Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes Set – Body Care Must-Have!

Soap and Glory body and bath care set

Who doesn’t love to smell delicious after bathing and throughout the day? If you haven’t explored the scent of any Soap and Glory product, I really suggest that you check any one of their items at Sephora during one of your shopping travels. It’s definitely a must!
The first product that I fell in love with from this brand was the Righteous Butter Body Lotion (check out my product review about it – click HERE). I had it in 2012 and I found it an amazing item. The moisturizing effect lasts long and the scent is just ohhh so delicious. I guess the significant description of Soap and Glory products is its ability to make you (or your body) smell beautiful to the point of literally wanting to eat your own skin!
To my surprise and delight, I received a lovely Soaper Heroes gift set from my sister-in-law last Christmas! This set is to die for! It contains 5 of the famous items from Soap and Glory:
Clean On Me Shower Gel 75ml
Flake Away Body Polish 50ml
The Righteous Butter 50ml
Hand Food Hand Cream 50ml
Girligo Spray-On Body Moisturizing Mist 100ml
Soap and Glory Soaper Heroes set

The set comes in a pink, eye-catching box with a big letter ‘S’ adorning the front. Of course, it’s easy to spot the genius set name ‘Soaper Heroes’ and the floral motif surrounding the box. It’s stylishly feminine and youthful. On top, you’ll read this caption: “They’ll scrub, soften and scent your skin in a single swipe! They’re not just run of the mill moisturizers, they’re SOAPER HEROES!”
Soap and Glory Soaper Heroes items in travel-friendly sizes
The contents are all in travel-friendly size so even if you bring these items or if you buy it overseas or at some duty-free shop at the airport, you don’t need to worry about ‘confiscation’ from the airport officers. That’s clever and very considerate. Don’t you just hate it when your beloved beauty stuff is painfully taken away from you while travelling?

Soap and Glory Clean On Me
Soap and Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel will turn you into a shower addict at first bath. The scent is just addictive and will make you want to bathe forever and ever. Serious! It contains natural mandarin peel extract and a bonus built-in body lotion, and will make you feel really sexy after shower. Wait ‘til you get to the next products.

Soap and Glory Flake Away
Soap and Glory Flake Away is a skin-smoothing body polish with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Apparently, it transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant! I haven’t tried this one yet but I’m excited to spread it all over my body and scrub my dry flakes away. Let’s see if it does transform my reptilian skin, haha! But no matter what, the scent alone is enough to say that this is also a must-try.

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter contains softening shea butter and aloe vera. It has that velvet-feel upon applying onto your skin and contains the signature scent of Soap and Glory. I swear you must have this butter on your vanity table! Just control yourself from licking your arms and legs!

Soap and Glory Hand Food
Soap and Glory Hand Food is a non-greasy hand cream that contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. It’s great for dry, chapped hands. It’s also scented with S&G Original Pink fragrance. They say it’s the most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide! I’ve already decided! Just watch out for the effects on those around you when you apply it while at work. Your colleagues will be asking for delicious food!
Happy Hand Food month from Soap and Glory!

Soap and Glory Girligo
Soap and Glory Girligo is a spray-on moisturizing mist scented with a tempting blend of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk. Just spritz on all-over your body after shower for temptingly fragrant, softer, smoother, more supple skin.

This is a great body care collection, wonderful to give as a gift and wonderful to receive as a gift! The scent engulfs your senses while your skin reaps the benefits of the good moisturizing ingredients. Simply delicious and good for the skin! Trust me, your husband or partner will enjoy the results, too.

Price: RM76
Where to buy: Sephora outlets
About Soaper Heroes Set
This gorgeous little gift box includes travel sizes of our bestselling products, including Girligo™ scented moisturising body mist, The Righteous Butter™ body butter, Flake Away™ body scrub, Clean On Me Skin™ softening shower gel, and Hand Food™ hand cream.
About Soap and Glory
A fun, fresh, fearless, fantastic British beauty brand created by suds-loving entrepreneur and celebrity facialist Marcia Kilgore. We’re known for wonderfully effective bath, body and skincare products including the super-plumping lip gloss Sexy Mother Pucker™ and award winning The Righteous Butter™ body butter. Soap & Glory recommends applying products with happiness and abandon, because while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely.
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Or check out their website at:

Bricks4Kidz – A Great Place for Creative Learning and Fun for Kids!


I’ve adored Lego since I was a young girl. I can still recall making robots, houses and human figures using those colorful plastic mini bricks. Somehow, those simple small things can bring so much fun and joy to a child. Looking at the world that our children live in today, it seems that the happiness of kids have become so high-technology (and more costly, by the way). They now have iPads, XBox, Play station, internet games and other mobile devices. Classic games that I enjoy during my time has been lost: hide and seek, snakes and ladders board game, scrabble using the classic letter tiles playing against friends who are in front of you and not strangers sitting somewhere around the world in front of their laptop or tablet. Technology has been great and we’ll definitely die without those things that we have now; but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if our children are missing out on things that we enjoyed during our childhood?
My 4-year-old son, like a lot of kids nowadays, is also exposed to iPad games but I add a lot of educational apps to ensure that his iPad is mainly for learning and not playing. I don’t let him play for long hours and I make sure that we do something ‘traditional’ every day. We draw, we wrestle, we paint, we play toys, and we read books. A few months ago, during one of his shopping sprees with the grandparents, he bought sets of Legos and I was happily surprised to see his deep interest in fixing those bricks. It’s a delight to discover your child’s creative interest!
Some people are surprised when they find out that, although I specialize in marketing management, my educational background is actually Interior Design. Yep, I was a licensed interior designer. And, yes, I have an eternal love and passion for creative things. You can just imagine how happy I was to bring my son to this amazing place in Kota Damansara — Bricks4Kidz!


