Halal, Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine that will truly tickle your taste buds!

This is my 2nd post about a non-alcoholic wine and it’s really a delight to talk about this yet-to-be-popular beverage. Most people think that all wines contain alcohol. But some winemakers have recognized that there are people who’d want to enjoy wines without the alcohol.

The 1688 Grand Rose (pronounced row-sey) is a non-alcoholic, Halal sparkling wine. It’s a product of Paris, France, from Maison Honore du Faubourg. 

1688 Grand Rose (pronounced row-sey), non-alcoholic/ Halal wine

This wine has a very delicious, sweet flavor and leaves a yummy tingle in the mouth. As the product says, it’s a 100% natural selection of concentrate red and white grape must. It contains natural fructose of the grapes, natural citric acid, natural muscat aroma, and filtered water. And since it contains no alcohol, you can really taste the full sweetness of the grape juice. 

1688 Grand Rose with Halal seal

The 1688 Grand Rose is a great accompaniment for most dishes, as long as it’s not very spicy. It would be wonderful to serve for celebrations such as parties, events or weddings so guests who prefer not to have alcohol will still have a classy drink to choose. You can even serve it for ‘yam seng’ and nobody would notice its difference from alcoholic wine! I think that the 1688 halal wine also adds a lovely touch as decor for weddings because of its sweet pink color.

Image from web

So if you’re sensitive to alcohol but would love to experience the exquisite taste of wines, try the 1688 Grand Rose and share it with friends. This is such a delicious treat for your taste buds!

Price: RM54.90 per bottle of 750ml 

Serve chilled between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius 

You can order online via www.winetalk.com.my for home delivery, event reservations or wine consultation

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