Bricks4Kidz – A Great Place for Creative Learning and Fun for Kids!


I’ve adored Lego since I was a young girl. I can still recall making robots, houses and human figures using those colorful plastic mini bricks. Somehow, those simple small things can bring so much fun and joy to a child. Looking at the world that our children live in today, it seems that the happiness of kids have become so high-technology (and more costly, by the way). They now have iPads, XBox, Play station, internet games and other mobile devices. Classic games that I enjoy during my time has been lost: hide and seek, snakes and ladders board game, scrabble using the classic letter tiles playing against friends who are in front of you and not strangers sitting somewhere around the world in front of their laptop or tablet. Technology has been great and we’ll definitely die without those things that we have now; but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if our children are missing out on things that we enjoyed during our childhood?
My 4-year-old son, like a lot of kids nowadays, is also exposed to iPad games but I add a lot of educational apps to ensure that his iPad is mainly for learning and not playing. I don’t let him play for long hours and I make sure that we do something ‘traditional’ every day. We draw, we wrestle, we paint, we play toys, and we read books. A few months ago, during one of his shopping sprees with the grandparents, he bought sets of Legos and I was happily surprised to see his deep interest in fixing those bricks. It’s a delight to discover your child’s creative interest!
Some people are surprised when they find out that, although I specialize in marketing management, my educational background is actually Interior Design. Yep, I was a licensed interior designer. And, yes, I have an eternal love and passion for creative things. You can just imagine how happy I was to bring my son to this amazing place in Kota Damansara — Bricks4Kidz!


Reaching Malaysian shores for the first time with its inaugural opening in Sri Petaling in September, the Bricks4Kidz (B4K) enrichment centre provides one-of-a-kind, essential enrichment educational programmes to children from ages of four until twelve. Centred on innovative project kits and theme-based models that effectively combine education with play, children can ‘learn, build and play’, as the tagline goes, with LEGO® Bricks. B4K programmes have been lauded for their success in 16 countries worldwide and over 300 locations in the United States of America (US).
Isn’t it amazing that there’s actually a learning program to help our kids with their brain development through Lego bricks? Bricks4Kidz has different programs for each age group up to 8 years old. The program is aimed at enhancing their thinking skills such as coordination, analysis and creative thinking. As the managing director of Creative Child Development Sdn Bhd and Master Licensee of B4K, Mr. Demitrius Lam said, “It’s like teaching a child how to walk before he can run. Creative thinking through Lego-building trains them to figure out things or solve problems and not give up, the way that we should be in real life when we grow up and face bigger challenges in life.”

Mr Demitrius Lam, managing director of Creative Child Development Sdn Bhd
I don’t need much convincing. I started playing Lego bricks at a young age. Although I won’t attribute my creative skills entirely to that, I do believe that it helps in training the mind for bigger things, as we get old. When you’re playing with Lego bricks, you learn to think that there’s always a way to go around building something you want to create. You learn to imagine more and visualize things beyond the norm.
My son was the first to arrive at Bricks4Kidz that Saturday morning where other mommy bloggers from the Butterfly Project and I were invited to an exclusive introduction session. Very much familiar and in love with LEGO®, he started playing around with the bricks, wanting to build a car, as usual. Mr Demitrius Lam was very kind to play with my son and patient enough to attend to his requests.

Mr Demitrius Lam playing patiently with my naughty son

Check out this genius display for Year of the Horse Chinese New Year!
Welcome the Year of the Horse!
And more display of beautiful, creative figures:


Aden’s class started with an educational lesson from Cik Siti about an octopus. For a simple exercise of building an octopus figure, I find it incredible that Bricks4Kidz provides an interactive lesson to make kids learn more about what they’re about to make. Cik Siti explained what an octopus is and gave interesting facts about this animal before diving into building the figure. I’ve never seen my son so attentive like this!


They provided a step-by-step guide, printed huge in full color, which is easy for the kids to follow. Aden patiently followed every step. Watching him closely through this class, I was very happy to see his eagerness and patience to achieve the mission.