Reaching Malaysian shores for the first time with its inaugural opening in Sri Petaling in September, the Bricks4Kidz (B4K) enrichment centre provides one-of-a-kind, essential enrichment educational programmes to children from ages of four until twelve. Centred on innovative project kits and theme-based models that effectively combine education with play, children can ‘learn, build and play’, as the tagline goes, with LEGO® Bricks. B4K programmes have been lauded for their success in 16 countries worldwide and over 300 locations in the United States of America (US).
Isn’t it amazing that there’s actually a learning program to help our kids with their brain development through Lego bricks? Bricks4Kidz has different programs for each age group up to 8 years old. The program is aimed at enhancing their thinking skills such as coordination, analysis and creative thinking. As the managing director of Creative Child Development Sdn Bhd and Master Licensee of B4K, Mr. Demitrius Lam said, “It’s like teaching a child how to walk before he can run. Creative thinking through Lego-building trains them to figure out things or solve problems and not give up, the way that we should be in real life when we grow up and face bigger challenges in life.”

Mr Demitrius Lam, managing director of Creative Child Development Sdn Bhd
I don’t need much convincing. I started playing Lego bricks at a young age. Although I won’t attribute my creative skills entirely to that, I do believe that it helps in training the mind for bigger things, as we get old. When you’re playing with Lego bricks, you learn to think that there’s always a way to go around building something you want to create. You learn to imagine more and visualize things beyond the norm.
My son was the first to arrive at Bricks4Kidz that Saturday morning where other mommy bloggers from the Butterfly Project and I were invited to an exclusive introduction session. Very much familiar and in love with LEGO®, he started playing around with the bricks, wanting to build a car, as usual. Mr Demitrius Lam was very kind to play with my son and patient enough to attend to his requests.

Mr Demitrius Lam playing patiently with my naughty son

Check out this genius display for Year of the Horse Chinese New Year!
Welcome the Year of the Horse!
And more display of beautiful, creative figures:


Aden’s class started with an educational lesson from Cik Siti about an octopus. For a simple exercise of building an octopus figure, I find it incredible that Bricks4Kidz provides an interactive lesson to make kids learn more about what they’re about to make. Cik Siti explained what an octopus is and gave interesting facts about this animal before diving into building the figure. I’ve never seen my son so attentive like this!


They provided a step-by-step guide, printed huge in full color, which is easy for the kids to follow. Aden patiently followed every step. Watching him closely through this class, I was very happy to see his eagerness and patience to achieve the mission.

Lego Step-by-Step guide for building the octopus

Chubby hands fixing Lego bricks
Aden’s octopus finished!
Octopus in red, yellow, blue and black Lego bricks
After the octopus exercise, Cik Siti gave the kids a quick exercise to build blocks and to color. Aden also enjoyed this part and happily colored his paper and even wrote his name.


For older kids, Ms Lisa Ong, managing director and owner of B4K in Kota Damansara, conducted an interesting exercise that involved a more advanced level of constructing brick figures. 

Ms. Lisa Ong, managing director/owner of B4K in Kota Damansara

There are several rooms for different age group classes. Notice that each room is colorfully painted and tables are in creative shapes that also come in different colors. Visually stimulating and fun for the children.

One of the rooms at Bricks4Kidz

And check out this signage. This has got to be the cutest ‘Toilet’ signage I’ve seen! Well done, B4K!

Me and my fellow mummies spent a bit more time talking to Mr Demitrius Lam about the learning program. “In all of our 130 subject lessons based on  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics, B4K adopts a hands-on method where our students are coached by qualified teachers who guide them through new projects and challenges each week. For example, to teach children about the Laws of Motion, we have designed six project kits over the course of six weeks that will teach them about the essential principles discovered by Sir Isaac Newton such as inertia and mass. It sounds extremely complicated, especially for kids as young as four to eight years of age. However, by using simple words and encouraging them to build a clock or a see-saw using LEGO® Bricks, they will be able to understand the concepts better and will ultimately develop a positive attitude towards science,” explained Mr. Lam. “Having LEGO® Bricks as our main teaching tool will not only make the classes more interesting and fun; it will also help develop the children in other ways. This include fostering sequential problem solving skills, advancing spatial and relational thinking, enhance EQ, foster teamwork as well as social and emotional skills, and nurturing process-oriented thinking,” Mr Lam added.
What are the educational and developmental benefits of going through the Bricks4Kidz Program?
  • Following step-by-step directions
  • Sequencing
  • Fine motor skills
  • Spatial/ relational thinking
  • Visual/ Kinesthetic learning
  • Organizational skills
  • Process-oriented thinking
  • Social/emotional skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Teamwork and cooperation

Aden was very happy after finishing one lesson at Bricks4Kidz. At home, he excitedly opened his new Lego set from B4K and we started building the figures. He really enjoys this and I’m so happy to do something fun with him! Well, yeah, I already admitted that I’m a Lego fan, too, right?
Aden’s Lego village
I think that Bricks4Kidz learning program is an amazing, genius way to develop our children’s minds and attitude as well. This is a unique and fun way for our children to cultivate sets of skills that are not necessarily developed in basic school subjects. In Aden’s first class, I’ve observed his full attentiveness and patience in following the lesson, which is quite rare for me to see. And even at home, he was more jolly and obedient after the class. Amazing!

To find out more about the class schedule and fees, get in touch with B4K at:
Bricks4Kidz – Ms. Lisa Ong
Tel. No.            +603 61505439
HP No.             +6016 322 3525
Unit C-12-2 Sunway Giza
No. 2 Jalan PJU 5/14
Kota Damansara 47810
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Get connected to Bricks4Kids Malaysia through their FB page at:
To find out more about Bricks4Kidz international, visit them at:
Bricks4Kidz provides enrichment programs, preschool programs, birthday parties and holiday camps.
About Bricks4Kidz™
Bricks4Kidz™ (B4K) is a child enrichment centre which offers essential education programmes to complement children’s existing curriculum at school. Founded in the United States of America (US) in 2008, B4K programmes have since been internationally recognised in 16 countries worldwide and over 300 locations in the US.
Following its tagline ‘we learn, we build, we play’, B4K programmes are conducted using LEGO® Bricks as its main teaching tool, providing children with a fun yet educative learning environment. Specifically designed for children between the ages of four and eight, B4K programmes require students to build structures out of the LEGO® blocks using set project kits and theme-based model plans that enhance their knowledge on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) principles. B4K programmes are also designed to help develop essential life skills among children on a personal, emotional, and social level.

