WOOX Launches You Need to Hear This Campaign

Love music? WOOX Innovations announces worldwide campaign

WOOX Innovations has announced the Malaysian launch of the worldwide ‘You Need To Hear This’ Campaign. If you are passionate about discovering music on a new level, there’s never been a better time.  In every corner of the Internet you can find musicians who are reaching out to try and convince you to take the time to listen to their latest tracks. 
With the campaign’s hub at http://www.youneedtohearthis.com, focusing on the 18-28 year old audience, an influential group that accounts for more than a third of all headphone sales. WOOX Innovations manages the complete portfolio of Philips-branded headphones and headsets, including its CitiScape and Fidelio ranges. 
“Our goal with the campaign is to engage those people who are driving emerging cultural trends, particularly in music,” said Mr. Andrew Tan, Business Leader for WOOX Innovations Malaysia.


Philips SHB 9150BK: Wireless, fits snuggly over the ears, available in red, white or black

“There is no better way to do this than by offering exactly what they are looking for: superior sound quality whenever and wherever they may need it. In addition, WOOX Innovations is also bringing in various different models of Bluetooth-enabled head phones,” he added.
Initially focused on the UK and Germany, the campaign is now being rolled out to more countries. In addition to its online presence, the global campaign also includes exclusive video premieres, access to unique gigs, unique artist sessions, festival participation, pop up events, tables you need to hear and much more.
In Malaysia, the campaign will feature an exclusive video premiere shot in schools and campuses in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The videos will be uploaded biweekly from July 25, 2014 onwards to the Philips Sound Malaysia Facebook page.
If you want to explore innovation in sound for yourself, go to http://www.youneedtohearthis.com now, or the Facebook Page
About WOOX Innovations
WOOX Innovations is dedicated to delivering meaningful innovation in connected entertainment. From great sound quality, to advanced technology and sophisticated design, we strive to improve the entertainment experience. Headquartered in Hong Kong and with over 2000 employees worldwide, WOOX Innovations develops, markets and sells Philips branded audio, video, multimedia and accessories products worldwide. WOOX Innovations is a brand licensee of Koninklijke Philips N.V.

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