My Machines Service Centre Experience


I’ve wanted to send my MacBook Pro to the Machines Service Center since last year but somehow I just never got to do it until 2 weeks ago. I purchased my MacBook in December 2011 and I think it deserves some ‘check-up’ or whatever. There’s nothing wrong really; in fact, I’m in love with this Mac very much. Fast, efficient and reliable.
But I guess all gadgets encounter some weakness or glitch somewhere. I enjoy editing photos and since I’ve taken blogging more seriously early this year, I’ve been using a photo editor program more frequently than before. When I got my MacBook, I purchased this editor program from iTunes called Pixelmator. Well, yeah, Photoshop would have been the best choice but I find it too expensive for my personal use. I’m not a graphic designer or professional photographer so I needed something not so expensive. Anyway, I am satisfied with the features of Pixelmator, which are comparable to Photoshop, but there are a few occasions when it suddenly exits the program without warning. It never happens in my other programs but I might have been ignoring the prompts to update the software. However, when I tried to update Pixelmator, I was prompted to update my Mac software first. I tried updating the Mac software but it was never completed so I knew I needed professional assistance from Mac.
And so one sunny morning, I drove to Mid Valley and walked to Northpoint Offices where a Machines Service Centre is located. It is quite easy to locate at the Ground Floor of Block B, Northpoint Offices, as it is brightly lit and it has see-through glass walls.
Machines has a pretty cool queuing system. Upon entry, you’ll be welcomed by iPads where you will type your name and you’ll get a virtual queue number.

I also can’t help but notice these cute feedback or comments boxes by the wall. I find it simple but innovative and proactive in trying to get feedback from customers. Don’t you find a lot of other feedback boxes boring and traditional in a form of drop box with a phrase ‘comments/suggestions’ printed on it? And normally it is hidden somewhere, in a corner or an unnoticeable place? Machines feedback boxes look fun and they were very visible to visitors. And notice that they have 3 facial expressions that tell you they’re open to happy, sad and very sad feedback. Now, this is what I call ‘asking for feedback’.

There were more than 10 customers inside the centre when I arrived. But I was quite surprised of the fast service. I was number 15 but it only took me 8 minutes to wait. The service guys were fast and I saw that customers walk out with their concerns settled.

 See, number 14 and me being served at the same time.
I told the Machines IT staff about my concern and he immediately proceeded to updating my Mac software.
One of the things I appreciated about this visit to Machines was that I didn’t have to go through any checking of my details, no need to dig info about when or where did I buy my Mac, no nitty-gritty inquiries. They just quickly solve my Mac problem.
My baby getting his dose of updated Mac software…

In a short while, the service center was deserted and quiet except for me and another guest. I was left behind because the software update has 4GB worth of data to download. No wonder I wasn’t able to do it myself. I guess my Internet at home wasn’t good enough.

Check out the comfy chairs at Machines. Isn’t it wonderful to find a waiting area like this? I’ve been to a few customer service outlets including big players in other industries such as telecommunications. And so far (and I’m sure you’ve also noticed), most of them do not provide comfy chairs. They would have a few lounge chairs, sometimes without back support so it can be tiring to wait, especially when the service takes long.

Machines also has a coffee machine for guests to have while waiting. Drinking water is also available.

In front of the service team, there are a lot of stools for guests being served. Again, I think this is very good as it shows they welcome guests with friends or relatives who accompany them to visit. Comparing it to other brands, Machines does a great job in making people comfortable and welcome. This is something you won’t easily find in other technology-related industries.

Oooh, and during my visit, they were having clearance sale for iPad 2 covers. Check out the eye-popping colors! And these are only at RM20 from normal price of RM109.
My software update was completed and I was happy to go back home with a more efficient MacBook. I’ve already updated my Pixelmator, which is now even better than before. No more sudden program exits.
I am thankful to the Machines team at Northpoint Offices. They were very efficient and helpful.
To sum it up, why did I enjoy my first visit to Machines Service Centre:
  • Cool queuing system via iPad and virtual number – no need to hold paper with number
  • Comfortable waiting chairs
  • Drinks available for everyone
  • Short waiting time
  • No long inquiries
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Problem solved

To find the nearest Machines outlet around you, click here
I had my MacBook Pro serviced at:
Machines Service Centre
B-G-2, Ground Floor, Northpoint Office, Mid Valley City
No. 1 Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : (03) 2289 5388    Fax : (03) 2289 5389

Visit for more info and product details.

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