Welcome the Chinese New Year with Great Deals from Wine Talk!

With the Chinese New Year just 2 weeks around the corner, preparations are getting more and more hectic as the big celebration comes close. In my husband’s family, Chinese reunion dinners bear a big importance in keeping close ties and are the best times to catch up with cousins who are overseas. And as dinners are filled with sumptuous Chinese dishes, it is also the time for merriment together with some drinks: beer, whiskey or wine.

Celebrations with wine

Putting together a great re-union feast is no mean feat, something the current Y generation would be hard pressed to do.  But fret not, as you can add to the joyous occasion by turning up with a good bottle of wine that goes well with the Nian Ye Fan menu. Wine Talk ushers in the year of the wooden horse with great deals that are perfect for this season.

Want to bring wines or send wines without adding load into your already-loaded car? This lunar New Year, Wine Talk is offering customers FREE DELIVERY for orders above RM300. Send wines to your home town or for your loved ones without the hassle of carrying the bottles! Wine Talk makes your celebration fun, easy and travel-friendly by delivering the wines for you. Simply place an order via and key-in NODELCNY on the voucher code box upon checkout. Place the orders on or before 24thJanuary 2014 to get the wines delivered in time for Chinese New Year’s Eve.

FREE Decanter for orders above RM500 on red wines
The love for red wine around the world is also shared by a lot of Chinese for its health benefits and maybe because red wines are red! Wine lovers can take home the perfect gift for 2014 or add a piece of beautiful crystal ware to their homes. Upon purchase of RM500 on all normal priced red wines, Wine Talk customers will get a FREE Crystal decanter by Luigi Bormioli, made in Italy. Perfectly shaped for the perfect pour; Luigi Bormioli decanters add the right amount of sophistication to any table. This mouth-blown, hand-crafted glassware can hold up to 2.6L and also rivals other fine crystal in appearance and elegance. For more about Luigi Bormioli, visit
Wine Talk sommelier and self-professed “wine geek” David Stephan said, “This lunar New Year, savour our wine selection with your CNY feast. I’ve carefully paired some of the red wines in the Chinese New Year festive packs as they go well with the traditional Chinese New Year dishes like fish, chicken, yee-sang and dumplings (jiaozi).”
Moet and Chandon at special price

And what can be even more stylish and classier than adding a burst of bubbly to the occasion? Fans of the world’s most iconic champagne Moet & Chandon can enjoy a bottle for only RM180! “This is the best price in town!” said David. Champagne lovers can choose to order 3, 6 or 12 bottles in time for your Chinese New Year celebration so you can Gong Xi Gong Xi in style!” he added. Moet & Chandon’s style is distinguished by its bright fruitiness, seductive palate and elegant maturity. Limited stocks available.

Food vouchers from Room Service worth RM88
For any purchase from now until Chinese New Year, Wine Talk will be giving away RM88 worth of Room Service MyDeal food vouchers to 8 Lucky Winners every day from now till 30th January! Simply make any order at to be part of the draw. Every order of any set of wines entitles a customer to an entry. Vouchers will be delivered together with your order of wines so you can order food to be delivered once you have your wines from Wine Talk!
If you want to receive your wines in time for CNY, please make your orders thru Wine Talk by 24th January 2014.  Wine Talk wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Need advice on which wines to serve? Easy, breezy. Let Wine Talk’s French sommelier do the choosing for you. Give Wine Talk a call at 1300 88 9788 or email at for the best wine advices. Visit for more details. 

You can also get connected to their FB page at

Our Today Moments, Our Children’s Treasure

10 years ago, I thought that I will always be single and free. Free to make my choices, free to go anywhere, free to choose a job that I really want without thinking of how much commitment it requires, free to be what I want to be. I didn’t even dream of getting married, much less of having my own child. I was a dreamer, a go-getter, and I was ready to conquer the corporate world.
But life had a more challenging and meaningful turn for me. To my family’s and close friends’ surprise, I got married and moved to a foreign land. It was probably the toughest time I encountered (before having a child). I was in Malaysia with no friends, no family (except my hubby and his relatives) and no job. I’ve never been jobless since 2002. Immediately after graduating, I was lucky to be hired for a job then I took a short break to take my board exam then got back to work. I got pregnant a few months after arriving in Malaysia in 2008. After giving birth in 2009, I excitedly hunted for a job and was lucky to find one early in 2010. I’ve been working since then.
Being a working mother is never easy. Wait, being a mother is never easy, period. Trying to balance work, life, marriage and motherhood is the toughest job that a woman can have. To be brutally honest, it is a love-hate relationship. I love working; I’m definitely a woman who enjoys a busy, challenging career. I enjoy the corporate world; I enjoy dealing with bosses, both difficult and easy. I enjoy accomplishing missions and I enjoy building teams. I became a brand manager at the age of 27, with several departments to run and manage. It was tough but I loved it. However, a job like this while being a mother at the same time can cause a painful toll on a person’s stress level and emotional condition.  


Working for a very challenging work environment has caused an imbalance in my life. I found myself so stressed with work and I was barely spending good time with my son. There are even times when I would snap impatiently at him when he disturbs me. The sad part is I snap when he disturbs me at home and still doing work on my laptop. And he simply wants me to lie down with him while he tries to sleep. It was terrible. I was terrible and I was such a bad mommy.
And it’s not just work that gets in the way of not spending quality time with my son. Daily activities such as preparing him for school, taking care of him, bathing him, making his milk, washing clothes, cleaning the house, going to the market are tasks that consume any mother’s time. These barely leave sufficient time in a day to really do something fun and memorable with our child. And I’m only talking as a mother of one child, by the way. What about those with more kids? I’m sure it is even more challenging for those mothers. They need to prepare several kids for school, bathe and feed them, pack their snacks and bags, wash and iron their clothes…oh, it’s never-ending. How can we, as mothers, find or set aside good quality time for our child/ children?
It was a good chance that I encountered “Our Today’s Moments” from Friso Gold. Our Today Moments refers to the time we spend with our children, the time we set aside our daily to-dos and focus on “today”.  In other words, it’s about us mothers making the effort to make every moment count with our kids.


