Up Close and Personal with Be Green Bebe founder Caryn Lim

This past decade, we’ve observed a surge in popularity of organic products that range from food to cosmetics to clothes. And with more and more celebrities going ‘green’ or organic for the health of their kids, it’s no surprise that organic products are becoming even more popular these days.
But going ‘green’ is more than just a fad; when it comes to clothing, organic products play an important role in making life better for babies and children, especially those with unique conditions.
Did you know that most people suffering from skin allergies and sensitive skin can wear organic fabrics with little or no side effects? “Most people suffering from skin dermatological conditions can comfortably wear garments made from organic fibers such as organic cotton or bamboo. Depending on your level of skin sensitivity, you may need to wear hypoallergenic, dye-free clothing. Bamboo Fabric is naturally antimicrobial, and will not harm those with skin sensitivities. No chemicals have been added to achieve this value added benefit.” (source: www.babyclothes.about.com)

Be Green Bebe – eco friendly wear for babies and children
Good news for parents in Malaysia; you now have access to good quality organic clothing, and what’s even better, it’s easy with a click of your fingertips!
Caryn Lim, founder of Be Green Bebe at www.begreenbebe.com, has returned home to Malaysia from years abroad in London and realized there was a lack of chic and organic children’s wear in Malaysia. She wanted to introduce a range of clothing that was both sustainable and stylish, whilst remaining practical and most importantly comfortable for babies and kids.

I was very curious about the concept behind this brand and I was lucky to have some small talk with this remarkable lady. I asked Ms. Caryn Lim a few questions about Be Green Bebe:

Caryn Lim, founder of Be Green Bebe
1) At what age did you decide to set up your own business? How long did it take for you to create Be Green Bebe?
I have always wanted to start my own business and after leaving my full-time job in finance, I felt ready to try something different. The concept behind Be Green Bebe took a year to conceive. I liked the idea of a multi-label boutique as I like mixing and matching fashion and during that period, I attended numerous children’s trade fairs abroad, met with suppliers and worked closely with a designer to develop our brand and website.
2) What or who was your inspiration in launching an eco-friendly clothing shop?
When my goddaughter was born, I spent plenty of time hunting down the most adorable outfits and accessories. Along the way I discovered organic children’s clothing and learnt about its benefits, in that it is extremely soft, breathable and hypoallergenic. I found that there is a lack of chic and organic children’s wear easily accessible to all in one place and hence started my search for the best in kids fashion that is both sustainable and stylish, whilst remaining practical and most importantly, comfortable.
3) Do you travel a lot? Do you personally inspect the clothes or do you have a team who closely works with you?
I do like to personally inspect the clothes and have handpicked the entire first collection. Going forward, this may not always be practical to travel to the US and UK but I have no doubt as to the quality of the clothing as I choose the designs myself and they are all certified organic.

Be Green Bebe items are personally selected by Caryn Lim

4) Do you also advocate for organic diet?
I was brought up in a household that advocates a healthy lifestyle, of which an organic diet is a huge part. It isn’t always realistic or easy to eat organic all the time, but a little organic is better than none at all!
5) What challenges are you facing now in promoting Be Green Bebe to Malaysians? Are they easily convinced of organic clothing?
The response from Malaysian mums has been great so far. Organic clothing is much more popular in the West than in Asia but it is interesting to see that many young mothers are increasingly aware of organic products and are pleasantly surprised to find out that organic clothing actually offer comparable prices and value to that of the non-organic variety.

Be Green Bebe school bags

6) Are most of your customers local? Expatriates? Celebrities?
Most of my customers are local Malaysian mums.
7) What can we expect from Be Green Bebe in the next few months? Will there be new products, styles, etc.?
I want to grow Be Green Bebe into an iconic lifestyle brand, which is the go-to destination for stylish organic clothing and accessories in Asia.  We are bringing in new products all the time, and with Spring/Summer 2014 being shipped this January, there are lots to look forward to!  

For mothers, expecting mothers or mums-to-be, Be Green Bebe will be at the 7th Maternity and Children Expo in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from the 24th to the 26th of January 2013 and will be at booth 209! 


Be Green Bebe carries several trusted brands from around the world. All a genius and unique in its own design field, these brands ensure that our children get the comfort they deserve while taking advantage of the organic properties of their clothing. Here are some of the brands from Be Green Bebe:

Winner of Walpole “British Luxury Brands of Tomorrow” 2012, Aravore combines soft, dreamy colours with simple shapes and extraordinary detailing – all of which have become their trademark. Stunning additions like lace and piping, elegant cuts, hand-picked trims and peter pan collars help to achieve a luxurious look with a vintage feel that is modern and very wearable.
Why you’ll love Aravore: Handcrafted, understated luxury with beautiful detailing for a contemporary-retro look 

Babysoy’s baby layette line is designed by designer/mom, Amy and approved by daughter Harper, who refers to Babysoy as her “comfy clothes”. Using simple and fresh designs, Babysoy has created a sustainable and modern baby wardrobe for eco-babies without sacrificing comfort or style. All products are made of soybean protein fiber (Azlon) and other eco-friendly fibres such as organic cotton and rayon from bamboo. 

