Fashion Shopping at Duriana Sale Event

Isn’t it a great idea to have a marketplace where you can sell pre-loved items?

Duriana successfully held its first fashion-focused Market in the Skies yesterday at the rooftop of La Scala Restaurant. Thanks to Duriana for inviting me (including my naughty son) to check out this sale event.


There were a lot of things to check out. Each vendor had a booth or tent where they displayed different types of merchandise ranging from dresses, shorts, skirts, pants, blouses, shoes and accessories to beauty products and cookies! Exciting collection and fashion items, indeed! And the best part of it, prices even start as low as RM6 for an item. Can you believe that?


I didn’t have much time to go around as my son kept nagging me to go to KLCC (well, he saw the twin towers on our way to La Scala and I also promised him that I’ll take him there). We had some juices from the bar then walked around Duriana’s sale event.


I want to thank the gorgeous lady of HMEHGERDwho sweetly gave this pumpkin deco item to my son. She noticed that my son was nagging me for it even when I told him that it’s not for sale. Thank you, gorgeous lady. Sorry, I missed your name.

Thanks to HMEHGERD for this pumpkin item

HMEHGERD was selling a lot of beautiful items, and I liked this ultra shiny pouch (is it a pouch, mini purse, phone wallet? Whatever, haha). It was available in 3 colors and I asked my son to pick; he chose the red one. Did I say that it was only RM19?

Red shiny POSH mini purse at only RM19

More booths were selling very nice accessories at low, low price of RM10. Look at all these!


Accessories at RM10

Mad Treats was selling cookies while allowing you to try them first. My son was a bit shy but I knew he was eyeing the cookies so I bought a pack of “Chris Breezy” for only RM6.

Yummy cookies at only RM6 with FREE tasting

Check out this adorable box by The Kooky Project. I thought it was for pizza because it was displayed together with Mad Treats cookies but upon asking, I discovered that this was actually for clothes. Creative huh? With this box, your dresses won’t be overly crumpled vs a bag!

The Kooky Project box for clothes

FH Club display of accessories and cosmetics 

FH Clubwas selling a lot of fashion items including beauty and cosmetics stuff. They had necklaces, earrings, bracelets, wristlets, including face masks, hand and body lotions, mascara, CC cream and eye shadow!

My son’s pick for the shopping day – Blue Bird lotion at RM22 from FH Club

My son did the shopping for me. He picked this blue bird with lotion inside. His target was the cute blue bird container.
I’m sure the other guests had a good time checking out the Duriana fashion sale event. There are pretty things to buy at very low prices.

I think it’s a clever idea to have this kind of social market place. A lot of women, like me, love to shop and sometimes we end up not actually using them and it’s such a waste. Why not sell them instead of letting these things get old? Check out Duriana online and learn how you can make money from your pre-loved stuff! Or if you don’t want to sell anything, check out what pre-loved items you can buy online via Duriana!

Me at Duriana Shopping Event in La Scala, KL

Here is my small loot yesterday.  Gotta love those brand new red shiny Posh pouch, lotion and cute pumpkin.
Duriana is a new mobile-first, peer-to-peer marketplace app available in Malaysia and Singapore. Unlike existing classified e-commerce systems such as Mudah and Lelong, Duriana positions itself as a social selling app, which merges the functions of Instagram and eBay. Duriana allows you to discover a world of amazing products for sale – from your friends & neighbors, trendy blogshops or cool local shops you have yet to discover. The app is available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android systems at
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