When I participated in Friso Gold’s Mum Survey, I realized a lot of things:
  1. I don’t spend enough time to monitor my son’s progress in school
  2. I don’t really spend fun time with him on outdoor activities such as swimming or cycling
  3. I plan my child’s activities based on my free time and not based on what he needs or wants to do
  4. I rely heavily on technology such as television or iPad to keep my child occupied and not really planning for good activities for him

It’s really a struggle to keep everything in our lives in the right place and become a good mother. Trying to balance family and career is probably something we hear from a lot of people as one of the challenges in today’s life. It’s no surprise. According to survey findings: 

  • While the Malaysian mum spends an average of 6 hours 45 minutes with her children in a day and considers 60% of her time spent with her children as “quality time”, the working mum spends less time and considers a lower portion of her time spent with her children as “quality time”.
  • Overall, a working mum spends about 2.5 hours lesser than a non-working mum or housewife with her children, and she considers only half her time with her children as “quality time”.
  • More than half of the working mums surveyed also feel she does not spend enough time with her children. 

While I admit that I try to be strict with my child and train him to be a disciplined person (this is very, very tough, trust me), I still want my child to see me as a friend, as his loving mother who will guide him through his journey of growing up, no matter how tough the challenges become.

At this time and age, everybody wants everything fast. We all want faster phones, faster internet, faster notebooks, faster cars (or actually, faster traffic), faster skin problem solutions, faster weight-loss and more. But there’s one thing that we should appreciate every step of the way at the right timing and pace, and that is our time with our children. Time already flies fast, and if you miss your child’s moments, those special times when he learned how to write his own name, when he learned how to cycle, to swim, to paint, to hug you and kiss you and tell you ‘I love you’, you will never get it back or reverse time to witness it again. And before you notice it, your child has already grown old enough to make his own choices.
One of the small things we can do with great love is to create Our Today Moments. Now. Let’s make every day or moment count for our kids. Let’s do something fun and memorable with our child. It can be something as simple as making paper planes, painting, drawing, reading, cycling together, swimming, writing his or her name, learning numbers and more. It doesn’t have to be a trip to Disneyland. Our child’s happiness may lie on simple things we do together with them and we don’t notice it.


So while we have the chance, let’s make precious time for our children. I believe there’s no such thing as ‘no time’ for our kids. We need to create it; don’t wait for time to be ‘free’. Because time is not for us to save but to use wisely.    

To find out more about Friso Gold ‘Our Today’s Moments’, visit


Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion Product Review

I haven’t tried a Neutrogena product for a long, long time. I still remember that the first time I bought one was during my teens, when acne breakouts are probably the saddest thing to face everyday. My first Neutrogena was the Acne Bar. Some of you probably have never heard of this item before.  It’s a miracle soap bar that really helps in clearing your face from those nasty pimples.
As time passed, I’ve switched to other brands not because Neutrogena wasn’t good but more so because my skincare needs have changed and I looked for products that address those needs such as balanced hydration, aging, etc.

Neutrogena Skincare products
Recently, I had the chance to try Neutrogena products again. I really got excited to rediscover what Neutrogena has to offer for a woman my age. The first product that I was itching to try was the Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion. The timing was perfect; I just almost finished my Make-Up Cleansing Oil and I was planning to buy a new one.
Is it necessary to use a makeup remover or cleansing oil? If you do wear makeup, even just foundation, it is best to use a makeup cleanser followed by a gentle facial cleanser to ensure that your skin is clear of makeup and impurities. Those with sensitive skin, of course, need products that are specially made for their skin type. Nowadays, hypoallergenic cleansers are easily accessible in every pharmacy or beauty shop.
I believe that a good skincare regimen starts with cleansing. In as much as we take meticulous steps in getting good serums or moisturizers, we should also get really good cleansers to ensure healthy skin. After all, how can our other products be effective when applied on a face that’s not cleansed well?
Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion caught my attention with the words ‘Deep Clean’. Every night, after coming back from work, I spend a good amount of time to make sure that I remove all my makeup. ‘Deeply Cleansed’ is definitely what I want for my face.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion
This cleansing lotion comes in an opaque bottle with pump same as most cleansing oil, lotion or milk products. I just hope that it will someday come in a transparent bottle, as I prefer to see how much is left and re-stock before it finishes. The manufacturing and expiry dates are clearly stamped under the bottle, which is good as it informs users of the life of the product.
Neutrogena Cleansing Lotion with manufacturing & expiry dates

The pump is very easy to use and dispenses a controlled amount of lotion, much better than my previous cleansing oil pump, which is a bit difficult to control. The lotion itself is pristinely white in color and very easy to spread on the face. It has a very light scent that does not cause uneasiness.
Neutrogena Cleansing Lotion

It was very comfortable to use, no discomfort to the eyes at all and, by the way, Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Lotion is ophthalmologist-tested, perfect for contact lens wearers like me. It thoroughly removes my waterproof eyeliner and reveals a squeaky clean skin. I love the fresh, clean feeling! This product is good!

Before and After cleansing with Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion
Considering that I’m the type who wears several layers of products on my face and eyes every day, Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Lotion does a great job in removing makeup. At a price of RM29.90 versus my previous makeup remover worth RM44.90 of the same 200mL size, Neutrogena is a must-have product for a great cleansing regimen. Highly recommended for makeup lovers!
What the product says:
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion thoroughly cleans and removes all types of makeup, even waterproof mascara and long-lasting lipstick, plus other skin impurities that can accumulate in your pores.
  • Its gentle emollients works at the skin’s surface to effectively sweep away all makeup without irritation, excessive rubbing or any greasy feel
  • In one easy step, both face and eye areas are refreshingly clean and free of pore-clogging residue
  • Soap-free
  • Oil-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Ophthalmologist-tested – I think this is a great plus!

