just a smoother and sexier you!  

For inquiries and schedule bookings of your waxing sessions, get in touch with

Bubble Gum Wax – The Waxing Expert

(My personal waxing expert was Joyce Chew)

F-1-7 Block F, Plaza Damas, No. 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL

Tel. No. 03 6211 5038/ 39

When and Why You Should Write Your Will

First reaction I got from my husband when I told him that I’m writing my will was surprise, shock and a lot of questions. In general, people tend to think that only the old, dying or wealthy should write their will. I beg to differ.  

Image from web

Life is full of uncertainty. You definitely cannot tell when you might come across an accident, a mishap or, worse, death. Ever since I became a mother, I always worry about what can happen that is beyond my control. If anything happens to me, will my son’s life be financially secured? Would he have sufficient funds for his future? Will my family have access to my bank accounts to support my son? Will it be easy and convenient for them or will it take years to settle legal documents and all?  What if my family needs more money immediately?  

I’ve been thinking of preparing a will for several months now but I honestly didn’t know how to get started or even whom to talk to. One day, I came across a leaflet for will writing in my billing statement. And I finally had that strong push to explore getting my will done. I called the contact number indicated in the leaflet and had a quick chat with the consultant on how to get it started.  

The first step was to prepare some documents of beneficiaries, my trustees, executor and myself. Quite easy as these are just basic IC photocopies plus my passport and visa (I’m a foreigner who’s still waiting for my PR so I have no IC yet). Then I had a meeting with the consultant and discussed details of the will. The process was quick and easy: review the first draft then signing of final will. I’m quite busy and cannot meet during weekdays, not to mention my husband getting hospitalized for 11 days, so the consultant had to adjust to my timing. I’m sure it would have been even faster if it weren’t for my schedule but the process just took a few weeks. I thought this type of document takes months to complete.  

I firmly believe that more people should consider preparing their will at an early time. Don’t wait for that time when you’re at a hospital bed to consider making one. 

So when should you explore writing a will? 

1)   You’re aged 21 or older

2)   You have started acquiring assets such as, but not limited to, bank account, vehicle or property 

And why should you be writing a will?

1)   You can never tell when a mishap might suddenly take your life. Look at the news. Everyday, somebody dies because of something unexpected. 

2)   And if something unexpected does happen to you, having a will provides security for your properties — proper distribution of your assets based on whom you want to appoint as beneficiaries. Without a will, your assets will be distributed according to the law.

3)   For love of your family. The will is mainly for those people you will leave behind when you pass on.  It gives them access to your assets that can greatly help them or be their core source of survival. Even if you only have 1 bank account and 1 vehicle, don’t you think these can be of significant value to help your family survive when you’re gone? Without a proper will, it can take years for them to take benefit from your assets. What if they urgently need some money?

4)   Prevention of family disputes. I’m sure you’ve heard of family members fighting against each other due to properties or wealth left behind by another family member. With a will, your beneficiaries are properly specified and distribution of assets will be executed according to your wishes.

Assets distribution based on the law if there is no valid will 

5)   Charity. If you happen to have no immediate family or you simply want to help more people, your will can also benefit charities and other social welfare organizations. It’s not the value of your property that matters but the fact that whatever you own can nurture or save lives. 

6)   It will give you a sense of peace. I’ve always been worrying about so many uncertainties of our daily lives. I know that the will won’t protect me from accidents but it ensures that my family can benefit from my assets. 

How much will it cost? It starts at RM480 but this also depends on how many clauses you want to indicate in the will. Anyway, it’s also relative to the assets you have. No matter what, the price will definitely be a very small fraction of your total value. After all, if you can afford to pay for your monthly car installment for 5 years or more, then the cost of writing a will shouldn’t hurt much.   

You don’t need to be wealthy, dying or old before writing a will. If you believe in the concept of having insurance, then having a will once you start acquiring assets is basically the same. We buy insurance to prepare for accidents and death so does writing a will. 

If you value the hard work you’ve invested to acquire whatever assets you have now and if you care for your family, I strongly suggest being prepared for the worst. Don’t get me wrong; I accept that life is uncertain but I believe that life is great!  

If you want to understand more, get in touch with Ms Yvonne Sin at 012 271 9311 / 013 271 9322.  She made it very easy and manageable for me. You can also visit for details.   

