Start Your 14 Days to Confidence with Dove

Is hair fall giving you challenges in your personal life? Let Dove help you overcome hair fall and regain your confidence in 14 days!

It is undeniable that we place great value to the appearance and condition of our hair. We spend and invest money on making our hair softer, smoother, curlier, straighter, colored and more. Although a lot of these hair treatments may be done for aesthetic purposes, the most important aspect of going through it all that we may or may not realize is to boost our self-esteem and confidence.


Ancient history associated hair with status and wealth

The hair is our crowning glory and it plays an important role in our self-image, which dates back to ancient history. In the Greek and Roman ancient times, people wear rich, elaborate wigs to indicate status and wealth. Beautiful, healthy hair symbolized beauty, as with Cleopatra’s coveted thick, black hair. And, of course, beautiful hair also signified youth and vitality, as we all know that with aging comes hair loss so thinning, dull hair is associated with the old.
Today, hair has become more important than ever. Being a goal-driven workingwoman, putting aesthetics reasons aside, I personally think that confidence from having healthy hair is very important for these 2 things: getting the job that you want (or at least increase the chances of), and career development. Of course, I’m not saying that having luscious, lovely hair alone will get you there BUT imagine if you are facing hair fall while you’re at an interview. Without you noticing it, you are subconsciously worried by your appearance, thereby lowering your self-esteem and confidence. 

Worrying about something, including falling hair, affects your self-esteem and confidence

When I interview people, I examine how an applicant presents herself, physically and emotionally. Confidence is very easy to spot; it shines through and it breaks through. Trust me, if you are hiring for a position, a candidate who puts extra care in her personal presentation will more likely be better on the job than someone who cares less.
In terms of career development, confidence would probably give you at least 50% boost to reach your goal. I’m not talking about those who pretend to know something they don’t. Genuine confidence at work is the courage and determination to accomplish a task because he/she believes she can. When you are confident, you speak with authority, with value and with strength. And confidence won’t be easy to come by if you are burdened and disturbed by falling hair: hair on your suit, hair on the table, hair on your laptop, hair on the chair…hair everywhere.
GREAT NEWS! Recognizing real issues faced by women, the Dove Rambutmu, Mahkotamu campaign hopes to inspire women to let their confidence shine through once again as they overcome hair fall in 14 days in the “Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove” campaign.


The campaign reaches out to women to help them regain their self-confidence over 14 days through a series of activities that take them beyond their comfort zone. The activities are meant to help women realize their full potential and promote confidence while reassuring women that they can stop hair fall in 14 days with Dove Hair Fall Rescue System.
About “Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove”
Malaysian women can participate in the campaign by logging on to Easy steps include:
  • For 14 days, complete one mission a day
  • Share the completed mission via photo or caption
  • A digital video will be created for participants based on their 14 days of completed missions
  • To win one of prizes, participants have to share their personal digital video on their Facebook page. The more shares achieved, the higher their chances of winning.

Reasons to JOIN this contest?

  • Instax Share Printer worth RM699 + RM200 cash + RM100 Dove Hair Fall product hamper for 14 winners
  • RM100 worth of Dove Hair Fall product hamper for 75 winners
  • And your 14-day journey to regaining confidence already makes you a winner

I’ve started my 14-day journey and it’s time to start yours, too! It’s very simple and easy to follow the contest. Just click HERE and get started. 

Period to start entry is from June 2, 2014 to August 10 2014, however, the participants are given the opportunity to complete all 14 of their mission until August 27, 2014.

About Dove Hair Fall Rescue System
Dove Hair Fall Rescue System contains a groundbreaking technology; Trichazole Actives help anchor hair firmly in place at the roots, nourishing the area where hair fall occurs.
How does each of the products work?
  • The Shampoo cleanses the scalp.
  • The Conditioner, after shampooing, helps prevent breakage and strengthens hair from root to tip, visibly reducing hair fall due to breakage in two weeks2.
  • The Leave-On Intensive Hair Tonic is applied directly to the scalp, and works to visibly reduce hair fall. After just two weeks, hair fall is visibly reduced and hair is stronger from the roots. 


Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Price Range:
Shampoo 375ml – RM 14.90
Conditioner 180ml – RM 9.90
Intensive Hair Tonic – RM 32.90
Where to buy:
Dove Hair Fall Rescue System is available at leading pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets across Malaysia.
About Dove
In 1957 Dove launched its emblematic beauty bar, which remained its only product until, in 1995; it launched the Moisturizing Body Wash in the United States. After that, additional categories swiftly followed around the world: deodorants in 1997 and body lotions in 1998. In 1999, Dove was successfully launched in Japan. And in 2000, the Dove Hair Care launch took place in Taiwan, followed by an aggressive rollout. Dove exists today in over 80 countries and is one of the world’s biggest beauty brands. It has been built on a simple and enduring principle: make the consumer a real promise, and keep it consistently.

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