Dare to Wax with Bubble Gum Wax & Butterfly Project

Always facing unwanted hair on certain parts of your body? Shaving regularly? Tired of it? Then you should consider waxing!

I say YES to waxing!

Dealing with those stubborn, excess hair is probably any girl’s daily or 3 x weekly affair. Hair on your underarms, legs, upper lips, brow area and even ‘down there’. I had the chance to be invited by Bubble Gum Wax and Butterfly Project to be part of a waxing session to experience Brazilian waxing by the experts from Bubble Gum Wax. 

I have to admit that I’m not a ‘virgin’ to Brazilian wax. I’ve gone through several times way back when I was still in Philippines. But the last one I had was more than 5 years ago and I never had the chance to have one again since I lived in Malaysia. I got pregnant a few months when I first arrived here and I guess I didn’t bother to be smooth down there when I became a mummy.  

And so I was delighted when I received a message from Tammy Lim to attend the waxing session. I miss Brazilian waxing! That Sunday afternoon, I happily joined other bloggers inside Bubble Gum Wax’s boutique for the first time.  

The guest lounge beamed with pink decorations and other pink stuff. Pink food, pink balloons and other sweet-colored things. We were also encouraged to be in pink and black before coming to the event. The theme was fun, sweet and pretty. Bubble Gum Wax and Butterfly Project really pulled a great one!

Pink stuff everywhere at Bubble Gum Wax

Yummy pink stuff

And this has gotta be the sexiest cookie I’ve seen in my life…    

Shop manager, Jess, Tammy and Illy welcomed everyone to the session. Jess gave a short introduction about Bubble Gum and some tips on waxing. I wasn’t aware that there are creams that should be applied to areas after waxing especially on sensitive skin.   

Tammy introduced another exciting part of the session. Guests are challenged to create a decorative arrangement using the Bubble Gum Wax products and a shoebox. Something like this…    

While the others started with their creations, me and 2 other pretty guests braved to be the first batch of Brazilian waxing customers. The waxing room is very welcoming with its candy and sexy legs posters. My first thought was, “Alright, let’s start getting smooth and sexy!”   

And in no time, I was pretty hairless down there. The biggest question in everybody’s mind, especially those who haven’t done it before, was ‘is it painful?’ To that, I’ll admit yes, there’s pain to deal with but the benefits outweigh the short-term pain. If it can help others to better understand and consider doing this, I’m sharing why I enjoy Brazilian waxing:  

  • Lasts longer than shaving. I have smoother area for a longer time unlike with shaving where I need to do it regularly. This is because waxing pulls hair from the roots so the growth of hair takes slower.  
  • No cuts. Since waxing does not deal with blades, I don’t get cuts which can cause discomfort and sometimes skin discoloration.  
  • With waxing, I have the option not to do it myself and leave it to experts. There are no shaving centers around, right? Not that I’m being lazy but sometimes, we hardworking ladies also need to feel the comfort of not doing everything ourselves.  
  • It’s just sexy and nobody can deny it. Being smooth and hairless down there is, without a doubt, as sexy as anyone could be. It feels very clean, you can see everything, makes you feel light and more confident.  

I enjoyed my waxing more because the waxing expert was also friendly and warm. Her name was Joyce and she was great. We talked about a lot of things while she’s doing her waxing expertise and without really noticing it, I was done in a jiffy.  

I then faced the challenge of creating the Bubble Gum goodie arrangement together with the other guests.  

A pretty guest wrapping her shoe box

Voila! This is my simple arrangement, which included Bubble Gum items such as a mug, Gelato cream, Aloe Vera cooling mask, hygienic wipe, spray, bubble gum sweets and more.   

I had time to mingle around, see how the other guests were doing, and I found this lovely girl, Lulu, with her pretty arrangement. Lulu actually won the grand prize for her very creative arrangement later.

Lulu and her lovely creation

This is my first time to attend an event with the Butterfly Project group and I was quite happy to meet new friends and, of course, see a familiar face again. Although we’re keeping in touch, Tammy and I last saw each other more than a year ago at a blogger session that I held for a beauty brand that I manage before. Cheers to Tammy for organizing events and becoming such a role model and leader in a short time after I first met her!   

Pinkish me with pinkish Tammy

The rest of the guests finally experienced Brazilian waxing and I believe everybody had a fun, enlightening time. Not only did they do something new but also enjoyed a creative exercise and 3 guests bagged prizes for their creations. Congratulations to the 3 winners!  

I’ve been a big fan of Brazilian waxing but I haven’t done on other parts. Bubble Gum Wax also provides waxing services on other body parts such as legs, arms, back, stomach and more. If you’re not yet sure of going for Brazilian wax, maybe you can try bikini wax first and take it further from there.  

Great news for men, Bubble Gum Wax has BOYzilian! Isn’t that clever?   

BOYzilian available at Bubble Gum Wax

The prices are reasonable and I think these are just right for the type of service you’ll experience — like a goddess.    

Enough said, there’s no better way to understand waxing but to experience it! So go ahead and give it a try. No more hairy secrets, no more shaving several times a week, just a smoother and sexier you!  

For inquiries and schedule bookings of your waxing sessions, get in touch with

Bubble Gum Wax – The Waxing Expert

(My personal waxing expert was Joyce Chew)

F-1-7 Block F, Plaza Damas, No. 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL

Tel. No. 03 6211 5038/ 39


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