Gifts Made Easy – L’Occitane Gift Sets

October is here! Yeah, I’m kinda 15 days late to announce that. This is the time of the year when I miss my home country. In Philippines, all shopping malls will be beaming with Christmas decorations by this month. Christmas songs will be playing in the radio, TV shows will be starting with Christmas themes, offices will be planning for celebrations and, best of all, shopping season will be in the air! To satisfy my craving for this season of gifts, I’ve decided to start posting about gift items and share gift ideas. 

Personally, I enjoy receiving bath and body products in a set. But what makes it even more special is presentation. The way gifts are presented can make the actual gifts look more expensive or cheaper than their true value. It’s not that your gift should look expensive but paying attention to presentation sends a message that you took the time and effort to make it special to a friend or loved one. This is why I appreciate brands that provide extra service and care with their gift sets.  

For this first round of gift sets, I’ve chosen to share a Cherry Blossom set from L’Occitane. I chose a Cherry Blossom set of body lotion and shower gel. When I told the sales staff that it’s a gift, she carefully arranged it in a gift box. That’s great service. The box is very reflective of the brand – calming, peaceful, nature-inspired. 

L’Occitane Gift Box

I loved the pink paper with a clever, simple touch of the brand stamp sticker. 

L’Occitane pink paper with stamp sticker

The products were neatly tucked under the pink paper. I’d be happy to receive something like this and I do hope my friend did enjoy this set. 

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Shower Gel and Body Lotion

What’s even greater after buying several items from L’Occitane that day was receiving this lovely set of miniature fragrances. This box contained 4 different scents: Jasmin & Bergamote, Magnolia & Mure, Vanille & Narcisse, The Vert & Bigarade. All in 7.5ml each. I liked the Jasmin & Bergamote. 

L’Occitane Miniature Fragrance Set

L’Occitane mini Jasmin & Bergamote fragrance

And so my hunt for great gift sets has officially started. If you are thinking of giving a bath & body set to anyone, do check out L’Occitane gift sets. They also have selections for men which can be wonderful gifts for those guys who do care about their body and skin. 

Enjoy giving gifts to your loved ones!

Want to be posh & taller without the pain? You’ll love this Charles & Keith Wedge!

Wearing high-heeled shoes can be very challenging and painful especially if you have to endure it for long hours. But for the sake of looking stylish and chic at work or when attending events, we, ladies, bear the ever-tiring and quite painful experience of wearing those sexy stilettos. 

The good thing with fashion is that it has been evolving to be functional than just simply chic. I’ve been a big fan of wedges or platforms for the past few years, more so because I had to find a painless way of walking taller than wearing fancy high heels. And wedges nowadays have become so fashionable and have definitely become part of making a statement. Admittedly, I would have preferred to wear flats if we just talk about ultimate comfort but the desire to be more stylish and to walk tall at work is just inevitable. 

So I’m just delighted to share my latest favorite pair of wedges from Charles & Keith.  This is an open-toe, slingback style with combined textures of faux snake skin and velvet. I love the 4-inch high platform and it’s not tiring or painful at all. I’ve worn it for a week at work and I just love my height with it. Well, I’m 5’4″ but an additional 4-inch height wouldn’t hurt, right? 

Charles & Keith wedges/platform, open-toe, slingback shoes

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this to ladies who’d need to stand for hours continuously. But it’s simply perfect to wear for an event and a better option than high heels if you’re the type who feels the pain and discomfort with the latter. 

Charles & Keith has a lovely collection of wedges and platforms in different styles and colors. I personally prefer slingback and open-toe wedges as the grip on my feet is better with the sling than normal closed shoes. Open-toe shoes are perfect for showing a glimpse of those polished toenails. 

Open-toe shoes are perfect for showing polished toenails

So if you ever need a pair of stylish shoes without the pain, go for wedges or platforms. You’d have the extra inches you want and still be as posh as you can be. Walk tall, be chic and smile! 

Charles & Keith shoes – RM169.90 

Where to buy: Charles & Keith boutiques 


Dior Addict Vibrant Color Spectacular Shine

I’m not a collector of different colors of lipsticks like a lot of women, ladies or girls. I’d normally buy one or 2 colors that I like, which often fall within the nude or pink range, and it will probably be my lip color for the entire year. I know, I know. Not very adventurous but I think it’s because I focus more on my eye makeup rather than the lips. 

The Dior Addict lipstick range is such a captivating collection that I was enticed to use the shopping voucher I earned from Sogo on a lip color. Admittedly, the word ‘addict’ caught me and the packaging is simply chic. Come on, who wouldn’t be captivated by these eye candies? 

