Want to be posh & taller without the pain? You’ll love this Charles & Keith Wedge!

Wearing high-heeled shoes can be very challenging and painful especially if you have to endure it for long hours. But for the sake of looking stylish and chic at work or when attending events, we, ladies, bear the ever-tiring and quite painful experience of wearing those sexy stilettos. 

The good thing with fashion is that it has been evolving to be functional than just simply chic. I’ve been a big fan of wedges or platforms for the past few years, more so because I had to find a painless way of walking taller than wearing fancy high heels. And wedges nowadays have become so fashionable and have definitely become part of making a statement. Admittedly, I would have preferred to wear flats if we just talk about ultimate comfort but the desire to be more stylish and to walk tall at work is just inevitable. 

So I’m just delighted to share my latest favorite pair of wedges from Charles & Keith.  This is an open-toe, slingback style with combined textures of faux snake skin and velvet. I love the 4-inch high platform and it’s not tiring or painful at all. I’ve worn it for a week at work and I just love my height with it. Well, I’m 5’4″ but an additional 4-inch height wouldn’t hurt, right? 

Charles & Keith wedges/platform, open-toe, slingback shoes

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this to ladies who’d need to stand for hours continuously. But it’s simply perfect to wear for an event and a better option than high heels if you’re the type who feels the pain and discomfort with the latter. 

Charles & Keith has a lovely collection of wedges and platforms in different styles and colors. I personally prefer slingback and open-toe wedges as the grip on my feet is better with the sling than normal closed shoes. Open-toe shoes are perfect for showing a glimpse of those polished toenails. 

Open-toe shoes are perfect for showing polished toenails

So if you ever need a pair of stylish shoes without the pain, go for wedges or platforms. You’d have the extra inches you want and still be as posh as you can be. Walk tall, be chic and smile! 

Charles & Keith shoes – RM169.90 

Where to buy: Charles & Keith boutiques 


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