Malaysian Women’s Weekly Style Workshop at M&S Suria KLCC (part 2)

The Malaysian Women’s Weekly team invited the Style Workshop guests to some refreshments served by Marks & Spencer just right in front of their food hall. We were all treated to delicious bread, tea, jam and more from M&S. 

And so I went snooping around the Marks & Spencer’s bigger and better outlet at Suria KLCC, Concourse Level. To make it easier for us to spot style picks, the MWW team cleverly placed yellow cards on hangers of their selected clothes. 


The new M&S outlet is filled with very stylish collection for casual wear, office wear and more. There are wide selection of colors — from classic yet elegant hues to daring and trendy ones. I loved the group display of different colors and looks in every corner on mannequins which presented combination of clothes and styles that make it easy for shoppers to get fashion ideas. Just look at these gorgeous displays… 

So where did I spend most of my time (and my shopping money) that day? (Drum roll…)

At the lingerie section!

During the mini-fashion show by the MWW team, some guests were concerned about how to look great in clothes if they have flabby tummy or excess mid-part fats (ok, it’s kinda difficult to word it nicely). Aside from the great tips from MWW, the M&S team also suggested using tummy control intimate wear to have that instant sculpted tummy!

There were different kinds of Magicwear inside the lingerie section. You can find full corset, full panty, boy leg cut and more. I picked this black waist cincher which has a very light and soft material. You can immediately tell that it will be comfortable to wear. 

Take a closer look at what the front label says:

Secrets Slimming


No VPL (no visible panty lines)

Waist cincher

Smooths & sculpts waist & tummy

Lifts bum

Look slimmer in seconds!

With COOL COMFORT technology

FIRM control (just what I need)

88% of our test wearers saw an immediate reduction in measurements 

And the back label: 

COOL COMFORT keeps you cool all day (so this is not the typical corset material that makes you feel hot) 

What is Magicwear technology? Side seam free, zoned control to shape your silhouette 

Flattens tummy and shapes waist 

Integrated sling for bottom lift 

Interesting enough, right? I knew I gotta have one! My mummy fats seem to be stuck on my hips and tummy so this is just a great item to have in my wardrobe. I haven’t tested it yet but I’m having an important evening soon and this instant solution to my tummy will be my best friend! To my fellow hot mummies/ chicks who just can’t get rid of those tummy flabs, check out this Magicwear Waist Cincher.  


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