Fashion Icon Designer Outlet Unveils ZERO is Not a Size

I’ve always enjoyed watching fashion shows. I still remember my younger years of working for a global lingerie brand where I was screening models, preparing for fashion shows, dressing up models, running up and down…oh, it was such a thrill. There’s this certain of nervousness about how the show will turn out, what the guests will think of it, what the bosses will say, will somebody trip, are the models perfect enough and all. So much of hard work is involved in a fashion show yet it only takes less than an hour (or even half an hour) for it to get judged, scrutinized or praised. This is why I have high respect for teams who organize fashion shows because I know it’s damn hard.  

I had the opportunity to witness a fashion show worthy of recognition and support. Nestled in an exclusive haven at Persiaran Hampshire, Fashion Icon Designer Outlet held a fashion show themed “Zero is Not a Size” on 28th September 2013. Zero is Not a Size was held in support of Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) to highlight women’s health issues and encourage a positive body image mindset to women for the enhancement of self confidence regardless of body size and shape.  

Fashion Icon Designer Outlet at Persiaran Hampshire in Kuala Lumpur
Fashion Icon fashion show

Fashion Icon believes that the joy in style and fashion should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of size, shape and color. “A perfect body and a perfect shape is not everything,” as confidently said by Ms. Regine Wong, Fashion Icon Designer Outlet General Manager. Honestly, I am one of those women who are very much bothered by their size. As I’ve mentioned in several of my stories, my post-pregnancy size is somehow stuck and I’ve been trying so hard to get rid of those unsightly tummy fats. Not that I’m less confident but my size is somehow holding me back to explore more fashionable styles in the way I dress. I salute Fashion Icon and WAO for making this event an education about confidence no matter what size. 

Guests and customers were entertained by live vocal performances by lovely singers Ezza Afiqa, Ida Mariana and Joy Victor. They were fashionable and chic, not to mention cool and friendly as I managed to snap a few shots with them…

BabyFootAddict (right) with Ida Mariana (left) and Joy Victor (middle)

BabyFootAddict with Ezza Afiqa

Ezza Afiqa

Ida Mariana
Joy Victor

Fashion Icon houses a vast collection of designer items such as bags, shoes, wallets, accessories, women’s wear, men’s wear and fragrances. Bags and shoes were very gorgeous. Take a look at these fabulous items… 

These blue and red Prada bags are simply beautiful!  

A red Louis Vuitton drawstring bag… 

Lovely shoes by GAS…


Jelly and croc pattern FURLA bag…

Chloe sunglasses… 

WAO had a Shop for Good Cause display that sells T-Shirts featuring a work of art by a Malaysian artist at only RM45. The shirt is quite cool, showcasing an art that feels like an actual painting on shirt. I grabbed a black one in LARGE size (!) and I had to remind myself that not fitting on a medium size anymore shouldn’t make me feel bad.

To posh ladies and fashionable men, check out Fashion Icon Designer Outlet at Persiaran Hampshire in Kuala Lumpur. Not only will you find great designer items but you’ll be treated to great service beyond your color, shape or size. 

Fashion Icon Designer Outlet is at No. 3 Persiaran Hampshire Off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur Contact +60321615255 for more info.



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