Elianto Colla White Beauty Drink Product Review

Elianto now has a beauty drink to make the skin firmer and healthier
I haven’t been taking beauty drinks or supplements for the past years. I know I should, especially for someone like me who has reached the age range of ‘30s’. One of the important things I learned from managing skincare brands is the 3-tier of healthy, youthful skin: Lifestyle + Skincare + Diet and Supplements.
I recently tried the new Elianto Colla White beverage mix containing good ingredients that are recognized around the world for their health and beauty benefits.
What are the key ingredients inside this beauty drink?
Glutathione is an important antioxidant in plants and animals. It is considered as one of the best anti-aging supplements and it also treats a lot of health conditions and diseases.
It has been popular as an ingredient in beauty products as it may also help in lightening the skin tone. 
Collagen is a type of protein that works with other components in the body to make the skin firm, smooth and resilient. As we age, our collagen production within the body declines, which results to sagging skin. This is why it is very important to eat foods that assist in the production of collagen and include collagen in our daily supplement as well.
I’m sure you’ve noticed the popularity of collagen drinks for the past few years. This is because collagen is very important in keeping healthy and youthful skin.
Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring element within our body, like collagen and glutathione. As a beauty ingredient, hyaluronic acid benefits every skin type. It aids in increasing skin hydration and elasticity and may also repair sun damage.
Olive Leaf Extractboosts the health of the skin. It serves as an antioxidant to protect healthy cells from oxidation and it also benefits general well-being of the body.
Elianto Colla White beverage mix comes in individual sachets neatly arranged in a box. The sachets make it convenient for travel and easy to use. You can easily tuck it in your handbag to drink within the day. I just hope it came with a small cut on 1 side for easier tearing instead of using scissors to cut it open.
The ingredients and contents are well indicated on the box. But for the benefit of more consumers, I think it would be great if the benefits of the main ingredients are indicated: glutathione, collagen, olive extract and hyaluronic acid. I’ve managed skincare brands and supplements before so I am familiar but some consumers may be quite new to these, especially glutathione.
Instruction on the box says: Dissolve in 200ml water (room temperature) and top up with ice cube. BUT I find it quite hard to dissolve it simply in water by normal stirring. During my first few days, I followed the procedure of dissolving it in water.
I received a tip to use a shaker instead and it worked better. So I recommend that you pour the contents of the sachet into 100ml of room temperature water. Shake the shaker for maybe 20 times then add another 100ml of cold water, if you like cold drinks like me. You have the option to shake it in 200ml of water then add ice cubes but I find it troublesome so I just do a simpler way.

You only need to take it ONCE a day, which is great, an hour before or after meal. 
The taste is good, very citrusy and easy to drink. It’s just like any fruit juice and it’s good that this beverage mix doesn’t have any medicinal taste to it. It comes as very natural.
I do notice a wonderful change on my complexion. My skin is clearer and brighter. It feels healthier and firmer. Another great thing is that my skin is more balanced; I don’t have oiliness on areas where I used to continuously remove excess shine and retouch my foundation. My skin looks and feels better.


Elianto Colla White beverage mix is a healthy beauty solution to combat aging and to improve complexion. Within 2 weeks, I noticed that my skin looks healthier, brighter and firmer. My daily makeup looks better as my skin has become a smoother canvas to absorb skincare and makeup.  
About Colla White
Beverage Mix with Collagen & Hytolive
Mixture with Collagen, Glutathione, Olive Extract and Hyaluronic Acid
Malto dextrine, fish collagen, berries juice extract (wild berry), glutathione, silicates, citric acid, olive extract, sucralose, hyaluronic acid, flavor and food conditioner
Certified Halal
Formulated in Japan
Made in Malaysia
Price: RM99 for 15 sachets x 20g
Where to buy: Elianto outlets or via Elianto’s e-store at

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