Silk Apple delivers beauty right to your doorstep!

When I first encountered online beauty shopping several years ago, I was a bit skeptical about ordering beauty products. My experience in managing skincare brands has given me good knowledge that if the shipment is not properly done and the products get exposed to extreme heat, skincare items will not be in good condition by the time I receive them. Heat is one of the enemies of beauty products including makeup items.

I love shopping!
But over the past years, online shopping has given me good experience.  I’ve probably shopped in every online shopping site launched in Malaysia. Well, I didn’t shop for beauty products right away. I started with non-expiring items and hair treatment services; those discount deals are just irresistible, right? Like a lot of shoppers, I admit I’m a sucker for huge discounts, too.
I then dared to buy some skincare products online and I was surprised to receive them in good condition. Well, I guess I underestimated the capability of online beauty shops!
I recently had a chance to experience a new online beauty shopping that has reached the country — Silk Apple.
Silk Apple is an online beauty-shopping site ( with headquarters in Taiwan that delivers to Malaysia as well. Silk Apple offers a wide range of products: eye care and eye makeup, skincare items such as cleansers, lotions, serums, moisturizers and masks. Silk Apple is currently carrying 4 beauty brands namely: Angel en Provence, Ferrmina, Echisse and Reacheer.
I received all these 4 items in good, intact condition from Silk Apple:

4 items delivered directly to my address!

I was, of course, excited to sample and test the products.


RM48 for 200mL
With an infusion of many kinds of plant extract essences such as chrysanthemum extracts, oats and hyaluronic acid, Echisse Total Essential Lotion naturally stimulates repair and maintenance of the skin. It refines pores, reduces dark spots and promotes a brighter skin color. It gives a younger, firmer look, minimizes the lines on the face, and supplements moisture content.  
How to Use: After cleansing and drying your face, disperse Echisse Total Essential Lotion on cotton pad and gently pat on the face. Allow a minute for your skin to absorb the lotion before applying your serum or moisturizer.
My verdict: This lotion is easily absorbed by the skin and makes the skin supple and smooth. The light, fresh scent is pleasant and makes your cheeks even more kissable, especially in the evening. I just hope it will come with English product information and instruction on the bottle in the future.


RM58 for 50mL
This lovely smooth cream balances oil on the skin while minimizing that greasy uncomfortable feeling. It enhances the skin’s natural moisture content and provides lasting hydration to the skin. Ferrmina Aqua Fresh Facial Cream contains flower and plant essences and snail mucus extract, which provide superb moisturizing properties, giving your skin that moisture boost to maintain supple, youthful feeling.
How to Use: After applying your toner or lotion and/or serum, take a pea-size amount of Aqua Fresh Facial Cream and massage all over the face and neck in upward direction.
My verdict: This water-based facial cream has a nice texture and spreads easily on the face. It does have lasting hydration on the skin and also provides a good canvas before applying makeup during the day. It also comes in a cute, unique jar. This is probably the first time I’ve used a moisturizer that comes in 3-color container. Similar to Echisse item, I also hope it will have an English instruction and product information.


RM67 for 30mL
Your makeup will spread evenly and last longer with Reacheer Radiance Makeup Base. The color of the product adjusts naturally to the color of your skin. The technology behind this makeup base allows you to have an even and radiant complexion. It gives your skin a healthy radiance and defines your makeup finish beautifully.
How to Use: During the day, after applying your sunscreen, dab a few dots of Reacheer makeup base all over the face and gently spread using your ring and middle finger until product is fully spread. Apply your foundation on top. At night, simply apply before your foundation.
My verdict: This is my favorite among the 4 products I’ve tried from Silk Apple. I love the black, clean look of the tube (yes, I’m a sucker for nice packaging) and I enjoy seeing the magic of the purple cream naturally blending to my skin color after spreading on the face. This product has some English product information, which is good, although some info are still in Chinese.


RM53 for 25g
Bothered by huge, visible pores? The Ferrmina Smooth Pore Invisible Cream provides instant solution to reduce the appearance of pores. This quickly and naturally clears the pores, leaving them smooth with an effective protective barrier. 
How to Use: After your skincare regimen, apply Ferrmina Smooth Pore Invisible Cream on targeted areas where pores are visible such as the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. This can be used before or after makeup.
My verdict: I am actually surprised that at this relatively affordable price, this pore cream does its purpose well! It blends smoothly with makeup without cracking or ‘caking’. It also spreads nicely on the skin both before and after foundation.

Silk Apple provides an easy, affordable access to beauty products that will be sent right to your doorstep or preferred address. I was happily surprised to receive my chosen products within 3 days; that’s very fast. Silk Apple is currently offering a promotion to Malaysian shoppers: simply purchase RM150 and enjoy FREE delivery plus FREE eyeliner of your choice.

FREE Delivery and Eyeliner of your choice from Silk Apple!

Here are some of the new products at Silk Apple (hey, that Shea Butter Hand Cream looks interesting):

More beauty products at Silk Apple

Silk Apple’s site also hosts beauty tips or photos showing actual application of featured products:

Beauty Tip Photos at Silk Apple
Several payment options are available for online shoppers at Silk Apple. Choose from Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and American Express.

If you’re looking for good beauty products at an affordable price while enjoying the surprise of receiving them at your home, check out Silk Apple’s range of beauty items!
Stay connected with Silk Apple, visit their FB page at:
Check out more fabulous beauty products at
Silk Apple is headquartered at:    
Freedmart Pretty,
3f/8. No.1 Wu Chuan 1st Rd, Hsib-chuang Dist,
New Taipei City, 248 Taiwan
If you have an enquiry, contact Silk Apple by clicking HERE

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