Dior Addict Lipstick Collection (image by Dior Addict)

The box comes in classy silver and the item itself has silver silver accents with an embossed ‘Dior’ on the outer body. Chic, chic, chic. 

I’m not that daring yet to wear red, red lipstick so I picked something which is a few shades away from deep red. Color code 682, Gibraltar. 

Dior Addict Lipstick in Gibraltar (682)

The top part has the initials ‘CD’ which I find perfect because it’s  same as mine! It’s just like having my own brand of lipstick. 

CD initials on Dior Addict lipstick

I also like the way it stands nicely like it’s a bottle or something else. The square base makes it stable to be placed upright on the vanity table while putting makeup. 

Dior Addict Vibrant Color Spectacular Shine

I’m just loving the texture and effect of this color on my makeup. It also hydrates my lips so I can actually skip my lip balm during the day. Dior Addict has sparked an interest for me to collect different lip shades from now on! It truly is iconic and addicting. 

Dior Addict be Iconic (image by Dior Addict)

Where to buy: Major departmental stores

Price: RM100  

Halal, Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine that will truly tickle your taste buds!

This is my 2nd post about a non-alcoholic wine and it’s really a delight to talk about this yet-to-be-popular beverage. Most people think that all wines contain alcohol. But some winemakers have recognized that there are people who’d want to enjoy wines without the alcohol.

The 1688 Grand Rose (pronounced row-sey) is a non-alcoholic, Halal sparkling wine. It’s a product of Paris, France, from Maison Honore du Faubourg. 

1688 Grand Rose (pronounced row-sey), non-alcoholic/ Halal wine

This wine has a very delicious, sweet flavor and leaves a yummy tingle in the mouth. As the product says, it’s a 100% natural selection of concentrate red and white grape must. It contains natural fructose of the grapes, natural citric acid, natural muscat aroma, and filtered water. And since it contains no alcohol, you can really taste the full sweetness of the grape juice. 

1688 Grand Rose with Halal seal

The 1688 Grand Rose is a great accompaniment for most dishes, as long as it’s not very spicy. It would be wonderful to serve for celebrations such as parties, events or weddings so guests who prefer not to have alcohol will still have a classy drink to choose. You can even serve it for ‘yam seng’ and nobody would notice its difference from alcoholic wine! I think that the 1688 halal wine also adds a lovely touch as decor for weddings because of its sweet pink color.

Image from web

So if you’re sensitive to alcohol but would love to experience the exquisite taste of wines, try the 1688 Grand Rose and share it with friends. This is such a delicious treat for your taste buds!

Price: RM54.90 per bottle of 750ml 

Serve chilled between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius 

You can order online via for home delivery, event reservations or wine consultation

8 Tips and Reminders for Making your Skincare Products Perform at its Best

I’ve had several posts about skincare now and I felt the need to share some tips and reminders to ensure that we don’t get disappointed or frustrated with our products. It’s not a surprise that I’ve encountered a lot of people who somehow lose confidence or trust with their beauty products or their skincare regimen over time. In defense of skincare (as I have been a brand manager for this industry in the past years), it is unfortunate that improper handling or too much expectations cause some, if not most, of this disappointments.


 So here are some tips and reminders to all skincare users, just in case we sometimes forget… 

 1. PROPER STORAGE. Skincare items including make-up or cosmetics are sensitive to heat. Drastic changes in temperature and exposure to heat can make your skincare lose their efficacy, change viscosity or texture, and worse, make them oxidize faster. This means that the product you spent for will lose their capability to work as you expect them to. Don’t let them get exposed to heat. Check if your vanity table or cabinet is reached by sunlight at any time of the day. If so, then you better consider moving your cabinet to a different part of the room or make sure your curtains don’t allow too much sunlight in.

In my experience with managing skincare brands, I’ve encountered customer complaints about their cream that became watery or changed color and the like. The truth is, a lot of consumers forget that these products are supposed to be handled with care as well. Upon purchasing your beauty products, do you leave them in the car for a few hours while you shop some more or have dinner? Do you put it inside the car with you or in the boot? Do you keep it out of heat or sunlight? 


2. EXPIRY DATE. Skincare products are perishables; they EXPIRE. It’s very rare, though, to see an expiry date stamped on the products. So how do you know if it’s expired? Check the manufacturing date, which is normally embossed, printed, stamped or marked behind the bottle, under the box. It can be on the sticker with the manufacturer or distributer info. From the manufacturing date, it takes 3 years, in general, to expire. Organic products, however, expire faster, probably within 2 years or less.

