Mario Badescu Temporary Lifting Mask Product Review

Interesting name…but can this product really do an immediate, temporary improvement on my face?
I’ve been curious to try this brand since a few months ago and I finally got myself to purchase not just one but two Mario Badescu products. I purchased these 2 items (Silver Powder and Temporary Lifting Mask) at Luxola, the online beauty site that I’m really enjoying delivery service from nowadays. I just love the efficient service and, of course, the enticing promotions.
The Temporary Lifting Mask is a very interesting item as it deems to tighten the skin and minimize pores instantly, although the name clearly says that it’s ‘temporary’. Still, I would want to have a product that can really do that, especially when I have important events to attend, such as weddings, work-related dinners or functions.

The product comes in a simple white plastic jar with a white plastic seal upon removing the cap. After removing the seal, you will see the pink-colored cream mask and will be welcomed with the fragrance of rose. Rose?! Wait, oh no….
Mario Badescu Temporary Lifting Mask
Price: RM53 for 59ml
Made in USA
Life after opening: 6 months
Where to buy: Sephora or at
I didn’t check the full ingredients before purchasing the Temporary Lifting Mask! I actually have this skin reaction to face products that contain rose, except for 2 brands that I’ve tested: Perricone MD and Talika Paris. These 2 have products that contain rose but thankfully have not caused my skin to react adversely. Should I bravely try a Mario Badescu product that contains ‘rose’?
One of the things I do when I have fear of skin reaction to a certain product is ‘patch testing’, just the personal way of doing it, not the laboratory type. I either apply on the pulse of my wrist, meaning that soft area where you can feel your pulse, or behind the ears. And so I did BOTH, and left the cream there for an hour, since this is only a mask. If you’re testing a moisturizer or toner, or anything meant to be absorbed by the skin, it’s best to leave it overnight to check reactions.

Like most cream masks, the Mario Badescu Temporary Lifting Mask (TLM) also has a thick texture but easy to apply on the skin.
Well, I didn’t have skin reaction on my wrist or behind my ears after testing. So I braved the ‘rose content’ and applied the TLM on my face after washing. It starts as a light rose color on the face. I would have applied the mask on my entire face but since this is the first time, I’d better reduce my risk and focus on pore-problem areas to test the effects.


After 10 minutes, the color of the mask turned to pinkish rose color. It has a mild tingling or tightening feel, which I really liked. It made me feel that the product is working…
 After rinsing with lukewarm water, here is the difference…

LEFT: Before Mario Badescu Temporary Lifting Mask
RIGHT: After Mario Badescu Temporary Lifting Mask

First of all, thank goodness my skin didn’t react violently to the rose content.
After using the mask for the first time, I feel the difference on my pore-problem areas: smoother, softer and pores are less visible. Lifting might be hard to notice and I also didn’t apply it to my entire face BUT my skin felt tight and fresh. I love the feel of my skin right after using this mask! I’m not a believer of masks before until I’ve tried several good ones and this Mario Badescu product is now another trusted one.
Definitely will continue to use this, maybe 3 times a month and enjoy the immediate results!

Mario Badescu Hall of Fame – celebrities who love their products:

More about Mario Badescu Temporary Lifting Mask

Instant Pore Minimizer. A great special occasion mask that immediately tightens, cleans and refines the skin. Formulated with Egg Albumin, a traditional, natural mask ingredient that firms, minimizes pores and improves skin’s appearance. This mask is ideal for any skin type needing a quick boost for a special event or for regular use on skin with enlarged pores and congestion.
Apply a thin layer of the mask on clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Wait 10 minutes and rinse with tepid (lukewarm) water. Follow with moisturizer. May be used several times a month or before special occasions.
Deionized Water (Aqua), Calamine, Wheat (Triticum Vulgare) Starch, Egg Albumin, Sorbitol, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Rose (Rosa Multiflora Fruit) Extract
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