Luxola Online Beauty Shopping Experience

I’ve been a frequent online shopper for the past few years in Malaysia and I only came to realize that I haven’t blogged about any of my online shopping experience so here’s my first one!


I’m sure you’ve heard of Luxola or maybe noticed their ads online, on Facebook and other blogs. As I’ve mentioned in my other articles, I’m a bit reluctant when it comes to buying beauty products, specially the ‘perishable’ ones, via websites as I have concerns on how it will be delivered and I don’t want my beauty items to go through intense heat or careless handling. But I was looking for some makeup tools a few weeks ago so when I noticed their Facebook ad announcing Mother’s Day Sale, I decided to do some online beauty shopping. And here’s my first beauty loot from Luxola:

Let’s take a look at the lovely items I received.


DuWop Payoff Eyeshadow Intensifier

First is this interesting product that I never knew existed — DuWop Payoff Eyes Eye shadow Intensifier (RM65.00). I was surprised that there is such a product to make your normal eye shadow turn into a creamy texture with a more vibrant color. Made in USA and comes in a plastic bottle with a dropper. With this item, you can turn those forgotten eye shadows new again, according to reviews. Plus it will make your eye shadow last longer all day.


Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler

I also got a Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler (RM50.50) that comes in a hard transparent plastic box, making it very secure and safe for delivery. It is made in Japan and comes with extra 3 non-stick silicone replacement pads. I haven’t used a lash curler in a long time but now that I’m using mascaras again, I decided to have one. I’ve started using it and works well for me. It is comfortable to hold and does a good job in curling my stubborn lashes.


Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100% Natural Lip Balm

I love lip balms. At any given time, I would have 3 different lip balms around: 1 at home that I apply every night, 1 in the office that I apply mid-day and 1 inside my handbag. I saw this deliciously named lip balm, Crazy Rumors Red Velvet 100% Natural Lip Balm, with a small sketch of a cake on the label. And it’s only RM17. It’s an interesting lip balm flavor at a good price so I quickly added to my cart.


Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer 

And the main purpose of this batch of shopping — makeup brushes! I wanted to have a contour brush but a lot of the contour brushes were out-of-stock that time. Anyway, I saw this Zoeva Luxe Face Definer (RM81.50), which can be used for foundation, blush and contouring. The reviews were great and it looks suitable for what I need. I was impressed when it arrived because the bristles feel and look good. The handle is in a sexy, sleek black and silver combination. Grip is also comfortable so I’m excited to start using this. This Zoeva brush comes with a plastic zip bag, which makes it convenient to bring while traveling.


Sigma Small Tapered Blending Brush E45

I also got myself this Sigma Small Tapered Blending Brush (RM50.50) for eye shadow application. My makeup routine is very much concentrated on my eyes so I have this addiction for getting more eye makeup brushes. This brush also feels and looks good in its black and silver handle. The bristles are fine and shaped appropriately for shading.

Now I have 2 new makeup brushes to add to my entire collection. Do you think I have enough? Most of these are for eye makeup application. I’m open to suggestions so feel free to suggest a brush that you love to use!
I have accepted that I am an online shopaholic. If I remember it right, the first time I made an online item purchase was for a black designer bag from US a few years back. And I’ve done a lot of online shopping since then: Groupon, MyDeal, Lazada, Lelong, MySale, Sereni & Shentel, Photobook, Sally Fashion and probably others that I just can’t recall.
I am pretty impressed with the service of Luxola. Their updates are very fast. I ordered on a late night then early next morning, I already received an update informing that my products have been shipped, which also came with a tracking number. And on the 3rd day, I received my Luxola items.


The packing was also good, which eased my hesitation when ordering beauty items online for delivery. The Luxola items were packed generously in bubble wraps, protecting it from heat and shock. Why should you be concerned with shock, anyway? If you ordered powder foundation or eye shadows, the last thing you would want is to receive them in shattered or broken condition. So, yes, your beauty parcel should be shockproof.


If you are looking for beauty products, especially affordable makeup tools, I highly recommend for your needs. They have fast and reliable service, good products and good prices. By the way, they also launched this weekly promo, We Love Wow Wednesdays!, where 20+ items will be on sale at 75% off every Wednesday. What a great deal!


Explore and shop for amazing beauty items online:
Stay connected to Luxola Malaysia via their Facebook page:

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