Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Bath & Shower Gel

Stepping out of the bathroom engulfed in lovely scent is always delightful

For the past years, my shower routine has been accompanied by shower gel brands that are well known for body care, probably the same as what you ladies also use. I enjoy bathing in fragrant foam that leaves the skin soft, smooth and smelling good. But at the same time, I also need to watch out for products that tend to over dry my skin.
Salvatore Ferragamo, the Italian fashion brand that I’ve known for luxury bags and shoes, launched the sexy fragrance Signorina in 2011. The name or word ‘Signorina’ is an Italian courtesy title for an unmarried woman, which can be used alone or before a name. It is used to address a lady as a sign of respect or endearment, for example, someone would address me as Signorina Celeste, if I was still single, haha! Pretty cool and romantic, huh? The right pronunciation for ‘Signorina’ is sin-yo-ri-na, with the ‘gn’ sounding as ‘ny’.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Bath & Shower Gel
200ml 6.8fl.oz.

I haven’t tried the perfume yet but I was elated when I received the Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina shower gel as a present. Well, who doesn’t love any designer brand item?
The Signorina shower gel comes in a soft pink box, sealed in transparent plastic. For photography purposes, I removed the plastic cover in this photo. The name Signorina is embossed and glossed in black against the soft pink box color. This style and design for the packaging made it very simple yet classy and elegant, a representation of what a ‘signorina’ should be.

The shower gel bottle is sexy. I loved the simple but stylish bottle design for this bath item. The plastic bottle is transparent, revealing the light golden yellow color of the gel. It is topped by a soft pink, round screw cap, which replicates the soft pink tone of the box. Isn’t that a cute piece?

I use it with a bath lily to bathe. Of course, you have the option to simply pour it in your hand and lather all over your body but I’m the type who loves the feeling of gentle scrubbing with a sponge or my favorite bath lily (this pink  one is from The Body Shop at only RM15, I think).
How was it? Unbelievably captivating. The scent leaves you wanting to bathe again. I personally love floral scents, especially those that are blended with jasmine notes. With this shower gel, a little goes a long way when used with bath lily. The foam forms well to cleanse the skin properly. Leave it on your body for 2-3 minutes and smell the scent after rinsing. Ooohhh, soooo good.
I’ve been using it for a week now and another good news is I didn’t have an adverse reaction, which I often experience when using shower gels with intense or lasting scents. The Signorina shower gel is a great shower companion. I must consider buying the perfume version once I finish (or when I’m about to finish) my Valentina EDP, another fragrance addiction I have at the moment.
Ah, look at the EDP version of Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina here…beautiful.

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