Lego Step-by-Step guide for building the octopus

Chubby hands fixing Lego bricks
Aden’s octopus finished!
Octopus in red, yellow, blue and black Lego bricks
After the octopus exercise, Cik Siti gave the kids a quick exercise to build blocks and to color. Aden also enjoyed this part and happily colored his paper and even wrote his name.


For older kids, Ms Lisa Ong, managing director and owner of B4K in Kota Damansara, conducted an interesting exercise that involved a more advanced level of constructing brick figures. 

Ms. Lisa Ong, managing director/owner of B4K in Kota Damansara

There are several rooms for different age group classes. Notice that each room is colorfully painted and tables are in creative shapes that also come in different colors. Visually stimulating and fun for the children.

One of the rooms at Bricks4Kidz

And check out this signage. This has got to be the cutest ‘Toilet’ signage I’ve seen! Well done, B4K!

Me and my fellow mummies spent a bit more time talking to Mr Demitrius Lam about the learning program. “In all of our 130 subject lessons based on  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics, B4K adopts a hands-on method where our students are coached by qualified teachers who guide them through new projects and challenges each week. For example, to teach children about the Laws of Motion, we have designed six project kits over the course of six weeks that will teach them about the essential principles discovered by Sir Isaac Newton such as inertia and mass. It sounds extremely complicated, especially for kids as young as four to eight years of age. However, by using simple words and encouraging them to build a clock or a see-saw using LEGO® Bricks, they will be able to understand the concepts better and will ultimately develop a positive attitude towards science,” explained Mr. Lam. “Having LEGO® Bricks as our main teaching tool will not only make the classes more interesting and fun; it will also help develop the children in other ways. This include fostering sequential problem solving skills, advancing spatial and relational thinking, enhance EQ, foster teamwork as well as social and emotional skills, and nurturing process-oriented thinking,” Mr Lam added.
What are the educational and developmental benefits of going through the Bricks4Kidz Program?
  • Following step-by-step directions
  • Sequencing
  • Fine motor skills
  • Spatial/ relational thinking
  • Visual/ Kinesthetic learning
  • Organizational skills
  • Process-oriented thinking
  • Social/emotional skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Teamwork and cooperation

Aden was very happy after finishing one lesson at Bricks4Kidz. At home, he excitedly opened his new Lego set from B4K and we started building the figures. He really enjoys this and I’m so happy to do something fun with him! Well, yeah, I already admitted that I’m a Lego fan, too, right?
Aden’s Lego village
I think that Bricks4Kidz learning program is an amazing, genius way to develop our children’s minds and attitude as well. This is a unique and fun way for our children to cultivate sets of skills that are not necessarily developed in basic school subjects. In Aden’s first class, I’ve observed his full attentiveness and patience in following the lesson, which is quite rare for me to see. And even at home, he was more jolly and obedient after the class. Amazing!

To find out more about the class schedule and fees, get in touch with B4K at:
Bricks4Kidz – Ms. Lisa Ong
Tel. No.            +603 61505439
HP No.             +6016 322 3525
Unit C-12-2 Sunway Giza
No. 2 Jalan PJU 5/14
Kota Damansara 47810
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Get connected to Bricks4Kids Malaysia through their FB page at:
To find out more about Bricks4Kidz international, visit them at:
Bricks4Kidz provides enrichment programs, preschool programs, birthday parties and holiday camps.
About Bricks4Kidz™
Bricks4Kidz™ (B4K) is a child enrichment centre which offers essential education programmes to complement children’s existing curriculum at school. Founded in the United States of America (US) in 2008, B4K programmes have since been internationally recognised in 16 countries worldwide and over 300 locations in the US.
Following its tagline ‘we learn, we build, we play’, B4K programmes are conducted using LEGO® Bricks as its main teaching tool, providing children with a fun yet educative learning environment. Specifically designed for children between the ages of four and eight, B4K programmes require students to build structures out of the LEGO® blocks using set project kits and theme-based model plans that enhance their knowledge on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) principles. B4K programmes are also designed to help develop essential life skills among children on a personal, emotional, and social level.

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