Benefit Beauty Bash with Butterfly Project

Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of 2014 and I had to keep reminding myself to write ‘4’ instead of ‘3’ on dates. Lucky I use an erasable pen.
I wouldn’t let this month pass by without sharing a post about one of the most fun beauty event I’ve attended as a butterfly with the Butterfly Project. Last month, me and other gorgeous butterflies had a chance to discover tips and tricks for applying make-up in a few minutes. Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia at Starhill (that’s on a floor above Sephora Starhill) held a gathering for beauty bloggers who are simply in love with Benefit.

Lovely Benefit make-up collection and pretty pink balloons
I haven’t tried a lot of Benefit products yet but I personally love POREfessional. It’s a great quick fix for my huge pores! (Check my review on POREfessional, click HERE)

Benefit POREfessional, my hero product!

The Benefit Beauty Bash was such a wonderful start for a great Saturday morning. Sweet, pink balloons adorned the shop, which gave an immediate feel of something wonderful for the day. I was the first blogger to arrive so I didn’t waste time by taking photos of the pretty set-up.

Benefit boutique at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang

Pink balloons scattered on the floor!

Benefit loves Sephora balloon
One by one, fellow gorgeous bloggers arrived. It was great seeing and meeting all or most of them. A few of the girls I finally met in person were Shivani Balraj, Sabby Prue (Sabrina Azmi), Innanie Ariffin, Wiida Ribbon, Ayna Jalal and more (so sorry if I missed the name of some). Everyone was wonderful and I really enjoy attending events with the Butterfly Project because everyone is simply friendly and approachable. Kudos to our good friend, leader and mother, Ms. Tammy Lim.
Here are the girls having fun chitchat while waiting for the others to arrive…
Beauty bloggers having fun at Benefit boutique

Check out the pink-themed snacks and drinks for that day…
Benefit Cosmetics pink-themed snacks for the day
The event started with an introduction from James of Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia. He gave a very good tutorial on how to complete a make-up look in a few minutes; I’d say around 15.
Benefit Cosmetics quick makeup demo
Pretty Sabby Prue was the make-up model for the day. James did a really good job in transforming her eye into an even more captivating one. Sabby already has a naturally beautiful pair of eyes but with James’s makeup technique (here seen on one eye first), Sabby’s eyes became more gorgeous and perfect for going out or for an event.
Left eye transformed by Benefit Cosmetics

After the tutorial from James, we were challenged to do our own make-up look using any of the Benefit products displayed in the boutique. It was fun looking around and trying different products! The activity was also a contest wherein we need to post our before and after shots to Instagram with tag to Benefit Cosmetics.
Here are my top picks for my own make-up look…
My top Benefit picks for my look!
And here is my before and after look…
Before and After applying Benefit Cosmetics

There are so many interesting products but I didn’t have much time. One of the most useful and practical products I noticed was the set collection. Each set contains several items that are perfect companions for make-up. And the sets come with a tips and tricks booklet attached to the box cover. Cool and genius!
Benefit make-up set: How to Look the Best at Everything

The contest time finished and Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia announced the lucky winner! (Sorry, I didn’t catch the pretty blogger’s name, if anyone would be so kind to comment her name that would be so great)

And the tall, pretty blogger won the contest!
This was such an enjoyable event with the bloggers and the Benefit Cosmetics team!

Me with the Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia team

(Check my post about Benefit Holiday Look, click HERE


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