L’Oreal EverSleek Shampoo and Conditioner

Dealing with dry, frizzy hair has been part of my challenges since I was in my late teens (and now I’m already in my early 30’s, gasp!). When I was 26, I started rebonding my hair once a year. However, going through chemical hair treatments like this can make the hair unhealthy, more brittle and harder to manage once the effects of the treatment wear off. From 6 months onwards after treatment, my hair would start to get frizzy and dry again, reveal unwanted waves all over, and I notice bad hair fall while bathing. If I want my hair to be in presentable condition, it’s either I use a straightening iron or I tie it.
It’s not easy to find a good set of shampoo and conditioner that will be great for my hair type. For a long time now, I’ve been loyal to Clairol Herbal Essences Coconut Milk (see my post about this, click HERE). But I’m always happy to try something new and interesting. While shopping for my regular toiletries at Watsons Mid Valley one day, I stumbled upon L’Oreal EverSleek products. The ‘Sleek’ packaging and the product description caught my attention; it says EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System, 48-hour frizz control.
L’Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System

A lot of us have probably heard of sulfate a few times but why is this product highlighting “Sulfate-Free”? Sulfates are chemicals found in shampoos, cleansers and similar products that produce suds or foam. In the past, we consumers felt that the foam makes the product work or more effective. But as it turns out, the sulfates that produce the chemical process aren’t very good for our skin or our hair. Sulfates in shampoo strip away more than dirt and excess oil from the scalp; sulfates also remove natural oils that our hair needs to stay healthy. Without these natural oils, scalp can become dry and itchy, and hair can develop dandruff and become frizzy (for more details, check www.livestrong.com).
L’Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Shampoo
L’Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System™ Reparative Smoothing Shampoo – Controls frizz.
Gently cleanses.
Gently cleanses while weightlessly smoothing frizzy, unruly hair. Helps improve texture, and leaves hair beautifully sleek and manageable.
The shampoo comes in a plastic tube with its opening cap at the base. The shampoo itself is a clear, colorless liquid with very light scent. Though the packaging looks elegant with its color gradient effect while showing the contents, I wasn’t happy with the cap. It’s quite hard to control the flow of the shampoo with this opening and considering that the shampoo is very water-like and fluid, it’s even tougher to stop the product from flowing out.

It would have been a good idea if the hole has some sort of stopper to control the liquid easier. Something like these two:

So I decided to transfer the shampoo to a bottle. This is why I love glass containers; they are reusable and easy to wash. The brown bottle here is my Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer’s glass bottle that I finished last year. But I’ve kept the bottle simply because I know it can be useful.
When I used the shampoo for the first time, I didn’t quite like it because of very little foam forming on my hair. But since this is a sulfate-free product, that is expected. I just wasn’t used to it and I had to pour more of the shampoo to apply all over my long hair. Nevertheless, my hair felt clean after shampooing. When used together with the conditioner, this shampoo does miracle to my hair! (Refer to my verdict below)
How to Use:
Apply to wet hair and massage into a thick lather. Rinse. For optimal results, follow with EverSleek Intense Smoothing Conditioner. For added smoothing, use one of EverSleek’s advanced treatments.
PRICE: RM29.90 for 250ml (Watsons)
Where to buy: Watsons, Guardian and other leading pharmacies 

L’Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Conditioner

EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System™ Intense Smoothing Conditioner -Controls frizz.
Gently cleanses.
EverSleek Intense Smoothing Conditioner smoothes and deeply conditions frizzy, unruly hair without weighdown. Helps improve texture, and leaves hair beautifully sleek and manageable.
The conditioner comes in a copper-colored metallic tube with shiny finish. Unlike the shampoo, this one is easy to control even with that type of cap since conditioners have a thick texture and don’t flow continuously. The tube is easy to press. The conditioner itself comes in a milky white color and has a good thick texture. I don’t like those watery conditioners that don’t stick well to hair upon application. But this one is good.
After washing my hair with EverSleek Shampoo, I apply a generous amount of EverSleek Conditioner on my palm then massage it all over my hair, focusing more on the roots then to the ends. I place a shower cap and leave it on for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. And OMG, my hair feels really SLEEK.
How to Use:
After using EverSleek Intense Smoothing Shampoo, apply to wet hair and massage gently. Leave in for 1-2 minutes. Rinse. For added smoothing, use one of EverSleek’s advanced treatments.
PRICE: RM29.90 for 250ml (Watsons)
Where to buy: Watsons, Guardian and other leading pharmacies
Using the shampoo and conditioner together for the past 2 weeks, I notice significant improvements on my hair:
  • Less hair fall after washing
  • Fewer frizzes
  • Softer and smoother hair
  • More manageable hair
  • Even if I don’t iron, my hair comes out semi-straight after drying

In short, I love this L’Oreal hair care duo! Though it’s double the price of what I normally spend on shampoo and conditioner, it’s worth the price of saving my hair from harsh ingredients that result to dry, frizzy hair. I am now convinced that sulfate-free is the way to go for hair products.
The EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System is free of harsh sulfates and heavy silicones. With Argan, Sunflower and Olive Oils, it weightlessly smoothes hair for 48-hour frizz control. Unlike some silicones, which can coat hair, these natural oils penetrate the hair while natural botanicals invigorate the senses.  
  • Silicone-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • 48-hour frizz control
  • Natural botanicals & oils
  • 100% vegan

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