Why you’ll love Babysoy: Classic simplicity at its best
Broken Tricycle

Broken Tricycle was created by Patricia Murphy in 2010, a designer with 16 years experience in babywear. Combining her experiences as a designer and mother, she has created a beautifully designed range of modern babywear essentials which hint at innocence and nostalgia.
Why you’ll love Broken Tricycle: Comfy, everyday clothing with a twist
Coq en Pâte

A young French accessory and book publishing house for kids which places ethics at the heart of all creative processes. All products are manufactured in India out of labelled organic cotton (GOTS/Global Organic Textile Standard) and communicate a poetic, fun and educational message in their creations.        
Why you’ll love Coq en Pâte: Fun, graphic animal prints and bright colours   

Indikidual is a unisex capsule collection for all kids aged 3 months to 7 years. The range allows for layering and encourages mixing and matching to create individual looks and styles. All garments are made using organic cotton and are designed to be practical and comfy as well as fashionable and expressive.

Why you’ll love Indikidual: Quirky, cool style for fashionistas

Kate Quinn Organics

Kate Quinn Organics was launched in July 2006. Featuring stylish apparel made from the finest 100% certified organic fabrics, the company strives to care for the earth and its community without sacrificing fun and style.

Why you’ll love Kate Quinn Organics: Elegant lines and fresh, nature-inspired colours

Kickee Pants

KicKee Pants is a family run company based in US, with fabrications and styles based on the idea that children should feel unrestricted by their clothing, even when they are dressed up, and that apparel for little ones should celebrate the innocence of childhood. The super-soft casual clothing line with a strong celebrity following is made with eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo.

Why you’ll love Kickee Pants: Super-soft designs which are easily mixed and matched

La Queue Du Chat

Pretty, fun and cuddly-soft, this line of clothes from the French fair-trade and organic label La Queue du Chat (“The Cat’s Tail” in French) aims to be both beautiful and ethical. Since its foundation in 2005, the vibrant and cutie-pie brand is just that: good for the Earth, sensitive to the wellbeing of the cotton farmers, and tender on the sensitive skin of the babies who will wear it. Only pure Organic Cotton, grown without the use of pesticide or chemicals is used in the production of the brand’s range. All cotton products are made from 100% organic cotton certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Why you’ll love La Queue Du Chat: Their signature drawings of strange animals, vibrant colours and whimsical prints

Mini Rodini

Founded in 2005 by Swedish illustrator Cassandra Rhodin, Mini Rodini designs fashionable, modern, high-quality organic cotton clothing with a playful and fun twist to them, for both babies and children. With sustainability and quality in focus, Mini Rodini creates clothes that modern and conscientious parents want to dress their kids in, and that kids love to wear.

Why you’ll love Mini Rodini: Quirky graphic prints and quintessential Swedish style

Old Rectory

Founded in 2010 by sisters Joanna and Stephanie Sloan in Ireland, the range was borne by their passion for vibrant prints and a desire to deliver to parents’ clothes that are kind to children and to our environment.

Why you’ll love Old Rectory: Vintage-inspired prints reminiscent of a British countryside

Organic for kids

Organics for Kids was founded by Jane Shepherd in 2004, based on a lifelong passion for textiles and a deep interest in environmental solutions. Several years and a lot of hard work later, the range has taken on a life of its own, combining the finest and softest organic cotton with unique but classic designs and a serious attention to detail at every stage of production. 

Why you’ll love Organic for kids: Classic and contemporary style


Piccalilly was founded in 2006, when Hannah Evans found a gap in the market for stylish organic children’s clothing, after having her second child. Piccalilly has created a new generation of ethical clothing, by merging adorable designs with Fairtrade certified organic cotton and low impact environmentally friendly dyes. 

Why you’ll love Piccalilly: Bright colours, funky prints, cute knits and gorgeous shapes


Purebaby is an Australian owned fashion label creating unique, organic clothing for babies and children. Established in 2002, Purebaby was born out of a desire for beautiful and simple products made with awareness and care.

Why you’ll love Purebaby: Clean lines with beautiful detailing

Rosy Cheek Cosy

Founded by Tess Lambert, Rosy Cheek Cosy specialises in stylish and natural comfort blankets and baby gifts – all lovingly designed and made in Bath, England.

Why you’ll love Rosy Cheek Cosy: Soft and snuggly gift options
(Find out more about what Be Green Bebe has in store through my post, click HERE)
For more information, visit Be Green Bebe at

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