All Happy Families Campaign from Ayam Brand

Ayam Brand™ Introduces ‘All Happy Families’ Campaign to Share Its 120-Year Heritage with A Global Audience 
Ayam Brand, one of the oldest continuously produced consumer brands in Asia
Ayam Brand™, a purveyor of canned food, without preservatives or added MSG, is strengthening its global presence by emphasizing its strong Asian roots through its ‘All Happy Families’ Campaign that builds on a rich heritage of being a favorite of families for more than 120 years.
Established in 1892, Ayam Brand™ is easily recognized by its rooster or ‘Ayam’ logo. It is one of the oldest continuously produced consumer brands in Asia with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, China, France and Japan, and is available in more than 30 countries, worldwide. Ayam Brand™ is consistently ranked among the top 500 consumer brands in Asia.
Currently the brand produces over 60 million cans annually and counts more than 1,000 employees around the world. Ayam Brand™ is famed for canned fish such as sardines, mackerel and tuna, Asian ingredients such as coconut milk, sauces and pastes and fruit and vegetables such as baked beans, green peas, mushrooms, pineapples and more.
In line with its aspirations to strengthen its presence globally, Ayam Brand is promoting Asian and specifically Malaysian cuisine around the world, through the ‘All Happy Families Campaign’ that showcases it as a heritage brand that is trusted and loved through many generations across the region.
Ayam Brand launches All Happy Families Campaign
Ayam Brand™ goes around the world to get various real families to share how Ayam Brand™ is part of their family traditions. A series of video interviews of these families are available on the Ayam Brand™ website and Facebook fan-pages.
The campaign shows happy local families with their own history and culinary traditions, in front of iconic locations, like the Kuala Lumpur Skyline, the Sydney Opera House, The Hong Kong Peak and the Singapore Marina Barrage.
Internationally renowned, award-winning Malaysian photographer Stefen Chow, a winner of the World Press Award 2013, shot the campaign. He leads the creative direction of the three-year project, travelling around the world to seek, document and photograph families willing to share their story and culinary traditions.
The campaign will run from 2014 to 2016 in three series, one per year with on-the-ground activities as well as print and online exposure in regions where Ayam Brand™ is active. To take the story of Ayam Brand™ global, the campaign was extended in the form of advertisements on the inflight magazines of major world airlines like Qantas, Singapore Airlines, China Southern, SilkAir and Malaysia’s very own AirAsia
According to Ayam Brand Group Marketing Director, Mr Herve Simon, Ayam Brand’s uniqueness lies in its commitment to quality, staying true to its brand heritage and the adaptation of its products to local and regional needs, as well as introducing new variants and products in sync with changing lifestyles and tastes, while carefully extending its reach to a wider audience.
“In Asia, Ayam Brand™ is very much a part of the culinary repertoire of families. The families featured in this campaign are not paid talents but real-life Ayam Brand™ users. The experiences and recipes that they share are truly their own, in keeping with Ayam Brand’s commitment to not adding flavoring, added MSG or preservatives,” said Mr Simon.


Ayam Brand baked beans made with Ayam Brand canned Baked Beans.

The products featured in the Malaysian advertisement are Sardines in Tomato Sauce, Chili Tuna, Baked Beans and Coconut Milk, which are all traditional favorites.
The recipes shared by the families are also representative of the culinary habits of their countries, like En Muhamad Faiz Azizan’s family offering the Malaysian picnic and teatime classic, sardine sandwiches.
“While Ayam Brand™ products are available globally through Asian specialty stores there are still huge opportunities for growth that we are in the process of developing. We are expanding carefully to be true to our brand identity and values. For example our focus is on freshly canned produce, without preservatives or added MSG with the assurance of it being Halal for our Muslim consumers,” said Ms Marie-Magali Falcoz , Ayam Brand Marketing Manager Malaysia said.
“Our aim is to bring the great taste and proven quality of Ayam Brand™ to a wider global audience by showcasing how our brand is a part of the lives of the culinary traditions of the Asian region. The best way to do that is through real people, real families who can attest to the goodness of our product over generations,” Mr Simon said in closing.
For more information on Ayam Brand™ and the ‘All Happy Families’ Campaign, please visit or

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