Let’s Create Safer Cities and Healthier Homes with Philips!

Health and safety have become a major concern and challenge for the past few years. Being a mother of a 4-year old boy, my concern for safety is a daily affair and cause of stress. We parents need to protect our children and ourselves from danger. When I became a mother, I became more concerned of my own safety and health. Our children need us and we need to be more cautious and careful of everything we do. 

But we can only make small efforts with great love. And now that Philips has launched the Innovation That Matters to You contest, it is our chance to get our ideas heard. What’s more, the winning idea might be turned into reality! Isn’t that great? 


Ladies, gentlemen, girls, boys, mommies, daddies, everyone, come and join us in getting our ideas heard by Philips! This is it. Get those creative minds rolling. I’m sure we all have a thought or two to share. Instead of everybody complaining about everything, let’s get things done. It’s quite rare for a big, global brand to ask for everyone’s idea or opinion and it’s great of Philips to launch this contest.  

How can you take part? It’s very simple. 

STEP 1: Log on to http://www.meaningfulinnovation.asia/malaysia/ or just click here

STEP 2: Choose which category you’d like to contribute on or choose both: Healthier Homes or Safer Cities. (I chose Safer Cities). 

STEP 3: Contribute your idea. 

Tips: Your ideas should be
a. Realistic – it must be practical to implement.
b. Sustainable – it should demonstrate long term viability.
c. Benefit many, not a few – the more people it benefits, the better your chance of having your idea implemented.

And that’s it! You can also share the contest on your Facebook and Twitter page to tell your friends about this great contest. After all, more brains are better than one so let’s collect more ideas and help make Malaysia healthier and safer for our loved ones. 

Did I mention that there are wonderful prizes to win? Philips is definitely rewarding great ideas. Here are some of the cool prizes you might win:

Philips Innovation that Matters to You

How does it work and how can you help? 

Philips Innovation that Matters to You

I’ve contributed my idea. Now, it’s your turn to contribute something that can hopefully help more people. Come and let’s all work together to build a healthier and safer place. 

Join the conversations on #meaningfulinnovation on Facebook, Twitter @PhilipsMY and Instagram and visit http://philips.to/innovationMY to find out more!

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