Beauty products have expiration date

Once your product is expired, stop using it. It may or may not cause your skin harm but it won’t work as you expect them to which will lead to disappointment.

 3. LIFE AFTER OPENING. It’s not only the expiry date that you should watch out for but also the product’s “life after opening”. As soon as a product is exposed to air, it starts to reach expiration earlier than the expiry date. You should look at the bottle or jar label to check within how many months do you need to consume the product. Some can last up to 24 months while some can be as short as 4 months, again, shorter life for organic items. If you do take slower to finish the product before the last month of its life, it’s best to stop using it. Life after opening of most products are within reasonable time frame for you to finish IF you apply it as directed. For example, if it says ‘apply in the morning and evening’ then you should be able to consume a 50ml cream within 4 months. But if you get lazy and only apply once a day, then chances are you will take longer than 4 months.

Pay attention to ‘Life after Opening’ on the label

 4. ORDER OF APPLICATION. There’s a good reason why your beauty consultant gives you step-by-step application, from toner to moisturizer. Absorption of the products by the skin is important in ensuring that you get the most out of your skincare routine. Toner comes first because of its low viscosity (viscosity, in layman’s terms, is that notion of ‘thickness’; example, maple syrup has higher viscosity than water). Since the toner is light or less viscous, when you apply a thicker product such as serum, the skin will still absorb the serum. If you apply your moisturizer first before the toner, the skin might not be able to absorb your toner completely.

 Aside from absorption of the skin, proper order of application is also important in making the products work as a team. Some serums are formulated to increase the efficacy of products to be applied after it. A good example is Perricone MD Cold Plasma, which acts as a serum and booster for other products on top of it. If in doubt which goes first, just look at the viscosity of the products, apply the lightest before the thickest products and you’ll do just fine.

 5. EFFICACY MAY NOT BE FOREVER. Have you experienced using a product, loved the results, then after some time, you notice that it doesn’t change your skin anymore? Don’t fret, it’s not that the product is bad; it’s possible that it had already done the maximum it could for your skin. It doesn’t mean that your product stopped working. Also remember that your skin condition changes. A product for your oily skin may not work anymore if your skin changes to normal/ dry skin. As time goes by, our skin also changes. This is why there are specific products for certain condition and age groups. What you use during your teenage days will not be suitable when you reach your 30’s, right?

 And just because you don’t see great improvements anymore means that you should change your product. Take for example an anti-wrinkle item. Maybe during the first month, you notice that there’s a significant reduction in wrinkles then no change on the 2nd month. Should you change? Not necessarily. Your anti-wrinkle item may not be erasing the wrinkles left but if you don’t see more wrinkles developing, this means that your product is fighting off new ones; it maintains the current condition of your skin.

6. SAMPLES and SACHETS. I’m sure you also get those sachets or samples from beauty counters or even from magazines. When you do decide to open one, don’t keep it too long. Consume it within a few days or maybe within a week. Sachets don’t have covers so they oxidize faster. Best to put it inside an airtight container once opened.

Some samples do stamp their manufacturing date or expiry date so you are aware if you can still use them.

Count 3 years from manufacturing date for expiry

Some sachets print manufacturing and expiry dates


7. CONSISTENCY is KEY. Regular application of products as directed is important in seeing optimal results out of your skincare. People who spend money on beauty products then get lazy to use them sometimes surprise me. Think of your skin as your stomach; it needs to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and consume water. Those serums, essences or creams are food for your skin. Without which, the skin becomes unhealthy or ‘sick’.
 If you need to travel, take small amounts of your products with you. I find it very useful to have mini containers for my products. This is also why I enjoy free minis from my beauty shopping. Travel-size products are very useful so don’t take them for granted.

Use travel containers for your products

Free travel-size products are very useful

8. BEAUTY IS NOT JUST SKIN-DEEP. Although skincare products are essential to our skin’s health, take note that they can’t do magic tricks. The condition of our skin reflects our internal health. If you truly want youthful, healthy skin, you must start from within — your eating habits, diet and overall lifestyle. Have you ever seen a sick person who has radiant, glowing skin?

 Watch what you eat, set aside time to do some exercise, have a happy, social life and keep a positive outlook. Your skin will definitely show how beautiful you are inside. And don’t forget your daily skincare routine. Combined with good habits and lifestyle, beauty products can do wonders for your skin!