Tutors Can Now Find Jobs Easily!


Are you a tutor in Malaysia? Or do you think you have what it takes to be one? Here’s good news for you!
Home Tuition Job via www.hometuitionjob.commakes finding students and jobs easier for you with just a few clicks. And best of all, it’s FREE!
Tutor-Hunters find Teachers via http://www.hometuitionjob.com 

Think of it as a job street specifically made for tutors. You get to advertise your credentials to tutor-hunters and you become part of a tutor-student-parent community. It increases your chances of finding a suitable job as a tutor/ teacher because the site caters to this targeted market. Isn’t that great and cool?

Find tutor jobs easily

You don’t necessarily have to be a professional tutor or teacher by practice. Even students can take part, too! Some parents who have pre-school or kindergarten children also need help in guiding their kids to write the alphabet, learn numbers, paint, color and other simpler lessons such as learning language basics of Chinese, Malay or English. I would personally need a tutor for my 4-year-old son soon as I am a foreigner in the country who doesn’t know Malay or Chinese. For students who want to earn extra income, being a home tutor is a great option and is a fun way to share your knowledge and skills to younger students!  

Don’t waste your skills; make money out of it!

How do you get started as a tutor at Home Tuition Job? Simply log on to www.hometuitionjob.com and click ‘For Tutors/Teachers (We Help You Get Jobs)’.

Registration for Tutors/ Teachers is FREE
Go through the Registration Form, which is completely FREE! Here you will create an account. The great thing is you have the option to sign-in with Facebook. Don’t you just hate creating too many accounts and having to remember passwords? With the Facebook sign-in, you have easier access and account registration.
Take note, when I wrote this post, Home Tuition Job has already helped tutors earn more than RM2,000,000. Imagine if you can take a percentage from this by just spending a few hours of your time every week to help a student finish his homework. 
Once you’ve created your account and specified your relevant details, parents/ students can easily find you via www.hometuitionjob.com. Your profile visible to public will look like this:

Tutor/ Teacher Profile

And if you need good pointers to improve how you write your profile, you can check out the support page where Home Tuition Job provides articles to help you in finding the right job and, of course, earning good income from tutor jobs!


This website is a brilliant idea to serve the needs of parents, teachers, tutors and students. But just an advice for tutors, be cautious and careful of potential jobs, as there are still a lot of possibilities where bad/ evil people can take advantage of you. I’m sure you’ve heard of news where there were job ads and interviews that led to mishaps, especially for the ladies. There are a lot of things that we cannot foresee or control, so just a word of advice: be careful. If you were asked to meet a client for interview or meet-up, always make sure that it’s at a neutral place. If you were invited to a house, make sure somebody comes along with you and maybe wait for you outside while you’re meeting the client. Best is to meet the client at a coffee shop or at their condo’s clubhouse. For the parents or clients, be wary of whom you invite to your house, especially if you’re alone. If I were to meet a potential tutor, I’d probably meet him or her outside and not in my house just yet. 


Home Tuition Job is a great service where as a tutor/teacher, parents/ students with specific needs that can be solved by your skills find you. When writing your profile, it is best to identify your key strengths and subjects your good at. Don’t forget arts and creative skills. Some parents might be looking for these skills for their child’s development.

If you have creative skills, don’t forget to add them on your profile

So if you’re a tutor or teacher or you have what it takes to be one, visit www.hometuitionjob.com now and start marketing your service. Don’t waste your time and skills; make money out of it. And it will even be a rewarding experience to help a student succeed in school!
If you’re a parent or student looking for a home tutor, find out more about how it works through my post by clicking HERE

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