Givenchy New Prisme Libre Loose Powder Product Review

My first loose powder makeup comes in a beautiful iconic box 

Yes, I’m reviewing my first ever loose powder for the face. When I started using face powder in my early teens, I’ve only been using the compact type. If you fall under the same generation who used those pink or white compacts from J&J, well, hello there! We were born under the same decade, cheers to that!
Now we have hundreds of brands and types of face powder to choose from. But I wasn’t a fan of loose powder. I guess I was hesitant to use one. I have this impression that loose powder can get messy and I’m worried of spills inside my bag. I worry too much, huh? I’m the type of person who prefers to have an organized and clean bag. So, yeah, I’m choosy and careful with what I put inside it.
But when a French designer brand comes up with a new loose powder that is beautifully packaged in an iconic box, can I resist?
Having the Prisme Libre Loose Powder in my hands is such a delight. Just one look at the top cover and you know you have something of luxury, of something beyond cosmetics.

The black top cover has the Givenchy logo, a marriage of 4 G’s reflected and rotated to form a square. It has a faux leather finish with corners in silver lining. The center features the logo set in silver color.
The name Givenchy is engraved on 1 of the black sleek sides of the cover, matching the smooth, sleek finish of the transparent powder jar. It’s good that the powder container itself is transparent, making the four harmony colors of the product visible, and for practicality purposes, I like seeing if my makeup item is about to finish so I can buy a new one.
Givenchy Prisme Libre comes with a white microfiber powder puff with the logo name imprinted in silver on a satin lining. This puff is very soft and smooth to the touch.

A sticker seal that prevents the product from coming out of the screen forming the Givenchy logo protects the powder. You will notice that there are 4 different colors inside, reminiscent of the classic Givenchy Prisme Libre from 2006. In case you didn’t know, Givenchy Prisme Libre has been the only loose powder encapsulated behind a mesh screen that effectively combines 4 shades to create buildable harmonies in nude tones. The new version contains pigments that are more lightweight, more refreshing while softening the complexion to perfection. It has a new sheer and luminous texture, containing pigments treated with atomization technology. The Prisme Libre comes with an exquisite fragrance trail of lilac and white musk.  
So how do you use it?

The cover is removed by twisting the beautiful black cap. Remove the seal by carefully peeling it off.
Gotta love that icon showing the 4 powder shades…

If you are using the white puff that comes with it, simply put the puff on top of the screen logo hole, turn the jar upside down and give it a few shakes. This will dispense the powder nicely on the puff.

If you want to use a brush, just turn the jar upside down on your palm or on your mixing palette.
Let’s see how it looks on my hand first. Here I dabbed the 4 colors on my hand using my fingers…
Then blended it in a circular motion…oh, wow, my hand is now photo-ready! No trace of different colors at all.

Now, let’s see what it does on my face. After applying my daily skincare items then make-up primer and liquid foundation, I applied Prisme Libre using the white puff.

Left: Without Prisme Libre
Right: With Givenchy Prisme Libre
I love how the loose powder feels and looks on my skin! It is actually addicting to keep dabbing it on the face. It feels super light, it mattifies the finish of my makeup and it looks very natural. The powder scent is enchanting, too.
So will I bring this with me where I go? Does it deserve to be in my daily cosmetic bag? YES. It’s perfect for my morning makeup finish and for my midday face retouch at work. Since the powder is carefully dispensed through a screen, I’m quite sure it won’t make a mess in my bag (and I tested it with rigid shaking just to see if there will be some ‘leaks’ but no, there weren’t). The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a mirror so you need to use other available mirrors in your bag or go to the powder room when you want to retouch. But I love this loose powder!

The new Prisme Libre is available in 3 harmonies designed like extracts of radiance and inspired by haute couture fabrics:
Mousseline Pastel – sugar-coated colors which correct and reduce imperfections for a very natural opaline effect
Taffetas Beige – cocktail of beiges, apricot and yellow, which delivers a healthy glow in just 1 stroke of a brush
Voile Rose – sensuality and voluptuousness in a mingling of pinks and mother-of-pearl, which gives the skin a halo of light and radiance
Where to buy?
Givenchy PRISME LIBRE Mat-Finish & Enhanced Radiance Loose Powder is now available at Aeon Mid Valley, KL Sogo, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Pavilion, Sephora KLCC, Sephora NU Sentral and Sephora Starhill, retailing at RM205.
Stay up-to-date with tips, tricks and latest news from Givenchy Fragrances & Beauty via their Facebook page:
Want to see what happened at the media launch of Givenchy Poudre Premiere & Prisme Libre? Find out by clicking HERE 

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