5 Great Disney Junior Shows for your Kids!

Like all parents who have or had toddlers, I also endure watching the same shows that my child likes over and over again. There was the Thomas and Friends phase, the Barney phase, Hi-5, etc. Yes, Barney and friends the entire day. Then there was Lightning McQueen and we had to keep repeating the movie disc. I probably know the characters’ lines word per word. And more movies and shows arrived…Cars 2, Despicable Me, Ultraman, Power Rangers. 

But there are regular TV shows on Disney Junior channel that I think are great for kids to watch, even over and over again. These shows assist in my son’s learning and development. So here are my top 5 choices of great programs from Disney Junior channel: 

1) Little Einsteins

This show is about 4 kids named Annie, June, Quincy and Leo who encounter challenges then try to solve them using music and actions. Together with the help of their rocket ship named Rocket, the 4 kids travel around different places and they feature different arts and music in every episode. It’s very interesting to see a show for small kids that features classical artists such as Beethoven and Mozart, even paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. Aden may be too young for these but it’s such a good effort to start educating young kids about great artists. 

2) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This is the modern day Mickey Mouse and friends. Similar to Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse with his friends also deals with challenges and get assistance from Tootles who holds 4 different ‘mouseketools’ or items to help them overcome an obstacle. They do a lot of activities to solve problems such as counting, identifying differences, listening to sounds and combining colors. It’s really engaging and my son’s mornings won’t be complete without Mickey Mouse. This show has become my ‘pacifier’ to stop Aden’s tantrums every morning while getting ready for school. 

3) Doc McStuffins

This show stars a little girl who plays doctor to her toys. She encounters broken or ‘sick’ toys and finds out how she can fix or ‘heal’ them. It teaches a lot of good manners, proper actions and right attitude for different situations. Although I find it quite unusual for Aden to like shows with a girl as the main character, Doc McStuffins is a great program that gets Aden engaged and curious about how things should be done properly. 

4) Word World

This is probably the most creative kids’ show I’ve seen. Everything in this show is formed out of letters that spell the right word of each animal or thing. The program is filled with adventures wherein obstacles will be solved by building words. When letters are arranged correctly, it morphs into the object it spells. Word World is in fact an Emmy award-winning show and I think that it is a great program for kids to learn letters and spelling better because it makes them pay attention to how things are built through the letters. Clever, creative and fun. 

5) Timmy Time

This show is almost purely visual, as the characters don’t speak words but just animal sounds. Timmy is a little lamb who faces adventures in school, makes mistakes and learns how to rectify them. Timmy Time displays problems that a child might face in school and shows how it should be dealt with such as sharing, being patient, telling the truth and more. I think it’s a good program for kids as they can relate to those situations and they will learn how to act correctly.   

These shows are regular parts of our daily TV programme. I normally watch with Aden and some episodes are already stuck to my memory so I know what’s going to happen or how the story will end. It’s a good way to bond with a child. I talk to Aden about the show while watching, I ask him questions and I get him as engaged as possible so I can assess and make sure that he is paying attention to what he’s watching.  

Disney Junior has more educational shows and I’m sure that every child will find several favorites from the lineup. After all these years, Disney still keeps making magic that influences children across the world. And I’m just thankful that my son loves Disney and has the chance to enjoy its magical world!     

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