How to use:
Apply to face and massage gently. Remove residue using a cotton pad or tissue or rinse off with water. Follow with your regular cleanser.
Where to buy:
Major pharmacies (Watsons, Guardian) at RM29.90 for 200mL – that’s only RM0.15 per mL)
Did you know that…
Neutrogena is an American brand of skincare, hair care and cosmetics, that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Neutrogena products are distributed in more than 70 countries. Neutrogena was founded in 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff, and was originally a cosmetics company named Natone. It is now part of the United States-based Johnson & Johnson conglomerate, which bought the independent company in 1994. (source: Wikipedia)
Neutrogena has been around for more than 70 years now and has a long roster of famous celebrities who have been spokes models for the brand. Some of them were:
  • Kristen Bell
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Diane Lane
  • Queen Latifah

Vanessa Hudgens for Neutrogena

Get connected to Neutrogena Malaysia via Facebook:

Be Fabulous this CNY with Gorgeous Headbands from Sereni and Shentel!


Chinese New Year is here! Everybody is getting busy with all the preparations for food, ang pow money, travel, plans with the family and, of course, looking fabulous for CNY dinners and gatherings.
I bet most of the ladies are spending much time on what dress and shoes to wear. Some are even planning on redoing their hairstyle, having their manicure and pedicure done among other things to look beautiful for the season. Like them, I’m also thinking of how to look my best on those important days. Being married to a Chinese, I celebrate Chinese New Year together with his family and relatives. New Year’s Eve dinner is an important occasion when everyone will be sitting together to enjoy food and exchange warm wishes to usher the New Year in.
So, yeah, I also need to plan on what to wear and how to look nice. While flipping through one of my favorite monthly magazine, Female, I stumbled upon this amazing and interesting online shop — Sereni and Shentel.
My first reaction upon reading the article was, “How come I’ve never known this brand before?” Oh, my goodness! This is such a revolutionary and extraordinary brand!
Accessories can make a huge difference to how attire makes its impact and an individual’s personality. I used to collect a lot of headbands with different colors and thicknesses. Well, I particularly love thick ones because they put my hair in place more efficiently; I used to have dry, messy hair until I met ‘re-bonding’.  Haha! But it’s not easy to find really good headbands. I don’t like those types with ‘teeth’ that make me uncomfortable. Some materials are also too hard and can give me migraine throughout a day. Most of all, it’s not easy to find pieces that blend with, complement or fire up your attire.
When I saw the headbands by Sereni & Shentel, I was awestruck. They are so charming and fabulous! These headbands are really a fashion statement on their own. So I check out the website,, and I was even more captivated.  The designs are out-of-this-world, in a good way, and all the headbands are handmade, which makes the details look very elaborate and attractive. Sereni & Shentel offers online shopping for their gorgeous headbands and provides free shipping to Malaysia. Shipping is also available to other selected countries with applicable shipping fees.
Enough said, I’m just delighted to share what the brand offers. Take a look at all these great items and, by the way, these are just some of what they have in store. There are so many collections I can’t even decide which ones to post here!
For Chinese New Year dinners where you want to be in your beautiful cheong sam, these pieces are great accessories, whether or not your dress is in red!

Sereni & Shentel CNY Pom Pom Headband
Giant pom poms in red and pink sewn onto a Shocking Pink headband. Made from Metallic ribbon and wool pom poms. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.

Sereni and Shentel Ice Ice Baby Shiny Red Headband
A classic headband for the girl who wants to add some bling to her outfit. More colours available.

Sereni and Shentel Mini Matte Tangerine Headband
Not as in your face as ice ice baby, this mini version still packs a punch in the bling department. Great for the girl who wants to be quietly ostentatious.

Sereni and Shentel CNY Bejewelled Lolita Bow

A CNY edition Lolita bow in Gold with shiny gold stones, sewn onto a Petersham headband in Chocolate Chip. Size & Fit:

Headband thickness is 1.3cm. Bow is 85mm wide. Made from Rayon for the headband base and Metallic ribbon for the bow. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.

Sereni and Shentel CNY Velvetine Blair

A CNY edition tangerine Blair sewn onto a Velvetine headband in Russet Orange.
Size & Fit:

Headband thickness is 1.3cm. Made with acrylic stones, metallic ribbon and velvet ribbon. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.
Sereni and Shentel also offers lovely gift sets for all occasions. Great gifts for fashionable friends, great buys for you!
Sereni and Shentel Velvetine Gift Set 
The best gift for the girl who can’t just have one.
 Any three colors of your choice.
 Headbands come with a white dust bag.

Sereni and Shentel Borneo Gift Set
The ultimate Borneo gift set includes:
1 x Borneo Lolita of your colour choice

1 x Borneo Block Party of your colour choice

1 x Borneo Blair of your colour choice

1 x SS white dust bag
Sereni and Shentel Somewhere Over the Rainbow Gift Set
This gift set includes:
1 x SS Rainbow Blair

1 x SS Rainbow Ice Ice Baby Mini

1 x SS Rainbow Bow Down

1 x SS white dust bag

Sereni and Shentel Mini Trio Gift Set
This Mini Trio gift set includes:
1 x Lolita of your colour choice

1 x Mini Block Party in grosgrain of your colour choice

1 x Ice Ice Baby Mini of your colour choice

1 x SS white dust bag
This next one is probably the most rare set I’ve seen:
Sereni and Shentel Velvet Bunny Gift Set
This gift set includes:
1 x SS Showgirl Velvet Bunny

1 x SS Showgirl Lolita Glove

1 x SS Showgirl Collar & Cuffs

1 x SS white dust bag
This one contains headbands that will really turn heads and eyes on you:

Sereni and Shentel Be Seen Gift Set

This gift set includes:
1 x Empire Rose of your colour choice

1 x Sunny Hill of your colour choice

1 x Peek A Boo of your colour choice

1 x SS white dust bag
Valentine’s Day is also just around the corner. Having any special parties? Bring out the glamor in you with these pieces from the Showgirl collection.

