Be Fabulous this CNY with Gorgeous Headbands from Sereni and Shentel!


Chinese New Year is here! Everybody is getting busy with all the preparations for food, ang pow money, travel, plans with the family and, of course, looking fabulous for CNY dinners and gatherings.
I bet most of the ladies are spending much time on what dress and shoes to wear. Some are even planning on redoing their hairstyle, having their manicure and pedicure done among other things to look beautiful for the season. Like them, I’m also thinking of how to look my best on those important days. Being married to a Chinese, I celebrate Chinese New Year together with his family and relatives. New Year’s Eve dinner is an important occasion when everyone will be sitting together to enjoy food and exchange warm wishes to usher the New Year in.
So, yeah, I also need to plan on what to wear and how to look nice. While flipping through one of my favorite monthly magazine, Female, I stumbled upon this amazing and interesting online shop — Sereni and Shentel.
My first reaction upon reading the article was, “How come I’ve never known this brand before?” Oh, my goodness! This is such a revolutionary and extraordinary brand!
Accessories can make a huge difference to how attire makes its impact and an individual’s personality. I used to collect a lot of headbands with different colors and thicknesses. Well, I particularly love thick ones because they put my hair in place more efficiently; I used to have dry, messy hair until I met ‘re-bonding’.  Haha! But it’s not easy to find really good headbands. I don’t like those types with ‘teeth’ that make me uncomfortable. Some materials are also too hard and can give me migraine throughout a day. Most of all, it’s not easy to find pieces that blend with, complement or fire up your attire.
When I saw the headbands by Sereni & Shentel, I was awestruck. They are so charming and fabulous! These headbands are really a fashion statement on their own. So I check out the website,, and I was even more captivated.  The designs are out-of-this-world, in a good way, and all the headbands are handmade, which makes the details look very elaborate and attractive. Sereni & Shentel offers online shopping for their gorgeous headbands and provides free shipping to Malaysia. Shipping is also available to other selected countries with applicable shipping fees.
Enough said, I’m just delighted to share what the brand offers. Take a look at all these great items and, by the way, these are just some of what they have in store. There are so many collections I can’t even decide which ones to post here!
For Chinese New Year dinners where you want to be in your beautiful cheong sam, these pieces are great accessories, whether or not your dress is in red!

Sereni & Shentel CNY Pom Pom Headband
Giant pom poms in red and pink sewn onto a Shocking Pink headband. Made from Metallic ribbon and wool pom poms. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.

Sereni and Shentel Ice Ice Baby Shiny Red Headband
A classic headband for the girl who wants to add some bling to her outfit. More colours available.

Sereni and Shentel Mini Matte Tangerine Headband
Not as in your face as ice ice baby, this mini version still packs a punch in the bling department. Great for the girl who wants to be quietly ostentatious.

Sereni and Shentel CNY Bejewelled Lolita Bow

A CNY edition Lolita bow in Gold with shiny gold stones, sewn onto a Petersham headband in Chocolate Chip. Size & Fit:

Headband thickness is 1.3cm. Bow is 85mm wide. Made from Rayon for the headband base and Metallic ribbon for the bow. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.

Sereni and Shentel CNY Velvetine Blair

A CNY edition tangerine Blair sewn onto a Velvetine headband in Russet Orange.
Size & Fit:

Headband thickness is 1.3cm. Made with acrylic stones, metallic ribbon and velvet ribbon. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.
Sereni and Shentel also offers lovely gift sets for all occasions. Great gifts for fashionable friends, great buys for you!
Sereni and Shentel Velvetine Gift Set 
The best gift for the girl who can’t just have one.
 Any three colors of your choice.
 Headbands come with a white dust bag.

Sereni and Shentel Borneo Gift Set
The ultimate Borneo gift set includes:
1 x Borneo Lolita of your colour choice

1 x Borneo Block Party of your colour choice

1 x Borneo Blair of your colour choice

1 x SS white dust bag
Sereni and Shentel Somewhere Over the Rainbow Gift Set
This gift set includes:
1 x SS Rainbow Blair

1 x SS Rainbow Ice Ice Baby Mini

1 x SS Rainbow Bow Down

1 x SS white dust bag

Sereni and Shentel Mini Trio Gift Set
This Mini Trio gift set includes:
1 x Lolita of your colour choice

1 x Mini Block Party in grosgrain of your colour choice

1 x Ice Ice Baby Mini of your colour choice

1 x SS white dust bag
This next one is probably the most rare set I’ve seen:
Sereni and Shentel Velvet Bunny Gift Set
This gift set includes:
1 x SS Showgirl Velvet Bunny

1 x SS Showgirl Lolita Glove

1 x SS Showgirl Collar & Cuffs

1 x SS white dust bag
This one contains headbands that will really turn heads and eyes on you:

Sereni and Shentel Be Seen Gift Set

This gift set includes:
1 x Empire Rose of your colour choice

1 x Sunny Hill of your colour choice

1 x Peek A Boo of your colour choice

1 x SS white dust bag
Valentine’s Day is also just around the corner. Having any special parties? Bring out the glamor in you with these pieces from the Showgirl collection.

