Givenchy Launches Prisme Libre and Poudre Premiere Loose Powder

Givenchy successfully combines haute couture and cosmetics into magnificent products

Introducing the new Prisme Libre and Poudre Premiere from GIVENCHY

What wonderful news it was when I received an invitation to attend the launch of these new products from Givenchy. Although I normally don’t attend events that fall on a weekday due to work priorities, I took the time off to witness what I would call ‘the renaissance of Givenchy in the beauty line’. We haven’t heard of the brand for quite some time and to top it all, the event was for the launch of a cosmetic item. I knew this had to be something great, and I had to make time for it.
Miss World Malaysia 2010 and TV personality, Nadia Heng, hosted the Givenchy event on 30th April at Image Rom, Sunway Damansara Technology Park. Nadia excitedly unveiled the new revolutionary products from Givenchy.


Nadia Heng unveils Givenchy’s iconic Prisme Libre Radiance Loose Powder



A glimpse of the stylish Givenchy decorations at the venue:


I really appreciate branding pieces like these. As a marketing person, I enjoy seeing  small details that are put together to create ‘the look and feel’ of the brand.  And admit it, this is just very stylish and very ‘Givenchy’.


Even the candle holder has the Givenchy logo!


Lovely pastel balloons floating with Givenchy logo cards and some products, too. 


Notice the genius layout of the square stools?


Some of my fellow guests at the event:



Jess Ying of


Peter Yap, Fashion & Beauty Editor of The Sun

The Poudre Première and the modernized Prisme Libre have reached the shores of Malaysia. How many of you are in love with loose powder? This year, Nicolas Degennes, Makeup and Color Artistic Director at Parfums Givenchy, magically turned ‘loose powder’ into an ultra modern must-have that is essential in achieving a perfected complexion. 


Givenchy Poudre Premiere

Poudre Premiere – An Ode to Simplicity
Ever had a wrong shade of foundation on your face? At one point or another, we have experienced picking, applying or being given the wrong shade for our skin tone. And it’s sometimes too late when we realize it, like when someone or a friend innocently asks what happened to your face or why is your face dark (agh!). But Nicolas Degennes solves this problem with a product that changes lives: the Poudre Premiere, which is a universal, superfine and comfortable powder. It always guarantees an even, matte and naturally radiant complexion, in complete simplicity.
The Poudre Premiere comes in a sleek, utterly glam, rock ‘n’ roll, chic couture, black case. Sexy. What’s not to love with this packaging? The top lid features the Givenchy logo in silver color against black, which is replicated on the powder case itself. Each Poudre Premiere comes with a white microfiber powder puff, which is soft and delicate on the skin. But if preferred, the powder can also be applied with a foundation brush.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder

Prisme Libre  – The Modernised Icon

If you’ve already been a makeup junkie for the past years, you would recognize the Prisme Libre as it is one of Givenchy’s iconic beauty products since 2006. It has been the only loose powder encapsulated behind a mesh screen that effectively combines 4 shades to create buildable harmonies in nude tones.
What makes the new Prisme Libre Loose Powder even better than before? This new version contains pigments that are more lightweight, more refreshing while softening the complexion to perfection. It has a new sheer and luminous texture, containing pigments treated with atomization technology. The Prisme Libre comes with an exquisite fragrance trail of lilac and white musk. Ehem, this will make your face even more tempting and kissable!
The new Prisme Libre is available in 3 harmonies designed like extracts of radiance and inspired by haute couture fabrics. 


Mousseline Pastel – sugar-coated colors which correct and reduce imperfections for a very natural opaline effect
Taffetas Beige – cocktail of beiges, apricot and yellow, which delivers a healthy glow in just 1 stroke of a brush
Voile Rose – sensuality and voluptuousness in a mingling of pinks and mother-of-pearl, which gives the skin a halo of light and radiance
Like Poudre Premiere, Givenchy’s Prisme Libre comes with a white microfiber powder puff but can also be applied using brush.
For the love of art, beauty and photography, I have to feature this Givenchy ad visual (I stared at it for several times and I’m still staring). It is so beautiful and breath-taking.


This features Mariacarla Boscono, Italian model, in her graceful pose against powder burst on her back. This has got to be the one of the most creative and stylish ads I’ve seen in years.

Givenchy’s Poudre Premiere and Prisme Libre are undeniably amazing infusions of haute couture and cosmetics into products. From concept to packaging to presentation to ad visuals, these are truly designer masterpieces at its best. I am excited for more cosmetics to come from Givenchy in Malaysia.
Where to buy?
Givenchy POUDRE PREMIERE and PRISME LIBRE are now available at Aeon Mid Valley, KL Sogo, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Pavilion, Sephora KLCC, Sephora NU Sentral and Sephora Starhill. Each product retails for RM205.
Excited to try? I sure am! I will soon be dabbing Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder on my face. Let’s see how it gives my skin a healthy glow and radiance. Stay tuned for my product review.


A warm thanks once again to Prestige Cosmetics, Givenchy and Touch PR & Events for the invitation to this launch. 

Stay up-to-date with tips, tricks and latest news from Givenchy Fragrances & Beauty via their Facebook page:

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