Sereni and Shentel Showgirl Kuching Cat
Rev up your Valentine with some pin-up glamour this Valentine’s season. Take this Sereni & Shentel pin-up inspired headband from dinner to the boudoir and bring out your inner Dita Von Teese. Select from hues of blush, black and vanilla in our popular classics or be daring in our new sequin cat ears and large satin Playboy bunny ear inspired headband. This collection also introduces a set that features a Sereni & Shentel collar and a pair of cuffs to spice up your date night.

Size & Fit:
Headband thickness is 25mm at the top. Bow width is 185mm. Made from Grosgrain ribbon and Acrylic stones. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.

Sereni and Shentel Showgirl Pussy Cat

Maybe you prefer subtle yet stylish head pieces, you can opt for the mini styles that come in fab colors:

Rock your block with a pop of colour in this mini version. Smaller than the Block Party, the headband measures 25mm in width. More colours available. Size & Fit:
Headband thickness is 10mm at the top. Bow is 27mm wide. Made from Sparkle/Metallic/Grosgrain ribbon. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.
Another endearing fact about Sereni & Shentel is they have collections for babies and kids! What a genius way to make the little ones more posh and even more adorable with these headpieces!

Headpieces for babies!

Lovely headbands for girls!

Ordering online is easy. Several payment options are accepted: PayPal, credit card, online banking and direct bank transfer. And, yes, Sereni and Shentel offers free delivery to all orders made within Malaysia. It will roughly take 10 business days to receive your order, as all items are handmade.
So what should we expect from delivery of Sereni and Shentel headbands?

  • Headbands have the legally trademarked 24 carat gold plated or rhodium Kuching Cat charm, and security tagged. This is a sure way of telling if you have bought a genuine Sereni & Shentel product.
  • Headbands come together with cream and gold pouches packed in signature yellow and gold Sereni & Shentel box.
  • It is important that you register your accurate phone number when you check out as the courier company will call you when they make delivery. 

International shipping rates are based on weight and is calculated at checkout. They only ship with FEDEX for International orders. If you have shipping enquires, send an email to

Shop this CNY season and get a set of limited edition Sereni and Shentel ang pow packets with minimum purchase of RM100, while stocks last.

Enjoy 15% OFF on online orders until 31st Jan 2014 (excluding gift sets and sale items), just key-in NEWYEAR upon checkout.  

I haven’t made an order yet but I’m definitely thrilled by this brand! I’m still taking some time to go through the collections and designs; I can’t make up my mind!


Sereni & Shentel was founded by best friends Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee in 2009. Shentel is a graphic designer and Sereni is a Mall Manager with a Property Management company. They are a perfect marriage of creativity and practicality.

The brand was founded in 2009, spurred on by a wardrobe crisis. Excited to be attending a Lady Gaga concert in Singapore in October 2009, Sereni and Shentel thought it was only fitting to make an effort to dress up a little out of the ordinary – an homage to the Lady herself.
The girls jumped online in search of appropriate headgear and found Gaga-esque moulded hair bow headbands to wear to the concert.
When the parcel arrived and the girls excitedly plucked them out of the box, they discovered that the headbands were so poorly constructed that they literally fell apart within minutes. Devastated and only hours to go before they had to depart, they decided to salvage the situation and create their own version of the Gaga bow using ribbon and rhinestones.
Sereni & Shentel headbands are handmade headbands made in Borneo by a team of artisans with a love for head turning and whimsical hair accessories. The headbands range from hand stitched bejeweled pieces to pearl encrusted bridal tiaras to demure Lolita-esque bows.
Sereni & Shentel is all about decoration without explanation. It is about having fun and a laugh with your look and injecting individuality into any fashion situation. The pieces are conversation starters; they are not dull or discreet. Eye catching, memorable and mad with a bit of humour is what the label is all about.
Choose from a wide range of headbands for adults, children and babies for any occasion ranging from Hen’s Veils for the bride-to-be, rhinestone encrusted party hats for the birthday girl to elaborate yet comfortable baby bands for baptisms.
Sereni & Shentel also offer custom headbands and have an interactive online application that allows customers to customize their headbands based on their popular Blair and Block Party styles.
For more info, collections and online shopping, visit
You may even request for a Look Book by filling up the form on their home page.
Connect to Sereni & Shentel Facebook page at:

Up Close and Personal with Be Green Bebe founder Caryn Lim

This past decade, we’ve observed a surge in popularity of organic products that range from food to cosmetics to clothes. And with more and more celebrities going ‘green’ or organic for the health of their kids, it’s no surprise that organic products are becoming even more popular these days.
But going ‘green’ is more than just a fad; when it comes to clothing, organic products play an important role in making life better for babies and children, especially those with unique conditions.
Did you know that most people suffering from skin allergies and sensitive skin can wear organic fabrics with little or no side effects? “Most people suffering from skin dermatological conditions can comfortably wear garments made from organic fibers such as organic cotton or bamboo. Depending on your level of skin sensitivity, you may need to wear hypoallergenic, dye-free clothing. Bamboo Fabric is naturally antimicrobial, and will not harm those with skin sensitivities. No chemicals have been added to achieve this value added benefit.” (source:

Be Green Bebe – eco friendly wear for babies and children
Good news for parents in Malaysia; you now have access to good quality organic clothing, and what’s even better, it’s easy with a click of your fingertips!
Caryn Lim, founder of Be Green Bebe at, has returned home to Malaysia from years abroad in London and realized there was a lack of chic and organic children’s wear in Malaysia. She wanted to introduce a range of clothing that was both sustainable and stylish, whilst remaining practical and most importantly comfortable for babies and kids.