Sereni and Shentel Showgirl Kuching Cat
Rev up your Valentine with some pin-up glamour this Valentine’s season. Take this Sereni & Shentel pin-up inspired headband from dinner to the boudoir and bring out your inner Dita Von Teese. Select from hues of blush, black and vanilla in our popular classics or be daring in our new sequin cat ears and large satin Playboy bunny ear inspired headband. This collection also introduces a set that features a Sereni & Shentel collar and a pair of cuffs to spice up your date night.

Size & Fit:
Headband thickness is 25mm at the top. Bow width is 185mm. Made from Grosgrain ribbon and Acrylic stones. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.

Sereni and Shentel Showgirl Pussy Cat

Maybe you prefer subtle yet stylish head pieces, you can opt for the mini styles that come in fab colors:

Rock your block with a pop of colour in this mini version. Smaller than the Block Party, the headband measures 25mm in width. More colours available. Size & Fit:
Headband thickness is 10mm at the top. Bow is 27mm wide. Made from Sparkle/Metallic/Grosgrain ribbon. Headband has Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated trademarked charm.
Another endearing fact about Sereni & Shentel is they have collections for babies and kids! What a genius way to make the little ones more posh and even more adorable with these headpieces!

Headpieces for babies!

Lovely headbands for girls!

Ordering online is easy. Several payment options are accepted: PayPal, credit card, online banking and direct bank transfer. And, yes, Sereni and Shentel offers free delivery to all orders made within Malaysia. It will roughly take 10 business days to receive your order, as all items are handmade.
So what should we expect from delivery of Sereni and Shentel headbands?

  • Headbands have the legally trademarked 24 carat gold plated or rhodium Kuching Cat charm, and security tagged. This is a sure way of telling if you have bought a genuine Sereni & Shentel product.
  • Headbands come together with cream and gold pouches packed in signature yellow and gold Sereni & Shentel box.
  • It is important that you register your accurate phone number when you check out as the courier company will call you when they make delivery. 

International shipping rates are based on weight and is calculated at checkout. They only ship with FEDEX for International orders. If you have shipping enquires, send an email to

Shop this CNY season and get a set of limited edition Sereni and Shentel ang pow packets with minimum purchase of RM100, while stocks last.

Enjoy 15% OFF on online orders until 31st Jan 2014 (excluding gift sets and sale items), just key-in NEWYEAR upon checkout.  

I haven’t made an order yet but I’m definitely thrilled by this brand! I’m still taking some time to go through the collections and designs; I can’t make up my mind!


Sereni & Shentel was founded by best friends Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee in 2009. Shentel is a graphic designer and Sereni is a Mall Manager with a Property Management company. They are a perfect marriage of creativity and practicality.

The brand was founded in 2009, spurred on by a wardrobe crisis. Excited to be attending a Lady Gaga concert in Singapore in October 2009, Sereni and Shentel thought it was only fitting to make an effort to dress up a little out of the ordinary – an homage to the Lady herself.
The girls jumped online in search of appropriate headgear and found Gaga-esque moulded hair bow headbands to wear to the concert.
When the parcel arrived and the girls excitedly plucked them out of the box, they discovered that the headbands were so poorly constructed that they literally fell apart within minutes. Devastated and only hours to go before they had to depart, they decided to salvage the situation and create their own version of the Gaga bow using ribbon and rhinestones.
Sereni & Shentel headbands are handmade headbands made in Borneo by a team of artisans with a love for head turning and whimsical hair accessories. The headbands range from hand stitched bejeweled pieces to pearl encrusted bridal tiaras to demure Lolita-esque bows.
Sereni & Shentel is all about decoration without explanation. It is about having fun and a laugh with your look and injecting individuality into any fashion situation. The pieces are conversation starters; they are not dull or discreet. Eye catching, memorable and mad with a bit of humour is what the label is all about.
Choose from a wide range of headbands for adults, children and babies for any occasion ranging from Hen’s Veils for the bride-to-be, rhinestone encrusted party hats for the birthday girl to elaborate yet comfortable baby bands for baptisms.
Sereni & Shentel also offer custom headbands and have an interactive online application that allows customers to customize their headbands based on their popular Blair and Block Party styles.
For more info, collections and online shopping, visit
You may even request for a Look Book by filling up the form on their home page.
Connect to Sereni & Shentel Facebook page at:

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