Shoe Shopping at Charles & Keith Sale

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.Marilyn Monroe

A girl can never have too many shoes. Only a handful of men would understand this. Luckily, my hubby never complained, but he does ask how many pairs of feet do I have. Haha!
So when I saw the ‘SALE’ sign at Charles & Keith in Mid Valley last week, I had to check it out. The collections with discount were very tempting but I’m quite picky with shoes. My feet tend to easily tire and be painful with certain styles. With years of shoe-shopping experience, I already know what styles my feet are comfortable with.


Charles & Keith shoes at RM79.90 (NP: RM165.90)

The first pair I picked was this lovely sand-gray open-toe shoes with ankle strap. What caught my eyes were the hot pink heels. Those heels give this pair a posh flair versus if it were the same color as the rest. Well, I wouldn’t have bought it if it didn’t have those pink heels.



I don’t normally go for ankle straps because it is too time-consuming to put on and take off. I change into at least 2 pairs of shoes everyday: 1 flat pair for walking from the car to the office, and 1 high-heel pair inside the office. It’s just more comfortable to wear flats while walking at the parking lot, it’s ready for running if there’s danger, and it makes my official working shoes last longer. So if I were to use ankle strap shoes, it has to be an easy-to-wear type, like this pair of Charles & Keith shoes. Although it has the illusion of belt-type strap, it’s actually just a slot-in.


Charles & Keith shoes at RM79.90 (NP: RM159.90)

I also got this black pair of closed toe with sling-back strap. I have weird, choosy feet. I cannot really wear completely closed leather shoes, unless it’s flat and soft. My toes tend to get painful and sore. It has to be either open-toe or closed-toe but with exposed heel.

This fine black pair has very nice buckle strap that adds finesse to the solid color of the shoe. The brown grain details of the heels add texture and style. My recent purchases were mostly wedge heels so I wanted to try using slimmer heels again. And this one is really sexy.
Charles & Keith is definitely the brand of shoes that I have most of. When I went to JPO (Johor Premium Outlets) a few months ago, I also grabbed this cute pair of flats. Yes, we all love high, tall shoes but we also need a good pair of flats to calm our tired feet and legs down after hours with high heels.

If I remember it right, I got this pair for RM55 at JPO


This pair has a very nice buckle detail on the toe box featuring the Charles & Keith brand name.

I do buy other brands, too, but these Charles & Keith pairs are just worth the article: lovely details, worthy prices and long-lasting quality. Happy shoe shopping, ladies!

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