I was very curious about the concept behind this brand and I was lucky to have some small talk with this remarkable lady. I asked Ms. Caryn Lim a few questions about Be Green Bebe:

Caryn Lim, founder of Be Green Bebe
1) At what age did you decide to set up your own business? How long did it take for you to create Be Green Bebe?
I have always wanted to start my own business and after leaving my full-time job in finance, I felt ready to try something different. The concept behind Be Green Bebe took a year to conceive. I liked the idea of a multi-label boutique as I like mixing and matching fashion and during that period, I attended numerous children’s trade fairs abroad, met with suppliers and worked closely with a designer to develop our brand and website.
2) What or who was your inspiration in launching an eco-friendly clothing shop?
When my goddaughter was born, I spent plenty of time hunting down the most adorable outfits and accessories. Along the way I discovered organic children’s clothing and learnt about its benefits, in that it is extremely soft, breathable and hypoallergenic. I found that there is a lack of chic and organic children’s wear easily accessible to all in one place and hence started my search for the best in kids fashion that is both sustainable and stylish, whilst remaining practical and most importantly, comfortable.
3) Do you travel a lot? Do you personally inspect the clothes or do you have a team who closely works with you?
I do like to personally inspect the clothes and have handpicked the entire first collection. Going forward, this may not always be practical to travel to the US and UK but I have no doubt as to the quality of the clothing as I choose the designs myself and they are all certified organic.

Be Green Bebe items are personally selected by Caryn Lim

4) Do you also advocate for organic diet?
I was brought up in a household that advocates a healthy lifestyle, of which an organic diet is a huge part. It isn’t always realistic or easy to eat organic all the time, but a little organic is better than none at all!
5) What challenges are you facing now in promoting Be Green Bebe to Malaysians? Are they easily convinced of organic clothing?
The response from Malaysian mums has been great so far. Organic clothing is much more popular in the West than in Asia but it is interesting to see that many young mothers are increasingly aware of organic products and are pleasantly surprised to find out that organic clothing actually offer comparable prices and value to that of the non-organic variety.

Be Green Bebe school bags

6) Are most of your customers local? Expatriates? Celebrities?
Most of my customers are local Malaysian mums.
7) What can we expect from Be Green Bebe in the next few months? Will there be new products, styles, etc.?
I want to grow Be Green Bebe into an iconic lifestyle brand, which is the go-to destination for stylish organic clothing and accessories in Asia.  We are bringing in new products all the time, and with Spring/Summer 2014 being shipped this January, there are lots to look forward to!  

For mothers, expecting mothers or mums-to-be, Be Green Bebe will be at the 7th Maternity and Children Expo in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from the 24th to the 26th of January 2013 and will be at booth 209! 


Be Green Bebe carries several trusted brands from around the world. All a genius and unique in its own design field, these brands ensure that our children get the comfort they deserve while taking advantage of the organic properties of their clothing. Here are some of the brands from Be Green Bebe:

Winner of Walpole “British Luxury Brands of Tomorrow” 2012, Aravore combines soft, dreamy colours with simple shapes and extraordinary detailing – all of which have become their trademark. Stunning additions like lace and piping, elegant cuts, hand-picked trims and peter pan collars help to achieve a luxurious look with a vintage feel that is modern and very wearable.
Why you’ll love Aravore: Handcrafted, understated luxury with beautiful detailing for a contemporary-retro look 

Babysoy’s baby layette line is designed by designer/mom, Amy and approved by daughter Harper, who refers to Babysoy as her “comfy clothes”. Using simple and fresh designs, Babysoy has created a sustainable and modern baby wardrobe for eco-babies without sacrificing comfort or style. All products are made of soybean protein fiber (Azlon) and other eco-friendly fibres such as organic cotton and rayon from bamboo. 

Why you’ll love Babysoy: Classic simplicity at its best
Broken Tricycle

Broken Tricycle was created by Patricia Murphy in 2010, a designer with 16 years experience in babywear. Combining her experiences as a designer and mother, she has created a beautifully designed range of modern babywear essentials which hint at innocence and nostalgia.
Why you’ll love Broken Tricycle: Comfy, everyday clothing with a twist
Coq en Pâte

A young French accessory and book publishing house for kids which places ethics at the heart of all creative processes. All products are manufactured in India out of labelled organic cotton (GOTS/Global Organic Textile Standard) and communicate a poetic, fun and educational message in their creations.        
Why you’ll love Coq en Pâte: Fun, graphic animal prints and bright colours   

Indikidual is a unisex capsule collection for all kids aged 3 months to 7 years. The range allows for layering and encourages mixing and matching to create individual looks and styles. All garments are made using organic cotton and are designed to be practical and comfy as well as fashionable and expressive.

Why you’ll love Indikidual: Quirky, cool style for fashionistas

Kate Quinn Organics

Kate Quinn Organics was launched in July 2006. Featuring stylish apparel made from the finest 100% certified organic fabrics, the company strives to care for the earth and its community without sacrificing fun and style.

Why you’ll love Kate Quinn Organics: Elegant lines and fresh, nature-inspired colours

Kickee Pants

KicKee Pants is a family run company based in US, with fabrications and styles based on the idea that children should feel unrestricted by their clothing, even when they are dressed up, and that apparel for little ones should celebrate the innocence of childhood. The super-soft casual clothing line with a strong celebrity following is made with eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo.

Why you’ll love Kickee Pants: Super-soft designs which are easily mixed and matched

La Queue Du Chat

Pretty, fun and cuddly-soft, this line of clothes from the French fair-trade and organic label La Queue du Chat (“The Cat’s Tail” in French) aims to be both beautiful and ethical. Since its foundation in 2005, the vibrant and cutie-pie brand is just that: good for the Earth, sensitive to the wellbeing of the cotton farmers, and tender on the sensitive skin of the babies who will wear it. Only pure Organic Cotton, grown without the use of pesticide or chemicals is used in the production of the brand’s range. All cotton products are made from 100% organic cotton certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Why you’ll love La Queue Du Chat: Their signature drawings of strange animals, vibrant colours and whimsical prints

Mini Rodini

Founded in 2005 by Swedish illustrator Cassandra Rhodin, Mini Rodini designs fashionable, modern, high-quality organic cotton clothing with a playful and fun twist to them, for both babies and children. With sustainability and quality in focus, Mini Rodini creates clothes that modern and conscientious parents want to dress their kids in, and that kids love to wear.

Why you’ll love Mini Rodini: Quirky graphic prints and quintessential Swedish style

Old Rectory

Founded in 2010 by sisters Joanna and Stephanie Sloan in Ireland, the range was borne by their passion for vibrant prints and a desire to deliver to parents’ clothes that are kind to children and to our environment.

Why you’ll love Old Rectory: Vintage-inspired prints reminiscent of a British countryside

Organic for kids

Organics for Kids was founded by Jane Shepherd in 2004, based on a lifelong passion for textiles and a deep interest in environmental solutions. Several years and a lot of hard work later, the range has taken on a life of its own, combining the finest and softest organic cotton with unique but classic designs and a serious attention to detail at every stage of production. 

Why you’ll love Organic for kids: Classic and contemporary style


Piccalilly was founded in 2006, when Hannah Evans found a gap in the market for stylish organic children’s clothing, after having her second child. Piccalilly has created a new generation of ethical clothing, by merging adorable designs with Fairtrade certified organic cotton and low impact environmentally friendly dyes. 

Why you’ll love Piccalilly: Bright colours, funky prints, cute knits and gorgeous shapes


Purebaby is an Australian owned fashion label creating unique, organic clothing for babies and children. Established in 2002, Purebaby was born out of a desire for beautiful and simple products made with awareness and care.

Why you’ll love Purebaby: Clean lines with beautiful detailing

Rosy Cheek Cosy

Founded by Tess Lambert, Rosy Cheek Cosy specialises in stylish and natural comfort blankets and baby gifts – all lovingly designed and made in Bath, England.

Why you’ll love Rosy Cheek Cosy: Soft and snuggly gift options
(Find out more about what Be Green Bebe has in store through my post, click HERE)
For more information, visit Be Green Bebe at

Benefit Beauty Bash with Butterfly Project

Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of 2014 and I had to keep reminding myself to write ‘4’ instead of ‘3’ on dates. Lucky I use an erasable pen.
I wouldn’t let this month pass by without sharing a post about one of the most fun beauty event I’ve attended as a butterfly with the Butterfly Project. Last month, me and other gorgeous butterflies had a chance to discover tips and tricks for applying make-up in a few minutes. Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia at Starhill (that’s on a floor above Sephora Starhill) held a gathering for beauty bloggers who are simply in love with Benefit.

Lovely Benefit make-up collection and pretty pink balloons
I haven’t tried a lot of Benefit products yet but I personally love POREfessional. It’s a great quick fix for my huge pores! (Check my review on POREfessional, click HERE)

Benefit POREfessional, my hero product!

The Benefit Beauty Bash was such a wonderful start for a great Saturday morning. Sweet, pink balloons adorned the shop, which gave an immediate feel of something wonderful for the day. I was the first blogger to arrive so I didn’t waste time by taking photos of the pretty set-up.

Benefit boutique at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang

Pink balloons scattered on the floor!

Benefit loves Sephora balloon
One by one, fellow gorgeous bloggers arrived. It was great seeing and meeting all or most of them. A few of the girls I finally met in person were Shivani Balraj, Sabby Prue (Sabrina Azmi), Innanie Ariffin, Wiida Ribbon, Ayna Jalal and more (so sorry if I missed the name of some). Everyone was wonderful and I really enjoy attending events with the Butterfly Project because everyone is simply friendly and approachable. Kudos to our good friend, leader and mother, Ms. Tammy Lim.
Here are the girls having fun chitchat while waiting for the others to arrive…
Beauty bloggers having fun at Benefit boutique

Check out the pink-themed snacks and drinks for that day…
Benefit Cosmetics pink-themed snacks for the day
The event started with an introduction from James of Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia. He gave a very good tutorial on how to complete a make-up look in a few minutes; I’d say around 15.
Benefit Cosmetics quick makeup demo
Pretty Sabby Prue was the make-up model for the day. James did a really good job in transforming her eye into an even more captivating one. Sabby already has a naturally beautiful pair of eyes but with James’s makeup technique (here seen on one eye first), Sabby’s eyes became more gorgeous and perfect for going out or for an event.
Left eye transformed by Benefit Cosmetics

After the tutorial from James, we were challenged to do our own make-up look using any of the Benefit products displayed in the boutique. It was fun looking around and trying different products! The activity was also a contest wherein we need to post our before and after shots to Instagram with tag to Benefit Cosmetics.
Here are my top picks for my own make-up look…
My top Benefit picks for my look!
And here is my before and after look…
Before and After applying Benefit Cosmetics

There are so many interesting products but I didn’t have much time. One of the most useful and practical products I noticed was the set collection. Each set contains several items that are perfect companions for make-up. And the sets come with a tips and tricks booklet attached to the box cover. Cool and genius!
Benefit make-up set: How to Look the Best at Everything

The contest time finished and Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia announced the lucky winner! (Sorry, I didn’t catch the pretty blogger’s name, if anyone would be so kind to comment her name that would be so great)

And the tall, pretty blogger won the contest!
This was such an enjoyable event with the bloggers and the Benefit Cosmetics team!

Me with the Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia team

(Check my post about Benefit Holiday Look, click HERE


Stay connected with Benefit Cosmetics, visit their FB page at:
Follow Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia on Instagram via:
Or visit Benefit boutiques at:
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Or visit a Benefit counter in:
Parkson KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion, Gurney Plaza
Robinsons The Gardens
Sephora Starhill, KLCC, Paradigm Mall
Metrojaya Mid Valley
Colours & Fragrances, KLIA